Congratulations to BCK reader “Maryamb” whose comment was featured on AOL’s Best of Black Blogs commenters(picture 13/20).CLICK HERE to read.

BCK would like to thank you all for visiting/reading/commenting. Although AOL BlackVoices may not have recognized you, BCK does.Thanks especially to Joy, Jessica, Libra, Notbuyingit, Opinionated, Steffie, Shesness, Blue, Naija Gal,Teri, Katrina, Georgia, Suz, Barlow and countless others for stopping by and commenting. Maybe next time AOL will recognize you,too. Thanks Again!


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 27, 2008.


  1. Congrats, Maryamb! Great comment. My sister said that Chocolate News is pathetic.

    You’re welcome, BCK. It’s a pleasure! 🙂

  2. Congrats Maramb! 🙂
    What post is her comment in ? I couldn’t find it.

  3. Congratulations Maryamb! BCK I love your site and keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Mimosa, click on the “Click Here” link above and when you get to AOL Black Voices, go to the “Blog for Blog – Taking the Pulse of the Best Blogs” and go to picture 13 of 20 and read comment below caption. That’s Maryamb’s comment on Chocolate News.

  5. Thank you BCK and my fellow lady posters. You guys are to sweet. I am very honored that my ramblings got mentioned. I love your website BCK. Keep doing what you do.:)

  6. Congratulations Ms. Maryamb! You do have some of THE best comments! Keep doing you and keeping it real!

  7. Congrats to Ms.Maryambs and that for the shout-out BCK!

    I was one of the 1st people to start visting BCK!

    Much Love

  8. Thank you all. I really appreciate all of your support. I have to ask who all saw DL Hughley’s Show on CNN? It to me is like Chocolate News but on a major new station. I am so upset that he would do something like this. He is a very intelligent man, yet he sold his soul to get a show where he is making us look like fools. It shameful. He could have used he show to speak on our major issues as a race. Yet he chose to play the fool. If they had asked Flavor Flav to do this show I would care less because he doesn’t have anyone’s respect anyway. DLH is different. He is akeen to The late great Bernie Mac. He has notary. I bet the only reason DLH and DAG got these shows that make us look like buffoons that just so happen to come out right before the election was to help certain people maintain the status quo.

    I think what he did is more shameful than what David Allen Grier is doing, because David Allen Grier is a no body as far as I am concerned. However more people know of DL Hughely and if that is not bad enough, he had to do his shucking and jiving act on a major news network. SMH. I don’t know what to say. My husband and I listen to Warren Ballentine and he is upset to. He said that all they need to do to make this show complete with all the stereotypes they put on our black people is to have DL eating watermelon and Fried Chicken. I am going to call in and request they take his show off the air because I as a black woman feel degraded.

  9. For Maryamb: Congrats. I saw maybe 5 minutes of DL Hugley, but not enough time for me to grasp what his show was about. Thanks for the info, I’ll watch it closer next time around. Congrats again.

  10. Congrats to Maryamb.
    Thanks BCK love the site.

  11. Congrats a bunch.

  12. Maryamb, I recorded D.L’s show and watched about 5 minutes (just like opinionated above) of it and deleted it from my DVR. Not impressed at all! I saw where this was going and said, “No thank you! I’m tired of this foolishness. 😦

  13. Thank you Opinionated, Carlita L. Smith, and Teri. Congrats to you guys too. Teri I felt the same way when I saw it. My husband and I both said we wouldn’t watch it again.

    Opinionated let me tell you, you didn’t miss much. They had the little big head dude that use to be on the Chappelle show acting like a pimp. DL did a skit that said Obama was trying to come up with a plan to make energy from 20 inch rims. I thought it was pretty much disgusting for the most part. If the show was on Comedy Central I wouldn’t be as angry. It however is on CNN and that if I am not mistaken is a world wide network. If we as a people don’t stop supporting the silly shucking and jiving antics our black people do on tv this will continue to happen. If we stop accepting jobs that pay us to sell your dignity we can do away with the negative depictions they keep making of us.

    We are more then just entertainment for others. We are so much more yet the media shows us as just that. Those of us that don’t know any better think this is all we are capable of.

    Steve Harvey said that someone came to him and asked him to do a show such as this due out around the same time as DL’s show and Chocolate News and he said no, now is not the time for such a show. To bad some of us didn’t think about more than their own gain.

    Even when white people don’t get along they still stick together. If we learn to do the same we can really see what we are made of. Together we stand,divided we fall. As long as we let the shade of our skin, the texture of our hair, how many pairs of Jordan’s we got in the closet. Wearing our wealth on our backs instead learning how to make our money work for us. We will forever be divided. That is, by the way how we got divided in the first place. You know house niggas vs. field niggas. We are hundreds of years removed from that environment yet we still pass the same dysfunctional history down generation after generation. It is a new day. It is time to let go of our inferior mindset and realize the we are as good as anyone else.

  14. Congrats Maryamb!

  15. Thank you Jessica and right back at you. I love this site. You find out about black celeb and it is not all tabloid like MTO.

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