Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, known for her roles on NYPD Blue and the Jamie Foxx show,recently spoke to FAMEBABY about being a mom to twins Jax and Jaid 17-year-old son Oliver. In addition, Garcelle spoke about her favorite baby products,losing weight after giving birth to the twins, her new jewelry line,among many other topics.

On Choosing her kids’ names: With Jax, my father-in-law’s name is Jack. It’s funny, even before meeting my husband I always wanted to have a son named Jack, which is bizarre. When we were thinking of names we thought of Jackson with an X, but then we thought, why don’t we just do J-a-x. And for Jaid, we literally just needed another J….As soon as we had decided on those names we ran out to Pottery Barn Kids and bought those wooden letters that you put on the wall in the nursery. And my husband said, what if we change the names? We could have always returned the letters, but I liked the names. I think that set it in stone, buying the letters.

[Garcelle,Mike and twins Jax(l) and Jaid(r)]

On whether Jax and Jaid are sleeping through the night: Yes, thank god. We used the Ferber method. Instead of giving you formula and breastfeeding information when you leave the hospital, they should just give you that book.

We had a baby nurse at the beginning. At first I was really against having one — we had waited so long to have a baby, I didn’t want someone else doing it. But everyone was like, “Reality check, Garcelle. You have two, there’s no way.” But even though we had a nurse, I still got up, because again, there were two. Once she left, about six weeks later, it was really daunting for us. We were in a daze because we had two kids waking up at different times all through the night and we never really slept. My husband said the thing no one ever told him was that it really takes 45 minutes to an hour when they wake up, because it’s not just feeding them and putting them back to bed.

On she and her husband taking turns at night when the twins were newborns: We both had to get up. He was absolutely fantastic. He never complained. I’d have both of them up and be like “there’s a poopy diaper and there’s a feeding, who do you want?” Most of the time he’d take the poopy diaper, which was great.

On whether or not the twins have different personalities: Absolutely. Jax is our flirt, our dancer, Mr. Personality. And Jaid has a great personality, too, but he’s not as easy as Jax. He makes you work for the smile. He’s much more observant, while Jax jumps right in.

On whether or not it was a completely different experience raising her older son Oliver,17: No, it’s not completely different. Patience is definitely one thing I learned with Oliver. But now that I’m older and in a different place in my life, it’s much easier to come up with the patience than it was before. Nowadays there’s just so much more information. Not only on BabyCenter, but everything Internet-wise. You don’t need to panic as much, you just need to get on your computer. But there’s another side to it where there’s too much information, which can freak you out as well.

[Son Oliver pictured]

On whether or not Oliver gets along with the twins:He does, but I wouldn’t say a lot of time. People ask, “Does Oliver babysit?” and I say, “Yeah, in the middle of text messaging.” I really thought with the gap between them that he would be blasé about it, but he totally loves his brothers. And like I said, because Jax is a little easier and friendlier, he’s bonded a little more with him. When friends come over, especially girls, he’ll be like, “Come and see my brothers.”

On what surprises her about having twins: Mostly just the surprise of having two of them. I’ll look down and see them both crawling and go, “Oh my God, I have two of them!” It’s just daunting. We didn’t baby proof with Oliver because with just one you can watch him. With two, they’re both going in different directions so we had to have the house baby proofed. Let me tell you, try and get a spoon out of a drawer or go to the bathroom. It’s like Fort Knox.

I think what surprises me is I really love them both the same. There isn’t one that I favor more than the other. You would think maybe one would edge out the other a little more, but they’re both really great. If I get tired of one I have the other one.

On the one piece of gear she can’t live without:The Baby Bjorn has been a big thing for us. When Jaid gets really fussy my husband will put it on in the house and Jaid just loves to be in it, walking around and looking around. That’s been really helpful when I’m pushing the stroller and one gets fussy. I can put on the Bjorn and wear one and push the other.

