Comedian Dave Chapelle, his wife Elaine and their two sons, Sulayman and Ibrahim,took a stroll around NYC this week.



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 14, 2008.


  1. Chapelle may have a wife of a different race but he is no sellout. Unlike David Allen Grier.

    I have to says something about David Allen. I didn’t think of him as a sell out until now. I have to say he has really loss my respect as a black artist. Not because he married outside if his race, but because he is about to have a show come out called Chocolate News that is going to portray black people in such a way that Chapple refused $50 million dollars to do. Try as we might to get pulled out of the shucking and jiving role with the white face and yesah massa image we go and have a sad excuse for a man sell his dignity for money. The man is 53 years old and he is just a bad as flava flav. Just because you grow older it doesn’t mean you grow wiser. If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.

    I think what makes me angriest is the fact that the show is due out right before something very monumental is about to happen for our people.Everytime we try to get out they keep trying to pull us back in. Because Barack has changed the perception of black men this show sadly will have an audience because it will have a lot of people who need to see us this way so they are not taken out of their comfort zone. Shame on you David.

  2. The older one looks like Dave. They make a handsome family.

  3. Those boys look just like both their parents! I love it when that happens! 🙂

  4. i never watched his show. dont really like him that much. but his family looks great.

  5. maryamb i have to agree with you. when i saw the previews for the show i thought this is worse than the chapelle show. i mean at least the chapelle show was funny and in the end dave walked away. now comedy central is just giving david the money to do what they want to put on tv. its really a shame. he is too old for this bafoonery. like chris rock said in order for barak to get in we have to kill flavor flav and i dont mean the man i mean what he represents

    daves family looks nice and simple those are the best.

  6. Beautiful extension of the human family… Love knows no sell outs…

  7. I’ve been wanting to see a picture of Dave’s family for so long. What a beautiful family they are.

  8. The wife is short. She is pretty and cute kids.

  9. Wow I had no idea his wife was Asianl. The kids are beautiful and it’s nice that he married the mother of his children. I think black people are definitely progressing.

  10. Wow.. Jessica. African American people always PROGRESS. Not feeling that little comment.

    Beautiful family!!

  11. Beautiful family! his sons must be skateboarders like Dave. Cute!

  12. Well let me rephrase I think black people are progessing more rapidly than before. But I’m going to go in my bed and cry that you’re not feeling my “little” comment.

  13. Juat be quiet Jessica. Your intellect is showing…or lack thereof. Why didn’t you say the Asian woman married her babie’s daddy?

  14. There was no need for you to rephrase anything. You’ve made yourself perfectly CLEAR. Love the sarcasm though. Sorry I made you cry. As stated in my previous comment, “African American people are always and have always been progressing.”

  15. D.W. you can’t even spell so we know who the intellect is.

    Most Asian people marry their mothers/fathers of their children. That’s statistics, go look it up.

    My Myself and I there is no need to get an attitude, I’m black and I love my people. Black people are considered to be beneath white and Asian people and I think that is changing. You are acting like I hate black people or something.

  16. No Black people have always been a macnificient people who have been lied upon for years.Whites have stolen alot of our history and told alot of falsehoods and lies.Black people created every racial group on the planet.If you don’t believe me study to find yourself approval.The truth is finally making manifest.Praise God!


  18. Sandra my dear I believe it is you how didn’t understand what I wrote. I didn’t say Dave Chappelle was 53. I was refering to David Allen Grier. So I hope the pleases you. My facts are indeed correct.

    Also I mentioned DAG because he and DC are both black comedians and the have things in common like having Asian wives and now DAG is about to have a show on Comedy Central that will be the kind of show that Dave Chappelle walked away from 50 Million to do because he didn’t want to degrade himself or his race.

  19. They do look so happy together! That alone warms my heart.

  20. Maryamb, I have watched the Chapelle Show and Chocolate News and don’t see anything DAG is doing that Dave Chapelle didn’t do. Actually your facts are incorrect. DC said he left his show because he was surrounded by yes men and no longer trusted that he could put out a quality product. Are you suggesting that you know more about his decision than he does? He is to be commended for making that decision. But to say that Chocolate News is degrading is a huge overstatement. I mean it was DC who brought us the “Nigger Family,” “I’m Rick James Bitch,” various crackheads, and “Keepin’ it Real.” If you did not find any of those things offensive, you shouldn’t find what D.A. Grier is doing offensive. While the gentlemen have varying styles, both shows poke fun at stereotypes and in doing so lessen the effectiveness they have in society as a whole.

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