Actor/Comedian Mark “Flex” Alexander Knox and singer Shanice Lorraine Wilson have been married since 2000. The couple have two children: a daughter Imani Shekinah ,7, and a son named Elijah,4.

Shanice hit the music scene in 1991 with her hit “I Love Your Smile” and Flex Alexander was the  star of the UPN One On One sitcom.Currently both celebrities are focused on raising both of their children,but Shanice has an album coming out later this year.Check out SHANICE ONLINE for the latest updates on Shanice and her music.

Here is a video of the Knox family;this video will show you how very “wholesome” they all are.
Check out Shanice’s YOUTUBE channel for more.


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 8, 2008.


  1. I have always wanted to see their kids. They seem so happy. I wish them the best.

  2. cute family

  3. LOL…that video was hillarious (the part when she was sashaying down the aisle in the supermarket). Very down to earth family. Love it! They need a reality show!

  4. Nice family. I would love to see are Toni Braxton’s sons, she is on dancing with the stars. Also Deborah Cox’s kids I think she had a boy and girl.

  5. I love Shanice and Flex. Beautiful family ! 🙂

  6. how cute she the lil girl looks somethin like klya pratt. awwwww. i miss that show.cute kids. i have her song in my ipod “i love ur smile” that was the jam back in the daylol

  7. I often wondered what happened to them. I’ve always loved Flex and Shanice. Good seeing them again. What an adorable fam!

  8. that was alotta cheese!

  9. Awh I like this alot, very nice!!

  10. Great looking family. 🙂

  11. I had no idea that Flex A’s govt name was Mark Knox!
    Shanice has a great voice. Its too bad her & Chate dont get the shine they deserve.
    Some 1 shoot beyonce so REAL singers can dominate ths charts.

  12. awwww, i love her humbleness

  13. Cute

  14. Beautiful family!

  15. now thats a cute family

  16. That TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much CHEESE…….Flex doesnt seem happy, with her fake butt

  17. Beautiful family and the woman can still sing and she is still beautiful after all of this time! By the way, that was alot of cheese.

  18. All that cheese made me hungry , but other than that they seem like regular folks , regular family sitting around the dinner family .


  20. This is a beautiful family. Flex has some strong genes.

  21. I am pleasantly suprised that Shanice & Flex has hung on in there together. That’s a really good look. And you can tell that they really do love each other.

    Very cute Fam.

  22. I know and HOPE that’s not extensions in that itty bitty baby’s hair! A LOT of women have difficulty growing hair because of their MOTHERS! Anyway beautiful family!

  23. is it just me or does flex’s smiles look so fake lol…. nonetheless beautiful family!


  25. I think al black people love Prego….hehe! :o) I know I do.
    Look out Food Network here comes Shanice

  26. cute kids. Maybe shanice should have fixed her hair better I see where her hair ends. She’s still beautiful and flex still fine as hell.

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