In this POST, and this POST,BCK readers react to Zahara and Willow Smith’s “natural hair”:

This is a better look for Willow vs the wild hair. Wow, she is gonna be taller than her mom. Looks like Jada too.

As for her hair, it looks better because it’s fake??? I hope all of you that like to comment on natural black hair don’t have any children because you are the reason why so many black people are afraid to be natural. Learn to love yourselves, your real selves and not the person you think everyone will love. That child is adorable inside and out because she has a good foundation.


@ Tamara
I’m not one to judge natural beauty of our people. Stating my opinion about the hair was never meant as criticism. Perhaps the term ‘natural’ suits better than ‘wild’. I loved the natural look better on their youngest son. A little conformity is not all bad and doesn’t necessarily impede self expression of black people.



Z is a pretty girl, but I wish Angelina would take her to a salon just for a good conditioning treatment. The more she lets Z’s hair go free, the drier it will become. As she gets older she wont be able to stand anyone combing her hair because it’s probably so tangled and dry.

There are a lot of natural women that will disagree with your statement about black folks don’t do “wash and wear” hair. I love Zahara’s hair it is beautiful and we as black folks need to get away from the mentality that if our hair is not fried, dyed and slicked down it looks a nappy mess. Nappy hair is beautiful and so is Zahara’s. This coming from a woman that has worn “wash and wear” hair.


You people are silly, i think Zahara hair is beautiful… it’s too bad it takes a white woman such as Jolie to raise an African American child to love herself the way she is. Who in the hell said a perm makes you beautiful?? Who said all those ridiculous twister in a child’s head will make them beautiful. If anything the black people that are complaining about Zahara’s hair have the issues because none of the Jolie-Pitt kids hair are being comb, take a look at Shiloh her hair is all over her head just like Zahara’s but the black people are complaining because they can’t see the beauty in their own texture of hair! How sad is that! PS— I am a black woman!


  • Many blacks argue that imitating European standards of beauty and grooming was necessary for blacks to be accepted by white culture, especially by potential white masters and employers.For generations hairstyles have reflected the history of American race relations and the way blacks wore their hair reflected the dominant white culture. African-American hair was straightened, combed, or parted to mimic Western coiffures(Source)
  • There is no chemical difference in the makeup of African-American hair in comparison with any other hair type. It has a cuticle (the outer layer), a cortex (the middle layer, composed primarily of keratin and moisture, plus melanin, which gives our hair its color), and a medulla (the center of the hair shaft). All these parts are identical to those of Caucasian hair. What is different is our wave, curl or kink and bonding pattern.(Source)

BCK Says:You have been presented with two mothers(Angelina Jolie and Jada-Pinkett Smith),two women of two different races whose children have similar hairstyles. So what’s wrong with children wearing their natural hair?

~ by blackcelebritykids on October 26, 2008.


  1. i don’t think that their is anything wrong with how these kids wear their hair.if you think about when perms didn’t exist what was done?natural of course.i went to work one day just to come back and my sis had permed my daughters hair when she was around 3yo and barely had hair.i was so angry with her.for the next 3 or 4 yo i was perming her hair trying to figure out why her hair would not grow and why it would fall out every time i would perm it.thats when i stripped her of a perm and its been 2 1/2 yrs and thats when her hair started some people’s hair aren’t even built to be processed.i don’t let her constantly wear it like Z’s and Willows but I definitely let her do it and she’s now each its own!

  2. As a Brown woman, i chose to go natural years ago and its the best thing i could have done. i dont blame their parents for keeping their hair in the natural state. it’s a shame that as Brown people we are led to believe that straight or long hair is more beautiful than short kinky hair. I hope those of you who disagree arent passing your beliefs down to your children or any impressionable child.

  3. I think that some people are a little harder on Bradgelina because they happen to be white couple with a black child so it is ASSUMED that they dont know how to take care of her hair. If they choose to keep Zahara’s hair natural, that is their choice. Not anyone else’s.

  4. People have their own opinion, and here is mine. There’s nothing wrong with going natural many women young or old looks really nice with the natural look. I even thought about it for myself. But as far as lil Z, her hair looks like its matted, they at least can comb it a bit. It looks like she have nice hair, they can at least put a bow in it.

