[Pictured (l) to (R):T.I., Messiah,8, and Zonnique,12]

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. a.k.a rapper T.I. held “family skate” night with his daughters Zonnique,12, Deyjah, and sons Domani,7, Messiah,8, and King,4, last month. Photograher FreddyO was there to capture all the fun with the Harris family on September 27 at Cascade Family Skate in Atlanta. Neither T.I’s 4 ½ month-old baby, Major Philant, nor T.I.’s fiancée Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle could make it to “family Skate” night.

Below are pictures of T.I. and the kids(the kids are always front and center). Can You spot them out?

{Thanks Sha-Ron}


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 22, 2008.


  1. T.I could be a better influence and do without the crotch grabbing…. It’s time for Black men to act like respectable men and still maintain their fame! other then that, he has a handsome family, especially that youngest little boy who is as cute as a button.

  2. Looks like they had fun. I can’t wait to see Major.

  3. cute…looks like their having a lot of fun with dad.

  4. i wanna c the youngest 2

  5. I would love to see pics of TI bonding with his bio daughter.

  6. The brown skinned little girl in the front with the black shirt on…is that his daughter?

  7. no, the one in the black is Tiny’s daughter from another relationship. The light skin one is his bio daughter.

  8. I agree with Barlow, he needs to grow up! What kind of “family skate” is that?!

  9. Thanks

  10. I meant pics of TI bonding exclusively with the his little girl. Pics that suggest she has 1-on-1 with her Dad sometimes.
    Can’t be easy being the middle child & sharing the girl limelight with someone else’s daughter who is not related.

  11. I love TI but I do agree with Barlow the crotch grabbing is inappropriate. But the Fam is cute.

  12. And it is good to see a black man spend quality time with his children thats a really good look TI.

  13. wow some of the comments, just prove that u can’t ever please everybody so do you and damn the hatas.

  14. Your Welcome
    Btw….Deyjah is 6years old

  15. Domani and messiah are the business they are just toooo cute for ya.

  16. Nice

  17. notbuyingyou – That is awful to say about a child. Its one thing to talk about Tiny, but King???

    He has cute kids. It looks like everyone had a ball. They only show a back view of King in these pics.

  18. notbuyingyou- Are you serious I mean leave the negative remarks toward the child out of this he’s a cute kid. Tiny on the other hand is a grown woman but this is a innocent child.

  19. notbuyingyou- lol thts funny. i try not to be tht mean but i can kinda agree wit u. tht boy aint cute.


  21. it is a blessing that tiny and tips bio daughter bond and get along together. How many of you here get along with with your baby daddies other children and their mother? Most black women don’t even want to consider the other child as part the child you may have with your current man in your life. That is the problem with black folks. No one get along with each other and woman are catty. and to call a child names shame on some of you throw your child picture up and lets see what your gremlin look like being that some like calling names. You would never see white women do the shit yall do here that is why black women will never be happy with themselves. Being that you see a hand full of white mothers on this here blogger with their black children and black husbands!

  22. wtf is he grabbing his penis? That is so gross. Its 2k8. Pls stop it.

  23. notbuyingyou not to be confused with myself. As a lot of you know, I hold my controversial views and am not afraid to express them; but, I do not share the sentiment expressed by notbuyingyou. I don’t even know what the kid King looks like.

  24. I mean, why does it have to even be an issue as to whether or not the “biological” children get along with his other children? They are all HIS children and ALL brothers and sisters. People really need to get a grip! Looks like the kids had fun and that’s all that matters…and for the record, I think the man was just trying to keep his pants up, although tightening his belt a tad would’ve done the trick!

  25. i think he’s holding up his pants. look how baggy they are !
    his kids are cute though.

  26. @ webbie
    Since you have taken it upon yourself to preach about what people should & shouldn’t do, Pleeze Stop. I get it.. you support TI & Tiny. Stop assuming all comments are negative, just because you don’t agree with them.
    I stand by my statement, I would love to see pics of TI & his youngest daughter. I know they exists, just like I know he loves his kids. Kinda like seeing pics of Lil Wayne, Diddy or any other celebrity dad with their daughters.
    All children are precious,so this is not about how children (related or otherwise) get along with each other, or how they get along with daddy or mommy’s significant other.
    Fathers are generally very protective of their little girls and usually have special relationships. I’m sure that’s true with TI.

