In this POST, readers meet Lisa-Wu Hartwell,the Ex-wife of singer Keith Sweat. Lisa stars in reality show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on BravoTv,a show which many BCK readers have an opinion on:

I am disappointed to see Black women cast as a spin off from Flava of Love, I Love NY. Due to the hunger of those 15 minutes of fame, mainstream has made us appear as clown like and shallow. No one is talking about anything of substance. Its all designer this and label that. We wear our wealth on our backs and this show proves it. Where are the real housewives? The dentist, doctors, teachers, and lawyers? Where are the women that work a nine to five and still come home and fry up the bacon? I am not impressed with the “working woman” front. [Lisa-Wu Hartwell] is merely flipping her man’s money. Especially since there is the possibility that he may not get back into the league. We will see how long she sticks around when the well runs dry..why be in such a rush to remarry ( especially after only knowing him a month and a half) unless you have an plan?~Stopitplease

Ghetto as they may be, most of the women on that show are strangers to budgets. It’s sad to see though because they give ammunition to people who believe black people are ghetto regardless of how much money they have. By the looks of the preview and the premiere of the Atlanta season, it will definitely be the most ghetto (and I’ve watched almost every episode of all three seasons). Hopefully, they’ll portray these women as not being as shallow and talent-LESS as they initially come across as. Fingers crossed.I forgot to add, what disappoints about the fact that this season will be the first time the show is characterized as ghetto is the fact that black people were introduced to the show for the first time w/ the Atlanta cast (putting aside the 5 second shot of a black waiter, last season).~NotBuyingIt

I loved the REALITY show debut. PEOPLE– let’s try not to hate on ourselves for once. Everybody deserves their 15 minutes of fame or shame. It’s JUST a tv show-entertainment.I’m an African-American female, educated, with a career, portfolio and a nice stash of rainy day cash — and I’ll be watching, encouraging my friends to do the same.Stop hatin’!~mjv

…So do we defend and appreciate what is considered “ghetto” or do we judge it? Is the phrase “ghetto” especially coming from the mouths of black folk problematic in itself. Is it just a label? Does it have any true meaning in itself? Or are we glorifying both the word and the concept behind it by continuing to make it apart of our vocabulary. Just some things to consider. But if you couldn’t tell I particularly HATE the word.~shesh1nes


  • The lead “housewife” in Atlanta is Sheree Whitfield, who used to be married to former NFL player Bob Whitfield: “… Atlanta is labeled the “Black mecca” or “Black Hollywood.” I think people really need to see that African-American women have it going on too. They’re career-driven, good moms, and we do live like this. I went to a nail salon and a girl was telling me her grandmother watched the show and didn’t know Black people lived like that. She lived right here in Georgia. I know so many people who’ve said they couldn’t relate because the Cosby’s weren’t real. I loved “The Cosby Show” and I know it’s real.”
  • A second “housewife” is DeShawn Snow who is married to NBA player Eric Snow: “I want people to know about the work I do with my foundation that helps teenage girls with self-esteem issues. I went through a lot as a teen, and I didn’t always make all the right choices, and my life could have been totally different from what it is today. God had a plan for me and my footsteps were ordered. I’m passionate about the things I do with these girls. I tell them, you can have big cars, a big house and big money, and still be empty on the inside.”
  • A third “housewife,” Lisa Wu-Hartwell, is still married to her sports-related husband, Edgerton Hartwell: “You know it’s crazy because there are always double standards when Black women are angry or upset. It’s more tolerated from White women, and I’m not racist because I’m half Asian, but let a White girl curse someone out and the reaction is like, ‘That’s great and exciting!’Another example is Hugh Hefner; he’s considered the man because he has playboy bunnies, but if you get a Black guy who does the same thing, then he’s a pimp and his girls are considered “hoes.” It’s a crazy stereotype and double standard.”
  • A fourth “housewife”,NeNe Leakes, is unattached to an athlete: “I’m the founder of Twisted Hearts Foundation. I thought [“The Real Housewives of Atlanta”] would be a great way to reach people about domestic violence in the community. A lot of people think that domestic violence is something that just happens in an urban city or to people of a [lower] income level. No, it truly happens to very wealthy people—doctors, lawyers, athletes’ wives. I know so many athletes’ wives who are abused by their husbands. It’s a subject that is very near and dear to my heart.”
  • A fifth “housewife”,Kim Zolciak, is a single mom and an aspiring country singer: ” Besides the fact that our show has southern hospitality, we’re also a diverse cast. Their shows were based around money, big houses and shopping. I think our show will supersede that. We’re all finding a way to chase our dream and give back to the community. I think our show will also give people hope. Everyone will be able to relate one way or the other to one of us. I didn’t think it was possible for me, but I hope I can touch a lot of single moms and show them you can accomplish your dreams as well.”