  5. I think it’s a to each their own thing. I do get tired of people saying that some want to be white just because they choose to perm or straighten their hair. That could be true for some, it should be common sense that it’s not that way for all. Also, don’t assume that just b/c a “Black” person has straight or silky hair that it’s processed. That could be their natural hair. We come in all forms.
    Anyway, my daughter has curly hair, and I love it, the last thing I want to ever do is perm it and I have no plans to, I do sometimes press it because it’s very thick and that makes it easier to part, but “natural” is what works for HER hair. I keep it combed and moisturized so it looks good and it’s healthy.

    I am in my second trial of being perm free. It’s been almost a year and it’s just not for me. So a perm will be put back on my hair and I can hardly wait. I know I am beautiful no matter what state my hair is in. I am no more or less wonderful me with a fro or a perm. 🙂

  6. I think people are confusing hair that is natural and hair that is groomed. To assume that having natural hair means that you do not have to groom your hair is riduclous. Ethiopian women as well as women from other parts of Africa braid their hair beuatifully and it is NATURAL
    However if Angelina does not want to braid Zahara’s hair it is not the end of the world and it is surely not an indication as to whether she is a good or bad parent

  7. I don’t think black people make their children feel less about themselves just because they don’t let their kids always go natural. It’s just a “black thing” that we put bows and things in their hair. I wore my hair natural alot in the 70’s. My 19 year old loves the natural look. She does however comb it out to even it out. She’s a beauty to me regardless of how she wears her hair. Have you notice white people put hair bows or hair wraps in their kids hair also. As a former foster parent I’ve comb hair of all textures. I’ve found that having it press,perm or braids makes it easier to get them to school on time. No one i know tells there child we perm your hair becaue we don’t think you are good enough. To be honest every school age child just about gets something done to their hair. Sort of like a tradition. I have follow A. Jolie only since she adopted a black child. Zee is a cutie. But what she does with Zees hair is her business and what all black people do with their kids is their business. Natural or perm they know they are the Best,Black and Beautiful.

  8. Being natural or being groomed? How do you know if any of Jolie’s kids hair are being groomed? Is it because it’s naturally straighter? Let’s be real people, you can fancy it up any way you would like… Zahara is a beautiful little girl, her hair is beautiful… it look like it is being groomed because if you look various pictures of her, the picture above shows more texture (curls) than many of her other photos… which is saying that her hair probably was just washed. If they do comb her hair it will curl right back up and look like it does right now, so what do you mean confusion of natural vs. groom. My opinion stands that I adore the fact that they are leaving her “natural” and if they did perm her hair I would feel offended because I would think that they were trying to make her hair texture the same as the other children… they are different. Would it fair if they dyed all their children hair blond because that color is preferable? I hope not, so why is it better that they perm or “groom” her hair to what society “think” is acceptable.

  9. Yawn! Here we go again. Z’s head as usual is a mess! Not because it’s natural, but because its just… There. Like they let her get out of bed and go – EVERYDAY! As far as Willow goes, I don’t know whats up with THAT picture, but usually when Willow was wearing her hair natural you could still tell that it was styled. The same with their son Jaden. Both of them, like so many other black people wear their hair in NATURAL STYLES.

    Willow and Jaden’s natural hair says someone washes and conditions and styles my hair to keep up with it and keep it in good shape while letting me embrace my natural Black beauty by not perming it. While Z’s hair looks like, mama didn’t want to be bothered today!

    My son wears an afro and he loves it, I love that he loves it, and I also make sure that he picks it out EVERYDAY. And that doesn’t give him the message that he should be ashamed of his kinky hair, it gives him the message that he should take enough pride in his hair to care for it and to look like a presentable young man – There, my last hair comment.

  10. How clever your attempt to portray ‘staged’ disagreement using both of my comments and strategically placing them together before posting the 2nd reader’s comment. This would be viable if I was against natural hair styles for black people, but that’s not the case. Like other readers, I also have family members (some children) that sport the natural look and I love it.
    SMH. Sensationalism sells, right?.. even if manufactured.

  11. Our people still suffer from sickness. For so long we’ve been relaxed, dyed, weaved, wigged, jeri curled, hot combed, and etc., to the point in which we aren’t able to appreciate black hair in its natural form, half of us are oblivious to our real actual hair texture, and that’s why we respond to a kinky haired black child or adult as if they’re foreign.

    Black women place more pride in their hair sometimes then they do their own being, it’s as if the locks on our head determine if one is of more or less value.

