Holly Robinson Peete is pictured with one of her four kids,Ryan Elizabeth(born October 19th,1997),and a friend, at the High School Musical premiere yesterday. It is Ryan Elizabeth’s twin, Rodney Jackson, who has led Holly to write a long letter in regards to a new York Daily opinion piece on autism. As many people know,Holly’s son is autistic. Below is an excerpt of Holly’s letter that she wrote for the HuffingtonPost:

Ms. Sally Pipes recently wrote an opinion piece for the New York Daily News – Celebs, Stop Taking Poisonous Shots At Vaccines – in which she wrote me off as a vacuous Hollywood type who has no right to express or share my opinion about my family’s arduous journey with autism. Somehow I lack credibility because I happen to be on TV.

Outside of the mindless, irrational Hollywood celebrity you want to depict me as, I happen to be more than just a veteran television actress. At 44 years old, I am also college-educated, married for 13 years, a mom of four, and for the last 10 years have run my own non-profit, HollyRod Foundation.

Ms. Pipes, you dismiss way too easily my experience and presumably those of hundreds of other “non-celebrity” moms I have personally met over the last decade by writing me off as a “junk science” peddler. That is very typical of the rigid “my way or the highway” mainstream medical community… they don’t want to hear my story nor do they really authentically want to study it. What is the medical community afraid to hear?

Mostly I don’t dignify these misrepresentations of my life experience with a response. I know that most of your kind view the issue of vaccine safety from one side only – especially those of you who proselytize from the cozy periphery on the outside the autism community. But your casual brush-off of my dreadful experience in 1999 inspired me to challenge you.

First you must acknowledge that suffering in the autism community cannot be overstated. Your show of sympathy amounted to a cold short sentence; so let me share my personal story with you. In 1999, I brought my typically developing toddler into my pediatrician’s office and asked the doctor to consider postponing or perhaps breaking up the controversial MMR shot he was scheduled to have that day. Because my little guy just came off a round of antibiotics after an ear infection and I suspected his immune system was weakened, I worried that he wouldn’t be able to assimilate this heavy viral load. (MMR shot contains no thimerasol or mercury but a cocktail of 3 potent live viruses). The doctor ignored my fears and belittled me for even questioning him. I felt humiliated and powerless. Despite my “inner mommy danger meter” on full tilt, I allowed my boy to be inoculated. Ms. Pipes, unless you have watched your son get this shot, have heard him cry and scream “no mommy!” (words I didn’t hear again by the way until years later), held him through the night while he battled fevers for days afterwards, and then disappear into autism you could not begin to understand my position.

CLICK HERE to read the entire letter.


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 17, 2008.


  1. Tell her Holly. Ms. P better hope she doesn’t get jumped. Human beings are human beings it doesn’t matter if they’re celebrities or not, we all have the same feelings.


  3. Tell them

  4. I admire Holly Robinson Peete tremendously.

    God Bless You and your Family Holly.

  5. I am so proud to hear Holly speak out and stand up. As a parent of a 38 year old autistic adult; I want to probe every possibility for finding the cause of autism and all ideas can certainly help because there was nothing when my son was born and there was not even talk about what might cause it. Keep speaking out. Thank you.

  6. I really respect Holly and Jenny McCarthy for speaking up on such a controversial topic.The medical community wants us to turn a blind eye to the ever-growing list of immunizations and ignore parallels between these shots and astronomical numbers of newly diagnosed autistic children. My heart goes out to Holly and her family in their struggle, and I commend her courage to continually sound the alarm on AMA, FDA and big drug companies alike.

  7. Thank you Holly for speak your mind in an intelligent and respectful manner and not allowing this lady to upset you. I totally understand where you are coming from,Doctors don’t realize that these vaccinations have side effects, My family and I are from the Caribbean and because of the MMR AND DPT polio shots we go there, we can never do a TB test because it will always show up positive or the hepatitist shot because there will be an allergic reaction of either a rash which resembles chicken pox or an high fever. More than once my mother had to adamantly refuse these treatments and put the doctors in their place, many times they do not take the time to read files so they just assume and the assumptions cost us more than I personally and willing to give up our children.

  8. I applaud Holly. She is speaking her mind & articulating it very well. Perhaps if Jenny McCarthy did this sshe wouldnt get jumped on.

  9. Yeah great idea lets discard the MMR vaccine because a few famous people noticed their child’s “autism-like” symptoms occurred around the same time as vaccination. Even Jon Poling (who may be more qualified than anyone on the planet to understand the situation) believes that immunization is too important to avoid simple due to a relatively small number of unsubstantiated and circumstantial connections.

    If you people take the time to actually learn about autism, rather than just listening to a few “enlightened” celebrities with no medical education, you will realize that it is a disease that manifests at a time in childhood that happens to coincide with many scheduled vaccines… also, their are also autism-like disorders (i.e. Asperger’s or even more subtle symptoms that mimic autism) that, much like some forms of autism, resolve during adolescence or earlier. Misinformed and paranoid parents may think their child “had” autism and was “cured” by special diets, foods, but in fact the kids were just socially awkward and developmentally delayed.

    The only answer here is more research into the mechanism of autism, including potential triggers that may unmask an underlying genetic condition during development. Please, for the love of god, don’t stop vaccinating your children based on the fear of autism, but it is wise to learn more about immunity while your kids are at that age.

  10. Dig , if you have children go and blindly vaccinate your own. It’s your right as a parent. If you do not have children, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to be judgemental and dole out condescending advice.

  11. Isn’t her son with autism a twin? If both children received their shots presumably at the same time, then why is only one afflicted with the condition? I’m just curious.

  12. BLssd, read the last paragraph of Holly’s letter excerpt above. And shame on dig for assuming that ‘you people’ are only getting our autism info and opinions from celebrities. I live with and learn about autism everyday with my stepson…

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