Here is a double take of Dave and Family in NYC. The funnyman lives in Yellow Springs,Ohio with his wife Elaine and their two sons, Sulayman and Ibrahim.CLICK HERE to see a first  take of Chapelle and family.

Trivia:Did you know tht both of Dave Chappelle’s parents are Professors?His father, William David Chappelle III, was a professor at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. His mother, Yvonne K. was a professor at Howard University and the University of Marylandwikipedia



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 15, 2008.


  1. Lets get ready for the comments about light skin VS dark skin GEEZ

    Cute Kids the older one looks like daddy

  2. Their “his & her’s kids”(meaning one kid looks like one parent & one like the other) are CUTE!

  3. The older one looks like him; the younger one looks like her. So cute!

  4. damn!! black male celebrities and their choices with other races. I dont understand why they dont date darkskinned black women? I THINK SOMETHING IS TRULY WRONG WITH BLACK MALE CELEBS. Whats your opinion?

  5. omgosh iamtheking SHUT THE HELL UP…when GOD created man do u think he said all these races i’ve created…u all need to stick to ur own kind…hopefully in the second coming u will be able to ask him that question…and u wonder why there are so much issues amongst african-americans…people get together with those they are attracted to and makes them happy…who the hell are u to judge that…people like u really make me sick and annoyed with this crap…get on ur knees and pray…it works

  6. iamtheking if want others to overlook the color of our skin we must be willing to do the same thing. The color of someone’s skin is a non issue. When you get caught up in negative petty things such as that you miss out on the big picture.

    That is my opinion if Dave loves his wife and is good to her and his children why does it matter what race she is?

  7. LOOK AND READ CAREFULLY.This is not an issue with me .All I’m saying is that most black male celebrities arent dating Darkskinned black women. It seems strang to me baecause it looks like the women they choose has have non black features or some black features as well. (LOOK AT THIS SITE) Cant you see.IT SEEMS like being black features is an ugly thing. PERFECT EXAMPLE LOOK AT 50 Cents son. I dont see one good comment about that child JUST LOOK AT IT!! If he had a mother of a different race WOULD HE HAVE SO MUCH NEGATIVE COMMEENTS YOU DO THE MATH!!!

  8. TO LEAVE ANOTHER NOTE: COMPARE 50 CENTS SON’S BLOG TO OTHER BLACK CELEBRITIES WITH MIXED CHILDREN’S BLOG. DOES IT MEAN THAT HAVING BLACK FEATURES IS BEING UGLY OR NEGATIVE OR YOU HAVE TO BE MIXED WITH BLACK TO BE BEAUTIFUL!!.What kind of society are we building. I’m not saying one person cant choose but why does looking black have to be too negative.Like your Ugly. DAMN.Give me a break!!

  9. If it is not an issue to you then why are you mentioning it? I am not trying to be mean but you have to understand not everyone that looks at the children pictures post a reply. I don’t post on lots of the picture. Does that mean I think one child is more attractive then the other? Nope it means I saw the child’s picture in passing and said oh she’s cute or he is handsome.

    Maybe no one answers because we get so tired of seeing this same old subject brought up over and over again. If you stop letting someone color be an issue it will stop being an issue. Stop beating the same snake that sucker is dead already put the stick down and go bring somebody to vote. That’s how you make change by not getting stuck on the problem, but by finding a solution.

    Nothing gets corrected by whining and complaining about it. If you want change start being the change you want to see in the world. You do that by becoming color blind. We are all God’s children. You know how they say he/she has the face only a parent can love. Thank of God as your parent and he loves your face and as long as he does, does it matter what anyone else says?

    This is why I love Jill Scott’s song she says go on hate cause my mind is free. When you free your mind of what others opinion of you are, is when you accept yourself warts and all.

  10. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Let’s not attack other people.

    My opinion is yes a lot of black celebrity men are married to either white, hispanic, asian, or light-skinned women. Yes it’s true and that’s what Imaking is talking about. The difference between men like Dave Chappelle and Wesley Snipes is that Dave doesn’t necessary look at her race to decide whether he likes her or not. Wesley has stated that he would only date Asian and to me I had a problem with that. He based his prejudice on stereotypes (submissive) and the fact that he wanted his children to be light-skinned.

    There are a lot of light-skinned people that I think are cute (Lola Momoa, Ming and Aoki Simmons, Sam Woods) but there also are a lot of dark-skinned kids that I think are cute (Zahara JP, D’Lila and Jesse Combs, Zion Barrino and Angelina Jean). I don’t think it’s skin color that makes a child attrative or not I think it’s the eye of the beholder.

    I think Dave’s kids are beautiful!!

  11. Maybe they didn’t think 50 cents son is cute? Zahara has the same skintone and people rave about her beauty. Dark skin does not = beauty just as fair skin doesn’t.

  12. Same old thing here.. comments about skin color.. does anyone else get BORED of reading the same frickin thing everytime they come to this site???

    anyway………. his boys are gorgeous.. half black & asian.. beautiful mix!!
    They’ll be heartbreakers!

    And I agree.. where is it written in stone that blacks HAVE TO BE with blacks.. and whites HAVE TO BE with whites? we’re all HUMAN and are attracted to different types of people.. I can’t wait for the day that skin color & features are a non issue!!!
    Not sure that will ever happen with all these HATERS!

  13. Lil’ Wayne’s daughter also has a lot of comments about her cuteness. U R just nit-picking

  14. I honestly can’t say that these kids are cute. But then again, I don’t really think the parents are attractive either. Not to be mean, but as one poster just stated, “to each its own.” Point blank, I do hope that God continues to bless them with healthy kids.

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