[Rapper T.I. pictured in King magazine,November 2008 issue]

“I’ll have as many [kids] as the Lord blesses me with. So be it, as long as I have enough money to take care of them. I don’t ever want to have kids who don’t know their brothers and sisters. I want them all to grow up together, knowing each other, living together. I don’t ever want to have some secret children.”~Rapper T.I. on having six kids



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 15, 2008.


  1. That’s nice and all, but shouldn’t he make an honest woman out of Tiny or whomever he decides to have all these babies with. We have enough baby daddies and mommies running around here.

  2. Maybe they don’t want to get married but live together. I have friend that has been with this guy for twelve years and they been engaged 10 out of the 12 they only recently got married because of the groom’s mother cried and said she didn’t want her grandchild being born out of wedlock. They have been living together for 12 years without any problems and they have a fat bank account.

  3. ahhhh he’s so cute

  4. Yeah, some ppl are content wth just living together. I was with someone for 7 years and “just living together”, plus other things, just got old. Then I realized that he didnt want to get married because of his own insecurities, I stepped and could not have made a better choice. But, if T.I. and Tiny are comfortable with the way they live, great! I do commend him for acknowledging her daughter as his own (biologically, he has 5 children).

  5. I love T.I, can’t wait to see Major.

  6. Kids are a blessing from God, but if conceived out of wedlock, the conception is a result of sin. I am not passing judgment on TI or anyone else, because I am not in a position to do so, being that my kids were born out of wedlock. But, we must not mislead others by agreeing with TI’s stance. What I did was not in sync with the bible, it was pure fornication and I pray others aren’t mislead. What profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.



  7. you are very handsom I dont know y they playin they know kanye cant rap better than u they better stop dreamming

  8. SMH. Is it something in the water he drinks or is he simply ass backwards.

  9. T.I. looks very nice in this pic!
    Was that a shot at Diddy at the secret kids? Naw, I’m just kidding folks! Anyway, I wish him well on all his endeavors including the kids!

  10. @kiki. The difference is you friends lived together with no kids (according to your story). Living together is one thing, to continue to pop kids out like a pez dispenser while living together is another.

  11. The part about wanting all the kids to grow up and know each other is good and stuff. But just having a lot because you can or as he said “I’ll have as many [kids] as the Lord blesses me with” Smh…That part I don’t agree. He should go and be friends with the Juggars’ family.

  12. lmfaooo @ this fool. Steady hollering out “the lord” with 6 kids out of wedlock…..

  13. i agree w/ Ms. B

  14. u was suppose to be my baby daddy, but its ok i still luv ya n yo music…. boo

  15. Nicole, you can do better ~ Lol

  16. As much as I see people posting about how they think Tiny look It seems to really work for TI. I bet he could have his pick race hair texture body type etc…but I think he’s made his choice quite clear.

  17. Mmm kiki is that you that you’re calling ‘you’re friend’ ! everything is soo wrong with kids out of wedlock. get married then preach. I’m not hating just spreading some common sense love.

  18. TI marry Tiny, regardless to whatever anyone say good or bad, do what the bible says. You all have everything together from the outside looking in. I agree have as many children as the Lord bless you with, but have one as a married couple and trust me you will feel the differences of the blessings that follow. Not saying that you all aren’t already blessed, but it will be so different. I’m still going to pray for you all and be a fan always.


  20. Let’s see some pictures of Major.

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