    Willow is beautiful with or without exotic extensions, because one is the proof God placed upon her head, and the braiding is an african art passed down from our ancestors.

    As for “Z,” look at all of Angelina’s children, it appears that she hasn’t invested too much in a stylist for the other children either, so therefore, what’s the problem? Brad and Angie aren’t afraid to go against the norm and it’s obvious the superficial isn’t of great importance to them. Z’s gorgeous east african features are so obvious that she could be completely bald and still be beautiful.

    Henry Klum, I’ve said various times that he could use a little cut or trim, not ever biracial child’s curls are working like Johan or Jaden Smith’s hair. Henry’s hair color and texture is quite like my daughter’s, and it tends to look dry no matter how much moisture is added. Yet, Henry still is still quite a handsome lad.

  12. Willow is the spitting image of her Daddy!!!!

  13. this is from a white woman with curly hair but i hate putting chemicals in my hair. i am trying different ways to get it sitting better with out them.

    i also hate having it up. maybe they are the same

  14. There is nothing wrong with natural hair. It is beautiful. Just keep it moisturized as much as possible. Not dripping wet but not frizzed looking.(Im saying that for every ethinicity & hair tecture) Mixed Chicks is a good product that could probably help Zahara & Willow.

  15. Natural hair rocks! Everyone should learn to embrace their natural self, hair, skin and all. Believe me, it engenders self-empowerment and esteem. If more people did it, we’d really see how uniquely beautiful we all are.

  16. Opinionated,Bck does not wish to sensationalized such your comments have been changed to show the exact order in which it was in reference to Tamara’s comments. In the future,please note that no one’s comments are ever altered…Your comments appeared exactly as it was written..Sorry that you took it as sensationalism.. Thanks for voicing your opinion though.

  17. It’s a daggone shame that black folks get so bent out of shape when they see a black child wearing kinky hair that’s out. Get off the plantation, already! Being so hell-bent on having hair fried & laid to the side is the main reason so many black women are bald now.

    Also, I just want to say that many people mistake kinky, natural hair as being dry, when it’s often not. The curlier one’s hair is, the less it reflects light–so of course it’s not going to be as shiny as stick straight hair. And ain’t nothing wrong with that. Black folks need to learn how to embrace and take care of their natural hair, instead of running to the Dark ‘N Lovely and burning all their hair out in the process of trying to look like something they’re not. So many sistas don’t even know the natural texture of their hair, and it’s a shame.

  18. I love this blog!! Love how you get the conversations going on here. Anyway A few things to note, the different textures in our (black) hair has to do with the different races in our blood line, just like the different complexions in our race has to do with the different races in our blood line. When a black person has an issue with a person who is dark complected and or with kinky hair, the tightest curl pattern possible. They have an issue specifically linked to that particular race of people because that’s what our hair looks like if (and there is no such thing to date, least not in this country) there were never any mixing of races.

    If a person choses to straighten their hair permanently, often times it’s because they hate their own hair. It doesn’t always mean they hate natural hair as a whole, including to the tightest of curl pattern, but they have beef with their own hair.

    I’ve worked as a hairstylist and on all hair types. When white women came in to get a perm rather the perms we use or the curly perm solution minus the rods to straighten their hair, it’s because they didn’t like their hair curly, 9 times out of 10. Those who wanted a change, flat ironed their hair.

    The difference between them and a black women who does it, they don’t have shame in saying they don’t like their curly hair because they don’t have the stigma linked like we do, although the reason for their hate is linked to the reasons why we don’t like our own, they too are fed the straight hair lie and chose to conform.

    I personally don’t have a problem with people straightening their hair, I think it’s a beautiful thing how we have this exclusiveness that no one else can adapt, yet if we want to switch up and wear it straight we can. But if a black woman choses to perm their hair and comment on every natural hairstyle that they see as either a mess or meeting their approval. Be real about the fact that there are some issues with that. Regardless of how much it’s talk up to be a choice to straighten, it’s self hatred. Again I’m not speaking of people who choose to straighten their hair as a whole but specifically those who take issue with natural hair as if it’s the odd thing, not even realizing the process that takes place every 6 to 8 weeks isn’t the natural thing but what’s growing out of your head. If you have to think about going natural instead if it simply being natural to NOT alter your hair. There are some issues there. Educate yourselves on your hair texture and the history of why the mentality still exist. You can chose to change the mentality or you can chose to not care but you can’t say the hatred doesn’t exist.

