Actress Holly Robinson Peete is a mom who cares. The mom of four has partnered up with Liberty Mutual Insurance to educate parents on fire prevention safety. According to a poll conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance, 84 percent of parents do not frequently discuss fire safety with their children. Holly,however,actively discusses fire prevention with her kids:”My four children are my world, so I do everything I can to ensure their safety,” said Ms. Peete.This includes making sure that my home is free of fire hazards, and talking to them often about fire safety. It’s not something you do once and check off your to do list, it’s something that should be revisited often.”

As part of Fire Prevention month of October,Holly encourages parents to visit www.BeFireSmart.com,an online resource for parent and kids to learn about fire safety. The site teaches both kids and parents on fire prevention safety within the home.

BCK Says:Do you have any kids.If so,do you teach them about fire prevention safety?



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 10, 2008.


  1. My daughters school just had a field trip to a safe house. They showed them a movie about fire safety, which the whole class is still singing, and had a hands-on demo of what to do. They took them into a fake bedroom and filled the room with “Hollywood smoke” then took the kids step by step through what to . I must say as a parent I had fun.

  2. I didn’t realize she had so many kids. They’re all very cute and she aint looking bad herself. We need her back on tv…she’s hillarious!

  3. That’s great…

  4. Her Children are beautiful.

  5. My 20-yr old daughter, Elizabeth, along with 2 of her roommates, died of smoke inhalation from a fire in their off-campus duplex near the University of Minnesota on 9-20-03. I’m so happy to see any type of fire prevention education that is being done. Another great resource on fire safety & education is http://www.campus-firewatch.com/ AND http://www.igot2kno.peoplesburnfoundation.org/tips2kno.aspx
    I take every opportunity I am given to speak to college students about taking responsibility for their own personal safety when they are living on their own … we observed the 5th anniversary of Liz’s death by attending a picnic sponsored by the U of M for students living off-campus. I designed a flier that included basic fire safety tips and we distributed it at the picnic. It was held in a park right across the street from the house where she lived and died. Of course, after 5 years most students had no idea that 3 students had died from a fire so it was a shocking wake up call for a lot of them. Kim Wencl kimberlywencl@gmail.com http://kimwencl.wordpress.com

  6. Holly Robinson-Peete is a blessing. I admire what she is doing and what she stands for.

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