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Singer Solange and her son Juelz(Julez),3, were on the video set of T.O.N.Y., which happens to be Solange’s official 3rd single off her album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams.
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~ by blackcelebritykids on October 14, 2008.


  1. Oh my god he is such a cutie!!! solange is a pretty girl too, she’s just always been overshadowed by beyonce her whole life. At Least she had the cute baby to carry in the knowles legacy, cause beyonce’s kids are gonna look like camels……..

  2. Juelz is a cutie and he is getting big.

  3. She looks great never met her, son is too handsome!

  4. Can he get any cuter?

    Deathb4dishonor, Juelz looks like Beyonce she was younger so for all we know her kids will look the same.

  5. *when she was younger

  6. She looks great. That’s a cute picture of her with the kid and his little Minute Maid juice box!

  7. y is there always something wrong with her outsfits

  8. Juelz face is cute. LOL And Solange has a big mouth.

  9. He’s cute and I actually like her new song. 🙂

  10. he’s a cutie

  11. I actually like Solange’e music better than Beyonce’s. Love “I Decided!” Nevertheless, the whole family is blessed, both ladies and the kid are beautiful, and my comment is just a worthless two cents….

  12. AWWW

  13. I like Solange music alot better than Beyonce’s. I love I decided alot as well as the video.

    Solange seems to be balance career and mother hood well.

    Good Luck To Her.

  14. I meant to say she seems to balance career and mother hood well.

  15. I also like her music and her period way better than her wig wearing, super-extra fake sista…..

  16. HE IS SO DERN CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. DB4DISHONR- U ARE 2 FUNNY. i hollared when i read ur post. u rite jz does look like joe the camel. lol u seem so cool

  18. I think her son is a cutie. To me he looks just like her. I can see a little bit of beyonce in his features also. I think Solange is a very talented artist and she has been overshadowed by her sister’s success.

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