“What I’ve been able to do is create a zone of normalcy for my kids. I have been able to transmit to them my absolute interest in them and my absolute love for them. I don’t miss the important things. I haven’t missed a dance recital. I haven’t missed a parent-teacher conference. But there are some things I do miss, and those are some of the tradeoffs you make. But, look, there’s no question there are sacrifices involved here. I’d like to say that quality time replaces quantity, but sometimes it doesn’t. You know, a lot of the best moments of family life happen spontaneously. If you have less time to devote to them, there are fewer of those moments.”~Senator Barack Obama on spending time with his daughters Malia,10, and Sasha,7.


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 9, 2008.


  1. Gosh Barack would make a wonderful President, he has a strong family. Michell is such a beautiful person she’s smart, strong articulate, and a force to be reckoned with.I hope that someday i could meet her..I hope America is ready for the Obama’s!!!!

  2. AAAwww. That is such an adorable moment captured on film! I really wish people (Republicans) would be careful what they say about this man. As parents, they need to respect the fact that he has children and not go so far as to call him a terrorist! If it’s all apart of the political game then we need to change the rules or at least the players. Sara Pailin of all people should know where to draw the line. Not once have I heard him make a personal attack on her character or say something about her that would frighten her children. Lord knows a lot could be said about that woman.

  3. Our responsibility is to go out and vote for him and to get all those around us registered to vote and encourage people to vote! We have a terrible voting record, this election we must change that and show that we STRONGLY stand behind the future President, Barack Obama.

  4. I love this man and this family. We would be so honored and blessed to have them in the White House. The exemplify strength, unity, and most of all love for each other and their babies. Therefore on November 4, 2008, I will be Baracking the vote.

  5. I copied from my previous post. I have to say I didn’t think I could be anymore proud of being black. Then Obama proved me wrong. This brother is not only doing his thing, but he is doing it with more class then his supposed betters. You gotta love that. Also Me I agree with you when said that we should go out and vote. To many people of all races and genders died for us to simply have the right to do it yet so many of us take it for granted.

    Katrina as far as them watching what they say it’s to late for them to take it back? They have shown their ignorance and desperation. Barack can use this a lesson to his children. He grew up around a raciest family yet he is a remarkable man to date. He can let them follow in his excellent example. You may get battered and bruised in this journey called life yet you can still overcome if you desire to do so.

    It’s a shame in this day and age we have come so far and yet it still doesn’t have much effect on people’s ignorance and bias. They have been talking about how the people have been behaving in the McCain and Palin’s rally(more like Klan rally). They were saying things along the lines of off with his head, kill him, and the like. They even had a black camera guy and turned their hatred on him and started calling him boy.

    They had someone go in and ask the people why didn’t they like Obama and they said because of his name he sounds like a terrorist, It’s in his blood. (I guess they meant the white half because historically it has been them that has been known to rape and pillage). That he hasn’t done as many intament interviews and Palin who has only had one and she screwed it up so badly they made a clip of it for SNL and the skit was so close to what really happened they didn’t have to change the commentary for it. Also her husband is known to have been trying to remove Alaska from the U.S. and yet they say Obama is the war monger. Has a succession from a state or country ever been peaceful? McCain has been in trouble for taking bribes not to mention that he had an affair with his now wife when he was married to his first wife. Yet they question Obama’s morality.

    When I heard this I would like to think that people’s levels of ignorance didn’t surprise me any more now I have to say I am truly taken aback. What is sad is that they don’t even care about how this makes them look because they didn’t even try and correct their followers behavior. Silence means consent.

  6. I forgot to ask, but I want to know if anybody besides me think McCain reminds them of the tin man before he found his can of oil? I know he’s old but that sucker looks stiff. I don’t know if it’s his age or is he so tense because a young black man is getting the better of him?

  7. Yes he does look like “tin man “.Lmao I love the Barack’s they are the true African American family !!!

  8. So it’s not just me. LOL. McCain is to old to let his emotions get in the way of his better judgement.

  9. We need to join together and vote him in. We can’t rely on no one else but ourselves. We can’t do another 8 years. NO WAY!!


  11. i LOVE Barack Obama and his family and i will be voting for him, come November 4th

  12. Ok everybody settle down. I want Barack to win just like the next person. But when we all vote for him how do we know who really tallys the votes?? How do we know whether or not the election will be fair and honest?? Each vote that puts Barack ahead of McCain could be thrown out by evil people who will do anything to keep a Brotha from tellin them what to do…..think my people, think.

  13. Very very very cool!

  14. barack obama oldest daughter head hella big…but the youngest is so addorable…and cute…and michelle his wife is so smart and intellegant it dont make any since,wanna be juss like her……

  15. LadyOne just because you have your doubts it doesn’t mean the election is fixed. Some polls now use electronic machines and it’s kind of hard to just throw those in the garbage. Obama has a very good chance of winning the election as long as everybody who supports him vote! Don’t be skeptical please Vote Obama.

  16. I can not seem to understand why we can not look at Obama as just our new president, why does everyone revert to using the new “black president, african american family” why does race have to even be an issue anymore??? I listened to a very disturbing radio piece where a group of african americans were asked who they were going to vote for… but there was a twist to it, they switched Obamas’s goals with McCains goals and even went as far as switching the Vice Presidents around. It amazed me that every african american said that they were voting for Obama and agreed to the false goals and said that they thought Palin would make a great Vice President… can you beleive this??? They were souly voting for him because he is black!!! I am glad that Mccain did not win to be honest with you he gives me the creeps but it disgusts me that people voted for him just because he is black. So many times I hear racist racist racist but it seems as though the african american community do it to themselves… why is this??? I hope that Obama does bring change our country because it sure needs it and I hope he shows people that he is not just a black man but a GREAT PRESIDENT!!!

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