Vanessa Bryant, the wife of NBA player Kobe Bryant, and daughters Natalie Diamante, 5 ½, and Gianna Maria-Onore, 2 attended the Los Angeles Premiere of “High School Musical 3” on October 16, 2008 in Los Angeles.


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 21, 2008.


  1. The little one is the splitting image of her dad. That’s Kobe in a dress.

  2. The dresses are too cute! Stylish lil mamas!

  3. Natalia looks more like Kobe IMO; she’s just way prettier than he is. I like her silver dress.

  4. The older daughter (Natalie) looks just like Kobe and the little one (Gianna) looks just like her. They’re cute little girls and I see she likes to dress them up a lot.

  5. Natalia does look just like Kobe. They look cute in their little outfits.

  6. Both of them are dolls; but, Natalie is going to be a heartbreaker.

  7. Cute pics.

  8. Natalia is a stunner! Gianna reminds me of Aoki Lee Simmons for some odd reason!
    (Is that black and white hair Vanessa has?)

  9. Sorry Libra but Aoki is pretty. ‘Nuff said.

  10. Beautiful little girls

  11. Natalie is really growing up to be a beautiful girl. Imagine when she’s a teenager. Kobe is going to have to beat boys off with a stick LOL.

    I’m sorry i know this might sound mean but the little one
    is funny looking.

  12. * Natalia

  13. AWW!Natalie looks so adorable, and pretty!

  14. the older 1 looks like her dad

  15. These girls are gorgeous but it isnt a suprise look at the Mother and the Father.

  16. They are cute. =D

  17. ANON=LOL Wow…Well Gianna is cute but her sister is cuter.

  18. They are so pretty!!! The older one has a beautiful skin complexion!

  19. cute little family…lovely ladies…Kobe is a lucky man!

  20. Gianni looks just like my cousin I swear they’re twins or something.

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