[Garcelle makes good use of baby Bjorn]

Also, Munchkin makes these little blue scented bags that you can put dirty diapers in. That’s really good when you’re over at a friend’s house or Grandma’s house and you have a poopy diaper. You just put it in that, tie it up, and put it in the trash and it doesn’t smell.

On what one baby gear ended up being a waste of money: Shoes! So many shoes! We got Uggs, we got Nikes, Pumas. They were the cutest little things when you were opening the present, but they’ve never worn them.

On how long she took off for maternity leave:I’m still not back, actually. I’m just starting to take meetings and read scripts. We waited so long to have the twins, I feel like being a little selfish — I want to be able to be around them. The jewelry line is something I can create while I’m at home, so I’m not going completely stale creatively. It’s really important to spend the time with my kids. It goes by so fast.

On whether or not having children has changed what roles she chooses as an actress: Yeah, in a way. With Oliver I think I always had that mindset. I’d try not to go away or take any jobs that meant relocating because I wanted to be there for him. It’s more of the same [with the twins]. I’ll do jobs if they’re in L.A. Or, if it’s not for too long, I can take them with me. I think with a possible strike and the way this season has been, I haven’t missed much. That’s worked in my favor. By the time the right job comes along, I’m sure I’ll be ready.

 On getting back in shape after the twins:I did the Scarsdale food delivery, which was really helpful because it’s convenient — they drop off food for you every morning. That really helped because at first I had no time to cook.

Believe it or not, I think now we put too much emphasis on “Oh my god, she lost the weight in two weeks.” I didn’t have a trainer, I didn’t have a chef. I can understand how people can feel like celebrities have everything at their disposal.

It’s all in moderation. I got lucky. To be honest I didn’t think I would lose my weight so quickly, because I’m older, and I was carrying two. I would look down at myself and go, “There’s no way this is going back down.” And after having the baby I thought they left one in there because I was still looking pregnant. We can’t pressure ourselves. You do it when you can, how you can. A lot of walking with them in the morning helped.

On one misconception about celebrity moms:That we have round-the-clock help. That’s not the case. People ask how many nannies I have, and I’m like, “What?!” I have one and me and my husband. I think the misconception is that you don’t spend time with the kids.

On her new jewelry line: I remember as a kid wanting to wear my mom’s jewelry, or pretend jewelry. Nowadays kids are much more sophisticated about the stuff we buy for them: the shoes, the clothing. I though a jewelry line would fit right in. It’s fun, but you don’t have to worry about spending a lot in case they lose it.

The main line is organic colored cords with different charms on them, like a BFF heart, which is a heart that’s cut in half. It’s really old-school style, where you and your best friend can have one, or mom and daughter, or Grandma.

On who her jewelry line is for: Depending on your child, anywhere from 5 to tweens. We have things for girls and boys, and we have a bling line, like a little bling bear with pave diamonds. Of course, we’re in LA.

On where people can buy her jewelry:It will be available on our website and we’re going to get it into stores. It’s a work in progress. We just got a sales rep who’s excited about it, so we’re moving ahead.

On her favorite piece in her line: My favorite piece is the heart that’s split in half. I also love a plain little teddy bear we have. And I do love the bling bear.

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  1. Finally a picture of Oliver!!!

  2. interesting!

  3. She looks like a teenager! All of her sons are cuties.

  4. she’s always featured holding the light eyed blonde child….

  5. lol barlow.. wonder if the sistas would think she is a sellout too..

  6. Oliver’s friends come over bc they’ve been masaging their penises all night to your sprin 07 naked playboy pictures Garcelle!

    i’d be pissed if I was Oliver.

  7. a sell out for for loving someone, no, not at all… however, I was just pointing out an interesting observation. It could be that particular bundle of joy happens to be mama’s boy.

  8. Great family…Aww he did the poopy diapers… =D

  9. Very weird posts above: she’s always photoed holding the blond haired blue-eyed baby. How in the world do you know so much about this family’s photos? Creepy!

  10. um… I’m sorry, is the other one dark? Which one is the blond child that she seems to favor?

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