Watch the first episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.WATCH NOW

BCK Says: Do reality television shows such as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and the “Flavor of Love” show give people of African descent a bad name?
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~ by blackcelebritykids on October 19, 2008.


  1. This show can be characterized in one word–PATHETIC! Congrats to Keith Sweat for having the good sense to spare his children the public humiliation. Tsk Tsk and shame on you ladies.

  2. i agree with sam, this show make us africann american women look ghetto and loud(nene) i hate when they try to put on a show for cameras.

  3. Agreed. They are embarrassing and shameful to watch.

  4. Oh please people this is real life stuff black people are’nt singled out here I mean what we are seeing on this show is what goes on in every family black white and every race in between.

    I think Lisa Hartwell show us a positive outlook into her life. She’s pretty but also smart. She’s a hard working woman and that’s positive.

    Sheree on the hand is another story and with that said I can still find something positive to say about her. She’s a loving mother and she’s doing something right with her life to be living the way that she’s living. Don’t hate her for wanting to continue to live a life style that she has grown accustome to living. Yes she’s VERY arrogant but it’s her perogative.

    Nene is down to earth in my opinion. Some people may classify her as ghetto however its obvious that she adore her husband & kids and she has a foundation that is quite impressive. Google her people before passing judgement. And her Son is on his way to College and that’s a really good look and that says alot about her as a person.

    DeShawn seems to be a sweet and easy going person and she has a great foundation as well.I do agree that she needed to hire help with dealing with those boys. They are a hand full and if my husband was Eric Snow I would have hired all that help too.

    Kim is the materialistic one here I’ve googled her and all I could find on her is a Country Album she’s putting together. She seems to really love her kids and thats good. I feel that they are getting way too much too soon. We all want our kids to live the life that we were not able to live but she’s sending a bad message in my opinion. What do they have to work toward in life? when she’s giving them all these material things.

  5. the show is ok..their are blacks that live like that but, my biggest thing is why is liaa wu hartwell (k sweat x) bashing her past marriage everyone knows she was masrried to k sweat. that make her look like she trying to bash him to elvate herself no need for that, whatever their differences was be respectful for the kids their friends parents are probably watching it too no need for that because it actually make her look and sound like a itch…

  6. In my opinion, I LOVE the show. These woman are being shown as something more then just the typical stereo type that us african american woman have over our heads (hoes, sluts, gold diggers, etc). It seems that instead of us trying to uplift our sisters we always find a way to tear them down. It isn’t right. These woman have foundations to help others, and they work…HARD! Give these ladies a hand, for their hard work and dedication. And so what if Mrs. Lisa Wu Hartwell feel the need to tell us how happy she is in this marriage then the last. None of us were in her last relationship. We dont know what went on. JUST STOP HATING!

  7. How can Kim consider herself as a housewife, she is a kept women try’n to live in the same manner as a wife and it’s pretty pathetic that show show would even put on the show as a representation as a real women. She is not someone that I would want to be charecterized in the same manner. Get a real life and get your on monies and stop living off some other womans man, maybe she needs to be the one on the show. I’m not digging her at all. And you singing sucks

  8. How can Kim consider herself as a housewife, she is a kept women try’n to live in the same manner as a wife and it’s pretty pathetic that the show would even put her on the show as a representation as a real women. She is not someone that I would want to be charecterized in the same manner. Get a real life and get your on monies and stop living off some other womans man, maybe she needs to be the one on the show. I’m not digging her at all. And your singing sucks

  9. Kim: I do not care who you know, YOU CAN”T SING. Sheree: Get Your Nose out your #$?*. NeNe- Stop drinking and talking about people. Let the good work you want to do speak up now.

    Just seems that sistas just do get along for the craziest reasons. Maybe some brothas see this and follow what they see. We have to respect each other more. PLEASE!

  10. all i can say is i love LISA WU-HARTWELL, she’s a go-getter and i love that she’s part asian and black. i love how she strives to make it. i think she’s a real hustla for what she does. the way she networks herself is also a positive thing. i love her relationship with her dude. it reminds me of myself. 🙂 the rest i don’t really care too much about i like deshawn too. i like how she has a great heart and she’s real. nene in the other hand, talks too much. and kim two words… hot mess. lol, lets be real… she can’t sing! esp. if she’s over here smoking 20 ciggs. in a day… sharee, yeah you’re beautiful but that sh!t you pulled on nene at your bday was faulty…

  11. I have one question, why are Kim and Sheree considered housewives when they don’t have husbands?

  12. You want to talk Ghetto??? What about the episode where Kim flicked her cigarette in to her front lawn while drinking out of a red plastic cup???? THAT is Ghetto! And I agree…Kim CAN NOT sing! Doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you don’t have the voice…you don’t have the talent.

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