According to PSA, Martha Stewart was able to bring singer Lauryn Hill out of hiding:

We, the fans, may never be able to bring Lauryn Hill out of hiding but it seems that Martha Stewart, of all people, was able to do the impossible. L Boogie and four of her five children were spotted at a Williams Sonoma store in New Jersey. Martha Stewart was in the store signing copies of her latest book, it isn’t known if the Hill-Marley clan was in the store to see Martha or just happened to be picking up a few things for the kitchen. Either way, Lauryn doesn’t look too happy, she didn’t even bother to crack a fake smile. On the other hand, her children seem to be very happy. In August, Rohan Marley, the father of her children, told People Magazine that L Boogie was still under contract with Columbia Records and “is always composing songs. She writes music in the bathroom, on toilet paper, on walls. She writes it in the mirror if the mirror smokes up. She writes constantly.” I’m not sure if Rohan was trying to tell us Lauryn is working on a new album but the thought of a new Lauryn Hill album seems far fetched.

In all, Lauryn Hill has five children with Rohan Marleyl:11 year old Zion, 9 year old Selah, 6 year old Joshua, 5 year old John,and a 9-month-old baby girl who is yet unnamed.

Picture Source:Simon K. Guss


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 28, 2008.


  1. This is the first picture that I have seen of her children. I believe she has 7 in all. I’m not sure.

  2. My bad I don’t know where I got 7 from.

  3. the kids are cute but dang L Boogie looks tired as hell. She looks so sad. Hope she’s ok.

  4. The kids are beautiful! Lauryn looks exhausted, but motherhood will do that!

  5. she looks so tired. n she kinda look like she been smokin more then cigs lol damn what happened girl?

  6. Wow, I’ve never seen close up pics of L’s babies before; they all look happy/healthy. Thanks for the pics bck!

  7. Rohan might be telling us dear lauryn has slipped not only into oblivion, but also left field as well?

  8. Cute kids. No comment on Lauryn.

  9. Lauryn looks a little rough there. I could pass her on the street and not even recognize her. Her daughter looks JUST like her (not to say that the daughter looks rough but you know what I mean).

  10. Cute kids

  11. OMG!!!!!!!!Wat happened 2 Lauryn ova ddese years?????

  12. Wow. atleast her kids are clean and dressed well.

  13. wow! her kids are beautiful… the little girl looks JUST like her… l-boogie, on the other hand, looks like she’s going through something…

  14. If motherhood will make me look like that…I’ll pass. Lol!

  15. Motherhood does not make you look like that. Im a mom of 2 and I look FABULOUS. LOL She’s going through something else.

  16. Mandude, I feel ya. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw this picture. She needs to relax on the herb. As you can see, it doesn’t do a body good, not to mention what it does to the lips. Ugh.

  17. And why doesn’t the 9 month old have a name yet?

  18. lol cool. tht marley boy got her smokin on sumthing. n i did agree wit you on yo King comment lol it was too funny

  19. oh my bad i got the ppl mixed up

  20. Beautiful kids and her daughter looks just like her.

  21. Selah favors her mother more and the boys look like rohan an his family. If zion is 11 then Lauryn and Rohan have been together for 12 years.

  22. Wow, Lauryn used to be (and still is) one of my favorite singers…I hope that things are OK in her personal life…because if it’s not, it’s beginning to show through physicially.

    Lauryn, your babies are beautiful. Get well!!!!

  23. She had so much going for her until she met Rohan who is STILL married to someone else I believe. At least her kids are clean and cute. I don’t think L-Boogie is ever going to return 100%.

  24. As a fan of Lauren , I don’t know wht’s going on in her personal life, But we need to pray for her, she looks tired, and like a beat up woman. Her kids look well, that’s a good sign, I hope she is alright, And I hope she stays in tact for her kids. THEY NEED THEIR REAL MAMA.


  26. tanya said:And why doesn’t the 9 month old have a name yet?

    I was thinking the same thing but then again she may be waiting until the baby :develops her personality” to name her. I had a classmate that did that.

    And Zion is a big boy now! I remember when she had that song Zion on her album & it made tears come to my eyes! Hope she comes back to us.

  27. I’ve heard the rumors about Lauryn Hill and I will keep her in prayer. Her Kids are cute. God Bless them all.

  28. I know I’m going to hear heat from the this but I’m going to tell the truth.
    I love Lauryn’s music but I really don’t like that she continues to pop out babies by a man that is married, even if he is a Marley. That sends a terrible message to her children, who may not know the extent of the relationship now but could easily find out the truth when they get older. She doesn’t seem to have much self-respect or respect for other people. She needs to do better.