    The bottom line of it is it’s not the hair at all these convo’s simply reveal what’s going on in the heart of the individuals that make the statements they do. I have natural hair and I don’t always like the way my hair looks but equivalent to a woman with straight hair that doesn’t always like the way her hair looks, changing the style or simply letting it be oppose to totally changing the texture. And let’s not even get into the dangers of using perms on the scalp, peep some najaface youtube videos on that one.

  19. Angelina can do what the hell she wants with Z’s hair, doesnt she just pull eerything out when she gets it done. the same with Jada pinkett Smith. In fact each to his own.
    slave mentality. kmt
    I’m 18 and i cant stand my natural hair. looked cute when i was under 10 but no more. if i wanna get it straightened ,relaxed, blow dried, weave-on, braided, cornrows, extensions, ghana weave; i will.
    Maybe its different uz i live in the UK so its not such a big deal. The thought of Z’s hair in a mag or on the telly would not have even entered my mind until i read the comments on this post.

  20. love, love, love the hair…they have such character…

  21. I love the natural look but can they at least comb the girls hair.

    I am all for the natural look. But these kids have millionaires for parents. Comb their hair and hair accessories would be cute as well Angelina. I think the flower in Willow’s hair is adorable.

  22. I thought being in New Orleans may have influenced Angie and Brad to go natural with baby z because so many kids in New Orleand dread from birth. Willow is cute to nothing is wrong with the natural look as long as the kid is comfy if the pitts dont know lusters make great moisturizer for afo american hair.

  23. BCK I don’t think this is really a black or white issue. for the record though Willow smiths hair is braided when shes in public, most of the time, unlike Zaharas hair. Not that anything is wrong with that and before someone preaches all natural hair is good selflove bs. Recently, Angelina started to brush z’s hair in ponytails, because she is probably starting to realise that z’s hair needs grooming after washing. She is also start to dress her in pink and other pretty clothes in other words change up from the norm. I once suggested that her hair would look nice slickd back and some thought it meant perm or starighten hair. I know their hair – z’s& w – would probably drop-out if it was permed because they are too young. What I meant was styling up the natural hair every once in a while. Even p diddy kids recently had their hair all out like z’s, but usually it is styled.

  24. Whatever…
    My “natural” hair is basically like both these 2 children and I fully embrace and appreciate “letting my hair go”. Zaharra’s fro looks Exactly like me when I wake in the morning, and you know what? I’ve just learned to be comfortable with that…I have decided that I’m happy being nappy, and when I do feel like letting someone come at me with a Flat-Iron I will! Is your hair texture the measure of quality of who you are??
    I Seriously hope we as black women can get over that ideology.

  25. Here we go againg black women with self hate. This is why MOST black women are balh head now, the dry their dam hair out. This is why asians are making a crap load money of blacks, because blk women have self hate. Continue to give your money to us asians while were millionairs yall are poor.

  26. Z and Henry probably get their hair washed everyday (a white folk thang) and spend time in pools, the ocean, and sun. Poor babies don’t have a chance for the moisture thing… and Z. doesn’t like holders, bows, or dos we have been told many times…and Henry does not strike me as an easy going let me mess with your hair kinda kid (I wanna see his shaved off and started again from scratch!)……

  27. I love Willow’s hair in that picture- I like it better than the braids, I think her natural hair looks best on her. Not saying I’m against braids- I myself wore them for years- but I think on Willow, her own hair suits her best.
    As for Z, my only problem is that it look REALLY uneven- I just wish they would trim it! There are these ends sticking out everywhere, it just needs a trim. Otherwise, I love it however they do it.

    While I do agree that not everyone straightens their hair because they hate their own natural hair, I do think it’s necessary to acknowledge that Black self-hatred is a VERY REAL thing that still exists, and is manifested no more extensively than in our hair styles. When I see Black 3-year-olds with perms and braids and/or bald spots, I can’t help but think that the parents have security and self-deprecation issues that they haven’t dealt with and/or probably don’t even know they have. I mean, why not give the children time to make their own decisions about their hair? No matter how people try to deny it, those are harsh CHEMICALS (even the kiddie perms) that are used to straighten, ones that I don’t think a 3-year-old needs. So we still have work to do when it comes to self-acceptance…

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