    Being a middle child is an awkward position in family line up. Doesn’t meant its a bad thing.
    Most of us visit this site because we love kids and enjoy the pics. Lots of ooohs and awwws. Nothing more

  27. I agree with you opinionated. I would love to see picture of T.I and Deyjah just the two of them. Its wonder he loves Tiny’s daugther and they all get along that’s great. But he should spend that one on one father- daugther time with her. I see him with his two oldest boys all the time and like I said I love to see T.I with his kids. But a daugther really needs to feel that connection with her father.

  28. OMG his kids r soooooo pretty i give him so much credit!

  29. TI and Tiny have a wonderful family relationship with all the children. All the children are cute and there is no need in all this hating. I believe Tiny has a good heart towards all the children, it’s a good thing, because you have so many women that hate on her because of TI, she is beautiful, he is a wonderful man and father, most of all he is a child of Gods.

  30. Wel they luk so gud togetha as a family u knw its nt always tht ppl lyk ti hv tym 4 thr families thts so great n wow he has wonderful kids

  31. Miya am sure tiny is beta than you thts y u kip hating on her wateva th case clifford(Ti)loves her n no mata wat hs nva gonna live her so dnt evn bother yourslf sayin bd thngs abt her cz they dnt add ny value n they wont help.thats a cute family

  32. hi all i just wanted to say that ti is a great father and all but he should bond with deja more. tiny daughter has a father who i think has a bond with his daugter so ti should do the same. as for tiny and ti son king he look like spongbob with no color. i also seen a picture of major and i must say that he does not have ti features. he look just like lizard face tiny. he has no hair and is chubby but his face look just like his mother may god help him and his retarted brother king.

  33. His kids are cute though.

  34. well ti have some cute kids and for the hater up there tiny is a beautiful woman stop the haterism and get like her cause u know u want to and his son king is a handsome lil dude. And yes he do spends time with tiny’s daughter zonnique because she is my lil kuzzie and i be ova their house. matter of fact he just took me and her and deyjah and my other kuzzie kelsie(tiny’s niece) out to eat saturday.

  35. Lil mama I agree with you girl about tiny not having no money! ha ha why would anyone want be like her anyway she has to all types of shit to get them LV bags (like having 3somes with atl strippers)
    but i don’t agree with you saying king came out of tiny’s ass! thats just plain rude girl he’s just a child you know he’s innocent and its cool for people to have their own opinion but keep it to yourself

  36. hi rachella i just read you email and as i was sitting here thinking about my commment i felt that i was rude and disrespectful to say that about the children. the children are innocent and has nothing to do with my personal feelings about ti or tiny so once again i apologize for my comment and i do love children.

  37. T.I.????

  38. I didn’t know he had that many children, but glad he is spending time and taking care of them all. Love ya T.I.

  39. What are you talking about? Tiny was in Xscape from 93-96. They has 3 platinum cds. She wrote songs from TLC & other artists. She won a grammy 4 No Scrubs. Like NeYo says, TI loves Tiny cuz “she got her own”.
    rachelle said this on November 21, 2008 at 3:26 p11

    Lil mama I agree with you girl about tiny not having no money! ha ha why would anyone want be like her anyway she has to all types of shit to get them LV bags (like having 3somes with atl strippers)
    but i don’t agree with you saying king came out of tiny’s ass! thats just plain rude girl he’s just a child you know he’s innocent and its cool for people to have their own opinion but keep it to yourself

    rachelle said this on November 21, 2008 at 3:26 p11

  40. TI in April 24 2006 “People Magazine”

    Sha said this on October 23, 2008 at 3:26 p10

    Your Welcome
    Btw….Deyjah is 6years old

  41. Nobody really likes Ms. Cottle and she’s definitely no one to look up too… Everybody in the ATL knows what she has to do to maintain her “lifestyle.” Which is why she remains unmarried with a house full of children… What a lost soul!

    Tiny is broke as a joke (well not if you include the allowances tip gives her)… She may have had platnium cd’s and all but please remember they split that money 4 ways in the group. Kandi in my opinion is the most success… She is currently writting songs for many mainstream artists. And everybody knows the writers and producers get paid first!

    Not only that but Tameka’s house that she had in Jonesboro, GA is getting foreclosed on. And most importantly, if she “had her own” all the houses she’s shaking up in with Tip would be in both ther names and not just his!

  42. i agree with you ms pretty beacause if you look at the situation tiny is living off of ti money being that she has not worked since she left xscape. and just because they are in a relationship mean that she should not help provide for her 2 children. with that being said she need to get a job and become independent beacause god for bid if something ever happened to ti then what is she going to do sleep with another celebrity and have children. she need to do something with her tired ass.

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