Hint:This little boy is definitely a “G.” Guess that celebrity kid!NO CHEATING!

If you guessed rapper 50 Cent’s 11-year-old son Marquise,then you are right!

{Thanks YanniBubbs}


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 14, 2008.


  1. 50 cents son i knew it

  2. I knew that C`mon that kid is all over the place and even 50s videos
    so if you know 50 you know that kid

  3. Yeah I knew it Marquise Jackson. I think his parents really need to grow up and stop fighting over properties and think about their son’s future.They weren’t even married but I think 50 should finally settle her reasonably in court .

  4. Fiddy’s son…looks just like him.

  5. i got it rite

  6. i do not think that is marquise

  7. OOh I was gonna say the Game’s son. OOOOh I would have been waaay wrong.:-) I liked it better when you made everybody guess and then revealed the answer days later.

  8. This is 50 Cent son

  9. He looks just like his dad in the first photo.

  10. will keep that in mind Katrina:) Anyone else agree with Katrina?

  11. no

  12. ^^^^Ok, and that response is from somebody who doesn’t even know how to play the game. After the answer is revealed he, she, it is still in denial.

  13. NOO!!

    Keep it the way that it is BCK. Instant satisfaction!!

  14. Oh whatever!

  15. lol..sorry Katrina!!!

    **pushes a hug through the monitor**

  16. Aww look at his tough lil 50 face. Swearin he’s a gangster! LOL

  17. LOL…saright saright. I’ll live! I guess…

  18. I don’t agree with Katrina, BCK…Only because a lot of the time I forget to go back and check to find out the answer.

  19. 50s Son…

  20. @Katrina. i found out it is 50’s son and i still don’t think the game should be delayed, as does no one else

  21. and i am a she

  22. 50 cent son

  23. I knew it!! The top pic gives it away, he really does look like his dad!!

  24. he looks just like his daddy. i guess he get it from is

  25. definilty . . look at that mouth in the first pic . .theres NOOOO way 50 couldnt claim that one lol

  26. BCK, I think that the game is much better like this! I often forget to come back and check as well! LOL! Knew that he was 50’s, too! Looks gangsta, but I think he wanted to, mission accomplished lil’ 50!


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