• The estate of the late singer Isaac Hayes will be divided among his widow Adjowa, his children and the Isaac Hayes Foundation, which promotes literacy, music and nutrition.
  • Janet Jackson may just not be pregnant as is being rumored.The 42-year-old has been M.I.A because she has been suffering from vestibular migraines, her rep said in a statement, an unusual condition that creates the sensation of vertigo.
  • Rev Run’s older daughters ,Vanessa and Angela Simmons, are getting their own spin-off show called “Daddy Girls.”
  • Young and The Restless Soap Opera star,Victoria Rowell,got engaged this past Saturday. She is engaged to be married to Artist Radcliffe Bailey. The couple’s four kids(two from Victoria and two from Radcliffe) were in attendance.
  • Singer Keith Sweat has responded to ex-wife Lisa Wu-Hartwell.He says the reason why he did not allow his children to be featured in The Real Housewives of Atlanta is because he didn’t want his children appearing in an adult oriented show. If it was the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, he wouldn’t have a problem with it.”Keith Sweat says that he was granted full custody of his two boys, Jordan, 13, and Justin, 11 but  declines to discuss why Wu lost custody of her sons. Keith says that he”doesn’t wish to speak negatively about his ex-wife.”
  • Singer Mel B recently had a scare at Heathrow airport. The singer,with baby Angel Iris in tow,was confronted by a “crazy man”. Actually,her husband Stephen Belafonte was almost attacked and Mel B had to shield herself behind her luggage during the incident, holding her daughter Angel Iris in her arms.

~ by blackcelebritykids on October 15, 2008.


  1. Lisa Wu needs to follow Keith’s lead. Is he the AWFUL ex-husband that she keeps referring to on the show? She needs to stop doing that…it’s going to blow up in her face downing her kids father like that. She’s entitled to feel the way she feels, but she should keep quiet about it on her tv show out of respect for her boys.

  2. Come on Keith, spill the beans.

  3. I like the way Keith has handled the situation, by not talking negative about the ex,

  4. you gotta respect keith for the way he’s handling the situation… like most reality shows, they edit the characters ANY.WAY.THEY.WANT! and in comparison to previous seasons of TRH, it seems this season is the one that is about to be pure foolishness!

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