Many Celebrities including Actress Nia Long were at the pumpkin patch in LA over the weekend. Nia Long took along her son Massai Zhivago, 7 1/2.



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 20, 2008.


  1. Thanks for finally giving us a pic of my girl Nia and her cute son.

  2. She looks great! Her son is so cute!!!

  3. I forgot Nia had a son!

    Anyway nice seeing celebs on family outings, they even brought the dog!

  4. Her son is to cute. Nia looks great.

  5. he looks just like her

  6. He’s a looker.

  7. Is there only 1 pumpkin patch in Cali? Goodness

    @tight2def: what r u seeing? We can barely see Massai’s face

  8. That’s an interesting name. I get what you’re saying lilkunta but he looks cute from this angle.

  9. her son look cute

  10. Cutie…LOL That dog is plump.

  11. I’ve seen the little boy before from other pics so I can say cute family. I love Nia.

  12. I love Nia Long. SHe is definitely one of the most down to earth celebs out there. Thanks for the pic.

  13. I love Nia and her Son is handsome and she is so beautiful and down to earth. And She’s also a good actress.

  14. Aww this pic brings memories! I love the pumpkin patch! That was one of my favorite activities as a kid…my family would go to the pumpkin patch every October…aww I’m 19 and I didn’t get a chance to go this year 😦 … but anyway Nia is so naturally beautiful and her son is a cutie!

  15. HE GOT BIG…

  16. I love NIA. Now, who is the boys father?? That last name got me wondering

  17. Her son is on my baseball team we play on the yankees plus i dint know I met NIA LONG but she is sooo nice ive been to there house its soo cool oh ya ive met Massai dad but he iz like the best player on my team i swear to god he iz on my team its touluca lake baseball that we play for!

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