Actor Denzel Washington,his wife Pauletta,and their son Malcolm,17,attended the 30th anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball to benefit the Barbara Davis center for childhood diabetes held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 25, 2008 in Beverly Hills, California. In all,Denzel and wife Pauletta have four children:John David (b. July 28, 1984), Katia (b. 1987), and twins Malcolm and Olivia (b. 1991)

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~ by blackcelebritykids on October 28, 2008.


  1. Malcolm is a handsome young man. Beautiful black family.

  2. now that is a strong black family

  3. Denzel is such an ADMIRABLE MAN! LOVE HIM for his extraordinary body of work as well as for the shining example of Black love and family he and Pauletta have set.

  4. pauletta looks fabulous… and malcolm is a mini-denzel… i’m sure the young ladies are chasing after him, now… lol:-)

    cute family pic!!!

  5. Wow, Pauletta looks stunning in that fushia gown. Get it girl! And, Denzel, well…it’s Denzel (‘nuf said).

  6. Beautiful family. Paulette looks very pretty. I think Malcolm will grow to be just as handsome as Denzel.

  7. Pauletta looks totally gorgeous! Lovely looking family.

  8. I dont understand some some people’s comments !!!Why do people have the habit of saying strong BLACK family? Why cant one just say “strong family”. We know they are black. If one sees a white asian or indian pictured, they would never base their pictures on thier race..This is getting on my nerves with this strong BLACK family stuff!!!

  9. IATK I agree about the saying. I someways the it is racist against black. Maybe some say it because its not typical in hollywood. but still.

  10. correction. In someways its racist against blacks.

  11. ‘iamtheking’ why would you be on here to dissecting and belittling positive comments? Who gives a rats ass if you dont approve!?! As I said before,theirs is a” shining example of Black love and family “. Our culture needs to see more couples like them. And damn right we commented; we’re proud of them! Get yourself a strong black family, too and maybe you won’t be so…bitter.

  12. All 3 of them look like a million bucks. Their Son is so handsome. And Pauletta looks good. And Denzel oh my God he is the icing on the cake need I have to say more.

  13. Denzel is just too sexy. Beautiful family! With all of the negative statistics about the black unit out there, we feel an overwhelming sense of pride when we see photos like these. That’s why we make statements like “strong black family”. That’s a true statement and nobody should have to apologive for making it. Racist? Get real.

  14. **black family unit**

  15. iamtheking & Katrina I see both point a views here. Neither side is wrong you both just have different view points here that’s all.

  16. I didn’t say anything anti black family. Infact I said it could be racist toward blacks, because in someways it segerates good black families from good white;good Asian; hispanic families. In other words, keep reminding everybody that you don’t think its normal. Imagine a non-black person reading the comments. I think Barack Obama said something about rebuilding black families and I agree. There isa difference between wanting to see positive families and continuing segregation. Nowadays there are black and asian kids adopted into white families and blacks married to other races. The saying might make these types of black people feel abnormal or no longer apart of the community.

  17. Malcolm is handsome just like his older brother. Denzel is cute too. Nice looking fam

  18. IAMTHEKING-I totally agree with you. From your name Im guessing your a male. I think for the most part people around this site are females,so there ya go.

  19. lol. OMG. I cant believe what I’m seeing here of being criticized .WOW!!! The point I’m trying to make here is that why should people see a black family and call it a Strong “BLACK” family. Apparently most likely these statements are from African American bloggers.They should be ashamed of themselves.I think most black people are ignorant towards themselves.Unbelievable Totally!!
    P.S. Not be on a racial issue, But Please Show me a blog where someone would see a caucasian, Indian or asian family pictured and state their pictures based on thier race? For e.g. Strong White, Indian, or asian family!!! This is ridiculous!!

  20. Ooooo, Denzel! So handsome! And Pauletta’s dress is beautiful–I love that color on her. Malcolm is such a cute guy; love the splash of color w/ that blue tie. 🙂

  21. Zee I agree with your comment. It is very hard to find a “black” family in hollywood. No offense to mix race people or couples.

  22. nice looking family



  24. oh… denzel washington!is so handsome,and pauletta dressis beautiful,i like that hot pink on her.malcolm is such a cute guy,i like that splash of color w/ an that blue tie.

  25. hi denzel washington u a wonderful brave man,i love u for your extraordinary body of work as well as for the shining.example of the black love an family u an your wife have set. peace love ramona.

  26. I don’t have word to tell you whaw much I live u.

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