Super model Heidi Klum and her kids Leni, 4, Henry, 3, and Johan, 2(next month),spent last week Thursday at Cold water Park.The German supermodel is featured in a new “Got Milk?” campaign. Heidi who claims to always have milk in her fridge says that she participated in the ad campaign because she wants to be a good role model: “I think when you’re mom,you’re a role model. For me the most important thing is my children watching me and so i want to be a good role model and put healthy nutritious foods in my body and when [my kids] see me do it,then they automatically want to do it.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 20, 2008.


  1. que niño mas guapo!

  2. Am i the only one who thinks Johan could be apart of the Smollet family! Remember that show they had with all their siblings. He looks like he would fit right on in. He is just TOO cute for words!

  3. Am I the only 1 who thinks johan looks a lot like his Heidi? he is a cutie.

  4. He does look like Heidi! Pretty boy! 🙂

    I just wonder if she knows it’s OK to do something with Henry & Johan’s hair????????? What is she waiting for?

  5. he is such a cute little boy omg!

  6. I think Johan’s hair is fine, I like his little curls!

    Henry though… he is a cute little boy regardless, but I wish they would cut it or at least get a pick and even out the fro. Its getting very high at the top.

    Its not like they are little girls, were she would actually have to learn how to manage their hair. With boys you can just cut it off! Seal needs to find them a barber.

  7. He is a REAL doll!!! :D!
    I know I’m often hard on his brother, Henry but Johan never disappoints me, lol, he is SO cute!

  8. Johan hair is too cute for words and his hair is actually cute it firs him..But Henry hair is very intresting! I think it would be cute if they fixed it up trimed it down do somthing with it! He is still a cutie thoe!!

  9. Johan is too cute for words and his hair is actually cute it fits him..But Henry hair is very intresting! I think it would be cute if they fixed it up trimed it down do somthing with it! He is still a cutie thoe!!
    (I messed up on the first one)

  10. Johan is an adorable little boy, and he does favor Heidi. I agree, Henry could use a hair cut, but he’s still a cute tot regardless, it’s just the little mop on his head tends to mask his appearance. He doesn’t have the same texture of hair as little Johan and not every biracial child can sport a curly fro lke Corbin Bleu. Yet, all and all, with Henry having both Seal and Heidi’s genes, I guarantee he will be an extremely handsome adult.

  11. What a wonderful new world. Johan and Henry have a blood sister named Leni. I like to see those mix families. Leni is white and Henry and Johan are black. It gives me hope that one day racism will be a thing of the pasted.

  12. Johan looks like Heidi and Henry looks like Seal. JMO

  13. DEE,
    Henry and Johan are not only black; they are biracial. We mustn’t dismiss the mother’s genes.

  14. I agree w/Dee. Johan is so adorable.

  15. awww… how cute! he is sooo… adorable.

  16. Johan is sooo freakin’ cute. He’s getting cuter by the day, I swear (as if that was possible). Mixed is beautiful.

  17. Black is beatiful too (for all those who’ll jump on me for saying mixed is beautiful).

  18. All three are adorable kids… =D Though Johan is the cutest of the three.

  19. Suz, I agree!

  20. Johan is a doll baby!!!!!

  21. This may sound really crazy but Heidi & Seal look alike to me. He’s a black male version of his wife.

    Any way their kid is really cute.


  23. You’re right, Carlita, you do sound crazy 😛

    Love this family, their kids are so cute! And I think Johan looks JUST like Heidi (except his eyes- he has Seal’s eyes)… the other two look like their respective fathers…

  24. That’s it, I am mailing Heid a afro pick, I will ship it express free of charge. Kids are cute nonetheless but she is lucky they dont have lice.

  25. There are way to many all natural products out there for that head to be looking like that and you all are crazy for talking about how cute it is suppose to be, when you know you wouldn’t let your kids out the house looking like that. Get real!

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