When singer Toni Braxton is not worrying about her health(the singer suffers from Microvascular Angina,a condition of the heart), she is busy being a mom to her two boys and a wife to musician Keri Lewis:

Toni Braxton prides herself on being a mom,whipping up a bowl of linguine with clam sauce(a family favorite),helping with homework and playing endless games of SpongeBob Monopoly.Older son Denim,6,(pictured above) “is smart,” says Braxton.”He Googles everything,” including some sites that have his mom grateful for parental controls. Recently, he’s been begging for an iPhone because, as he reasons,” How else am I going to vote for Mom on Dancing With The Stars?”

While Denim started school earlier than his peers,when her son Diezel(pictured above) was a year old,Braxton could tell that he was developing differently and was lacking in vocabulary and motor skills.”He wasn’t saying my name.No eye contact. he wouldn’t say ‘cup” or ‘juice’,” Braxton says.”As a mom,you can tell.” The same day she learned after numerous consultations with specialists, that Diezel was autistic, she had to go onstage at the Flamingo[in Vegas]. In tears,she broke down and told the audience what had happened.”You tend to blame yourself,”Braxton says.”Is there something i did wrong? A lot of times,parents are in denial because they want to think their child is perfect. But it’s just that these kids have to be taught differently. Diezel has a sensory issue,for example. When we go to movies,we bring his earmuffs because certain sounds pierce his ears.He told me it’s like sharp pencils poking his ear.”

Today an ABA(applied behavior analysis) specialist accompanies her son to kindergarten and works with him at home. “A friend of mine told me,’Toni,all these autistic kids in the world now,they are God’s new angels,and they are here to show us life differently,'” says Braxton,who also serves as a spokeswoman for the charity Autism Speaks.”I’ve been embracing that.I’ve come to terms with it. He is a wonderful kid.”

Angina is the chest pain that occurs when blood flow is restricted to the heart muscle. Braxton’s condition is attributed to blockage in the small arteries. Also known as Cardiac Syndrome X,the condition affects more women than men. With medication and regular exercise,” Toni’s prognosis is excellent,” says Braxton’s cardiologist, Dr. Jay Schapira of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Scans courtesy of People magazine,words transcribed by


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 22, 2008.


  1. Her sons are cute!

  2. Such a cute family,hope all is going well with her heart and her autistis son.

  3. Autistic.

  4. They are a nice family. I hope Toni remains healthy. They have nice looking kids. I remember her on television talking about her youngest son.

  5. That was some BS voting her off DWTS last night! Bogus!

  6. Denim looks JUST like Kerry & Diezel looks like Toni. They are a cute family!

  7. I so agree with you Katrina. I missed it this week and last week, but when I was able to catch it, Tony was def my favorite and in my opinion one of the top dancers. I’m not interested in the show anymore this season with her gone. It just goes to show that some of shows aren’t really about talent.

    That being said, I’ve been wanting to see pictures of her boys. They are adorable. The article said that her youngest son goes to kindergarten, accompanied by a specialist. I wonder if that means his autisim isn’t that severe. I know some kids his age who probably won’t be able to go to a traditional school at all. So I hope that’s what it means. Anyway, beautiful family. I wish them the best.

  8. cute kids. wow@his hair

  9. Yeah I have to say they are cute, but it is not always a good look when the kids express themselves. They look so happy. I am happy for them. I wish them all the best.

  10. LOVELY FAM – the boys are too cute how old is toni now she is aging really well

  11. Nice pic- looks like a close knit family.

  12. too cute..beautiful fam

  13. Such a cute family

  14. I think Toni Braxton Son’s are really cute. They look like both their parents.

    And I too hope all is well with Toni heart condition and her Child Autism. I’m sure that’s pretty stressful God Bless her and her Family.

  15. Hey there! Awh they look so cute! Love it!

  16. wtf is up with one of her sons head

  17. Such a beautiful family. She deserve all the best. ”Hey Toni your sons are really cute and your husband seems like a nice man”. Wish you all the best and also congratulation for being on dancing with the stars. I voted for her every single week and her being out makes me so sad.

  18. DWTS is so racist. She should have lasted longer. Anyway moving on, she looks great and the family looks so good together. Its refreshing to see a positive black celebrity not caught up in the hollywood mess. It’s a shame that people hate on Toni because she really is a role model and a true inspiration. Can’t wait for that new album under Atlantic Records.

  19. She got voted off? Nooooooooo! Oh well. One of her sons looks just like her and the other looks just like Keri. They are a nice looking family.

  20. nice family but why they do that boy’s head like that?? Im too mad

  21. Aww god bless her and her family.

  22. Cute family, but the hair style is not for me on her son, but if it works for them ,more power and hair cuts to them.



  25. I think they have a beautiful family. I am also glad to hear that she and Kerri and still GREAT friends and still working together. Toni, keep doing you!! God Bless you, Kerri and the boys.. WE ALL love you!!!!

  26. You have a beatiful family my mother’s maiden name is Braxton are any of your father’s people from North Carolina and Va

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