Here are a few highlights from socialite Nicole Richie’s recent interview with People magazine(on stands today). Nicole and her fiance talked about their 9-month-old, Harlow Winter Kate, among other things:

Nicole: “Harlow’s a delicate soul. She studies people. She’s very coy. People say that she and I make the same expressions. But everyone says she looks like Joel.”

Joel: “I’m cool with it, as long as she doesn’t look like me in a wig when she’s 16. I like that she looks like me: it’s my get-out-of-jail-free card.”

Nicole (on maternal responsibilities): “I think my sense of self is still the same. But I don’t do things, we do things. I work around her.”

Joel: “Nicole is completely dedicated. I do whatever she tells me to do. I’m cool with that. She’s really good with the baby. I’m really good with finances. All of Harlow’s education and all that stuff, I already have planned.”

Nicole (on marriage plans): “When we get married, everyone will know. It will happen when it happens.

Joel (on having more kids): “If it could be as easy as Harlow, sure.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 10, 2008.


  1. She does look like her dad.

  2. She’s a cutie 🙂 I love her name.

  3. she looks like a lil rocker…. cutie

  4. she’s cute. i think she looks like nicole

  5. Nicole is the adopted daughter of Lionel Ritchie. She has no African-American blood… why is she even on this site??

  6. Nicole Richie is Caucasian, Black, and Puerto Rican heritage although Nicole has always been refered to as Black. Her biological mother is black.

  7. Nicole is partially black and identifies as black. Harlow is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. Just look at that little smirk on her face.

  8. Harlow just adverage like her father.Sweet pics though.

  9. Oops my bad…Harlow’s just average like her father.Sweet pics though.

  10. What an adorable baby

  11. cute

  12. hey BCK: U sure that they’re engaged?

    nia: Richie doesnt ID herself as AfrAm. Look @ her arrest papers. She tells the police she is Hispanic is 1, Anglo in another. She has never claimed herself 2 be AfrAm.

  13. Nicole Richie is part Black (quadroon). She’s Black, Latina, and White period. Judging from her early photographs with Lionel Richie, she does have African features.

  14. Cute name , not sooo cute child !!!

  15. the baby is white and so is its mother

  16. BEA- You are absolutely wrong. Nicole has black, mexican and white blood. It’s said that Sheila E’s brother is Nicole’s biological father.

  17. lilkunta, Nicole said on Tyra that she is mixed with many things but only considers herself to be black. I’m sure that this is the reason why people are on here saying that she considers herself to be black. I never believed it though and thanks for mentioning her police report.

    To everyone saying that she is white…take a look at her photos as a child. You can CLEARLY see that she is not.


    But Harlow is cute with them chubby cheeks.

  19. the web site is black celeb kids…this baby looks pure white

  20. imo with her makeup she looks all white now. Not anything else…just my observation…

  21. I heard that her being related to Shelia E is incorrect. Seems there is a lot of wrong info out about Nicole.


  23. The daughter is multiracial, not white. Nicole Richie has mixed-race ancestry, and even said herself that she self-identifies as a black woman.

  24. Her baby looks white. Nicole’s bio mom is 1/2 white 1/2 black and her bio dad is latino so she is multiracial or “mixed” but Nicole can “pass” for white because she does look like a white girl. As a child she looked hispanic. Her baby is mixed too but more white than anything else which is why she looks white. Nicole is NOT black though she is mixed with some black.

  25. How much “black blood” does a person need to have in their “genetic make up” to be considered BLACK, hmm? I’ve heard it said often in the past that just ONE DROP is all you need. You can be as blond and blue eyed as you wanna be, but if ANY of your ancestor(s) came from Africa, you are considered BLACK, by most white folks reckoning…!

  26. I think it’s amazing she is the niece of Sheila E. Ms. Richie is Afro-Latina, Creole(French-Native American Indian-Spanish-Black) and Spanish, that is from her own Bio,,, I love when people mix,, Princess Charlotte of Imperial Germany-Prussia was part Moorish (a Afro-arabic-muslim people of Spain and Africa) she latter became the Queen of England through Marriage to the King of England.

  27. Nicole looks black to me. First looking at her was like when Wentworth Miller first appeared on my tv screen with Prison Break. It struck me, he had to have some African Ancestry and years later I watched The Human Stain movie where he played a young man who passed as white. It’s just something in the way some people look. He was told to tell people he was “Jewish” if anyone questioned 😂 the things people had to go through in the past! It’s ridiculous! Now not saying Nicole can’t pass for white, not that she should but if she wasn’t related to and raised by celebrities she could tell people she was white and they’d still wonder. Anyways, being black, noticeably mixed, all of our features regardless of our races make us interesting to look at. The variety in our world!

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