Ming,8, and Aoki Lee Simmons,6, spent time with their dad,mogul Russell Simmons, at a beach in Miami over the weekend.While in Florida,Russell unveiled his new Men’s fashion line,which caters to the 25 and over crowd. Last Friday, Russell introduced his men’s collection at the Argyle Culture Fashion Show  in South Beach. READ MORE


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 8, 2008.


  1. There go my girls! Cute pix.

  2. So cute! AOki looks like she should be a model.

  3. @ Lily Howell

    *Who’s older son are you talking about, Kimora has 2 daughtes Ming and Aoki.
    *White slavemasters would rape/have affairs with black women and when children were born those children were still slaves. For example Thomas Jefferson had 7 children with his wife’s half sister Sally Hemmings (a slave even though she was biracial). And those Hemmings-Jefferson kids were still slaves and had to work in Monticello. When Jefferson died he later freed those children and all his slaves and I’m sure they were grateful.
    *And most of the people who were telling “us(slaves) to get our f*cking ass on the ground” were black slaves or white overseers.
    *I understand that you don’t like interracial couples (there is a lot of people who don’t like interracial couples) but you shouldn’t belittle children because of their race. That is just as bad as a white person saying negative things about Black or Asian children.

  4. lil howell: STFU ! STFU NOW!
    Im glad the girls r in 1 piece swimsuits! I think children shouldnt be in 2 piece swimsuits.

    Im also glad that Russ is spending time w his daughters.
    Do these girls have private tutors? Bc school is in session.

  5. Good to see that they are wearing full piece bathing suits. I hate when all these litle girls are walking around with two pieces.Just gives reasons for a pedophile to check out your child.

  6. lilly howell what are you talking about, Kimora is bi-racial.. Her dad is african american. stop hating girl!

  7. A pedophile doesn’t care what a child wears. They could be covered with a garbage bag and they’d still be interested.

    Jessica I agree with everything that you said.

  8. That’s right about the bathing suits Blue! Pedophiles are opportunits.

  9. @ lily howell

    Kimora Lee Simmons is half black herself so this really isnt an interracial thing because kimora consider herself to be black and her kids are black.

  10. lily Howell’s comment was offensive so had to be deleted.

  11. I am sorry I didn’t see Lily’s comment I would have loved to comment on it.

  12. It’s a shame in this day and age we have come so far and yet it still doesn’t have much effect on people’s ignorance and bias. They have been talking about how the people have been behaving in the McCain and Palin’s rally(more like Klan rally). They were saying things along the lines of off with his head, kill him, and the like. They even had a black camera guy and turned their hatred on him and started calling him boy.

    They had someone go in and ask the people why didn’t they like Obama and they said because of his name he sounds like a terrorist, It’s in his blood. (I guess they meant the white half because historically it has been them that has been known to rape and pillage). That he hasn’t done as many intament interviews and Palin who has only had one and she screwed it up so badly they made a clip of it for SNL and the skit was so close to what really happened they didn’t have to change the commentary for it. Also her husband is known to have been trying to remove Alaska from the U.S. and yet they say Obama is the war monger. Has a succession from a state or country ever been peaceful? McCain has been in trouble for taking bribes not to mention that he had an affair with his now wife when he was married to his first wife. Yet they question Obama’s morality.

    When I heard this I would like to think that people’s levels of ignorance didn’t surprise me any more now I have to say I am truly taken aback. What is sad is that they don’t even care about how this makes them look because they didn’t even try and correct their followers behavior. Silence means consent.

  13. these girls are absolutely gorgeous!!

  14. that good them kids got on one pieces it would be a shame if they werent i would hate to c them grow up and be like brittany spears lil sister 16 years old with a baby wats going with the world


  16. These girls are gorgeous and I love how Russell & Kimora spend that quality time with them. And they just let them be kids that’s great.

  17. Russel could be granddad! …hehe

  18. they are drop dead gourgous they are so pretty both of them are!

  19. gorgeous children!!! Not sure what Lilly’s comment was about these kids, but she’s lucky Kimora couldn’t see it. I’m sure she mess up her face with one of those big diamond rings!!

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