(l) to(r):Shilo,Pax,Zahara
Zahara with her “please don’t make fun of my hair because i’m still cute” look was seen with the family in New Orleans yesterday.Mom Angelina Jolie took three of her six children, Shilo (b. May 27, 2006), Zahara (b. January 8, 2005), and Pax (b.November 29. 2003), for a walk in the French Quarter and stopped at Verdi Mart for some snacks.



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 7, 2008.


  1. Outwardly an unknown would assume that the children came from a penniless family, especially since Angie appears to favor lack of groom and just thrown on attire for the kids.

  2. I have a feeling with these celebrities who “dress down”, it’s just simply that.. they are probably sick of being all dressed up for shows & things like that.. they just want to be comfy!
    Nothing wrong with that. I get dressed up for work all week.. so by the time the weekend rolls around, I wanna chill.

    All of her children are beautiful!!! And very lucky to be a part of their very generous & loving family.

    Oh, and who cares what people think of them. I know I don’t care what people think of me & my family. As long as I know the truth & what’s going on, I could care less!

  3. Barlow she probably doesn’t care so much about the kid’s appearance as much as she does about spending quality time with them. Her parents are/were entertainers and she knows how it feels to not get enough attention because her dad wasn’t always around so she is trying to do right by her kids. Time means so much more to kids then material things.

    Look at their faces. They look content. They don’t care about what they have on. They are just happy to spend time with mom.

  4. Im with Maryamb on that. they look just fine. they kids. let them be that. shouldnt we be giving her praise for taking on more kids than she has had. those kids are happy, you caring bout they clothes too much. they aint your kids, dont worry bout what they got on.

  5. I really like Z’s outfit, it’s play clothes for a princess! LOL. Shiloh’s t-shirt was Maddox’s old shirt and she rocks it very well, along with her green shirt. Pax is a boy it doesn’t matter what boys wear they will still be cute

  6. I think they’re cute. Jacked up clothes busted hair and all. They look okay. Not all dolled up but still cute and clean and normal. Maybe they won’t grow up to be like those spoiled Hollywood brats we see too much of..

  7. I think they look just fine. Anyone that has kids should know what a wasted effort it would be to try and keep them pristine. All that matters is that they are bathed, well fed and loved.

  8. Thank you ManHandShadow!!! So true!

  9. BCK: I love the title of this post! lol

    As for the children they look cute. Some parents dress their kids up (Suri Cruise), some dress them down (Jolie-Pitt kids), it just depends on what the family is like. If you look at the pictures you can see that Angelina is wearing a casual dress so it would look strange for her kids to be dressed up walking down the street with her.

  10. they look like normal kids who get to play. not like others who look like little dolls who are made to stay inside incase they get durty

  11. oh and i would rather see kids that are dressed like the jolie pitts and are happy then see a kid that is dressed like suri who always looks so scared

  12. cassie you are still being judgemental. You shouldn’t talk about the crusie’s just beacuse the want their daughter’s hair and clothes to look nice.

  13. How am i being judgemental. My whole point was that if the kids are happy it is all that matters. I really don’t care what they are dressed. They could wear bin bags for all i care as long as they are not scared witless.

  14. i agree it doesnt matter how they are dressed but that they are loved and well cared for…but everyone now n then please can ya’ll comb Z’s hair. It doesnt have to be everyday. LOL

  15. who cares about these children’s hair? Really, this is ALWAYS an issue…why not ” hmm, do they have health insurance and college tuition funds? Did my parents tell me they loved me today?” Call me crazy…I guess happiness and security take precedent over “blinging out” a toddler or dropping rent $$ on baby clothes…

  16. I just love me some Zahara! I look forward to seeing her beautiful face a million times over.

  17. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Zahara’s hair. Come on Black folks-get real.

  18. Zahara’s legs are straitening up nicely. Last year she was noticeably bowlegged, now her legs are long and straight.

  19. THANK YOU GlitterSha! I cosign your comment 100%! Angelina & Brad can afford to have those children wearing Prada and Gucci 365 days a year. They can also afford to have a hair stylist travel with them to ensure that the children’s hair is styled to the t every day, but they could care less about that stuff. They’re all about providing love, security and a promising future for their children and I love it!

  20. And I doubt those are clothes from Target anyway, whether or not they look pristine or worn down, lol.

  21. barlow: STFU.
    jessica: Huh? What r u seeing? Z is wearing a top & trousers not a princess outfit.

  22. I am joking. Z is a princess though and her clothes are fine for playing and running around.

  23. jessica i agree


  25. i love Z! a very lucky girl to be where she is now!

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