Want to know the sex of your unborn baby?Well,now for about $224.95, not only will you be able to determine whether or not you are pregnant,but you will also be  able to determine the sex of the baby too.
VIA MARKETWATCH:Consumer Genetics, Inc. today announces the release of the Pink or Blue(R) Pregnancy Test with Early DNA Gender Test Collection Kit, the first retail pregnancy testing product to include a gender testing component. “Is it a boy or a girl?” This is one of the first questions an expectant mother asks after finding out she is pregnant, and a Gallup Panel poll (June 25, 2007) found that about 50% of parents-to-be would like to know the gender of the child before the child is born, that is over 2.25 million parents each year in the US alone. Now, the new Pink or Blue(R) Pregnancy Test with Early Gender Test Collection Kit can be conveniently purchased off the retail drugstore shelf, or from the product website,, for $24.95 and privately used in one’s own home to collect samples for use in a DNA test to predict the baby’s gender.
…The FDA cleared pregnancy test is 99% accurate. Once a woman determines she is pregnant, she can use the included gender test kit as early as 7 weeks post-conception. The gender test involves a finger-prick blood sample for DNA collection and preservation. The kit is then mailed to the lab, with an additional lab fee of $199. Based on the company’s internal research study, the Consumer Genetics gender testing technology boasts slightly greater than 95% accuracy. The DNA test includes a money-back guarantee with proof of the child’s gender.
The Pink or Blue(R) DNA Gender Test has been available as a stand alone service since mid-2006, when the company first launched the product. It works by detecting small traces of fetal Y-chromosomal DNA in the mother’s blood sample. If the Y-chromosomal DNA is present, the mother is expecting a boy, if absent, a girl. Samples are tested multiple times and in the rare case the results are inconclusive or contaminated by adult male DNA, gender results are not released and a re-test is offered. The at-home specimen collection is simple, non-invasive and results are available in just 3-5 business days.

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~ by blackcelebritykids on October 15, 2008.


  1. A bit expensive IMO.

  2. Expensive, but it was only time until this came. I want to know my child’s gender, but I could wait until the doc tells me.

  3. Who has an extra $225 to spare?? Well, all these celebrities I guess.. lol
    I’ll just wait for the ultrasound!!

  4. Is $224.95 or is it $24.95? The article says something different than the headline. But the 225 dollars doesn’t seem worth it when you can wait a few months and go get a sonogram from a doctor and only have to pay a co-pay from your insurance….I like the idea, though.

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