  29. woooooooah she looks really tired

  30. Jessica I may get some heat as well from this. But I agree with your point here I mean she has 4 to 5 kids by this man that she is not married to. And it does send an embarassing message to her children when they get older. And quite frankly they are older enough now to understand what is wrong with this Family Portrait.

    I have read that Lauryn Hill is suffering with some serious issues right now and you have to believe that her choices has taken a toll on her in a way.

    I love her and I love her music and I’m sure she’s being the best Mother she can be.

    But kids can be cruel at school sometimes and I hope her kids can with stand the pain that others may throw their way.

    So God Bless Her And Her Children.

  31. They are all cute, but John and Selah are such cuties. =D

  32. The 9 month don’t have a name, WTF. Cute kids, Lauryn looks miserable, hopes she’s ok

  33. How is that possible that a 9 month old don’t have a name. Legally is that even possible?

  34. How come that child don’t have a name? The kids are beautiful,Lauryn look like she been thru some things!

  35. I read that they are trying to find a name for her to do with the ark in the Bible. They just call her baby Marley for right now. The little son is so cute. Iagree she really needs to set a better example for her kids. FORGET he is a Marley, they think that they rule the world because of their last name but they don’t. Does anyone know where Rohan resides?

  36. […] to (BCK) Martha Stewart was able to bring singer Lauryn Hill out of hiding We, the fans, may never be able […]

  37. the children are really beautiful and i just think lauryn’s mad that martha stewart forced her to take a picture. but if you look closely she is smiling save for the colour on the lips!

  38. Lauren does look a little rough around the edges as if she’s been through hard times, but I guess we must also consider that she’s aging and doesnt’ have her make-up face on in this photo.

  39. What precious children! This is my first time ever seeing a picture of them.

  40. I miss L-boogie. . .

    *hums… I used to love him, but now i dont*

  41. Lauryn is a Gemini with issues of not knowing who is her real self. In this picture Lauryn looks like a family Martha is putting in a half way house. Not that they had to wear Chanel and Dior but come on this lady was a fashion icon. She is tortured with herself and it so shows

  42. She is not wearing makeup but her skin looks good smooth and fresh and she still looks ten years younger than that overated wrinkled angelina jolie and they both of the same age


  44. Lauren’s children are beautiful, she though has definetly let herself go. And thats a shame, if she did not want to take the picture she could have declined because that is just not a good look. And we can all clearly see that she is smoking more than just cigs. But to comment on what the other two ladies mentioned I thought I had read some where that they were married, thats a shame if they are not, a real shame. She shows no respect for yourself. I have always like and enjoyed her music, I hope she comes back one day.

  45. Got Damn man, i cant believe L would let herself go like that. i know she got kids and all but that dont mean you cant keep yourself together and especially when going out in public.

    It is also obvious that she needs to lay off that ganja for a while, it blackened her lips and that could also be a reason why she looks so exhausted, lawd have mercy!

    Back in the day, she was the only representation of a dark skinned female we had. aside from foxxy brown tho big up to foxxy.

  46. Her lips are black!

  47. Lauren looks off! Somebody needs to get her some help! Beautiful kids though!

  48. wow last tyme I remamebered she only had zion. Remember the song yall? ” NOw the joy of my world,, is zion?” Wow and she had 4 more after him.Well atleast they all have the same dad rite? Wat happen to mrs. Hill she looks like she lost herself rite?

  49. her kids are beautiful!

  50. Poor thing…she looks like a welfare mother.
    It’s high time that she got it together.
    I have long suspected that she suffered from post-partum depression and never recovered.

  51. @BCK: Im sure her daughter is named. We just dont know her name.
    @Georgia: NO LH has 6 kids.
    @tanya/barlow/manDude: yes LH looks tired. 4 kids plus a newbor is tiring!

  52. Why do people always have to bad mouth Lauryn for just trying to live her life. It is no wonder she does not want to be in the spotlight, because she has learned how fake and callus people can be. She looks beautiful in this pic, Just her natural self. I love her afro and beautiful face. She got out of the industry for a while because she saw it for what it is and she wanted to have a family. I don’t know many women that look the same after having five children. What is wrong with being private just to get folks out of your business and live your own life. Big Ups & much luv. peace & Blessings to Lauryn and your beautiful family.

  53. Lauren ~ God bless you girl! We all can clearly see that you have been going through some shit! (Sorry) But girl a man will take your soul if you let him. Your kids are vibrant and look well adjusted .You can tell you have made them your main focus and that’s what a good mom should do. But… You have to much creativty inside of you that I know is bursting, you have been blessed by God girl life is too short, all the lyric’s you know got that have been playing in your head the hooks.Every record label and producer would luv to bring you back your game is waiting on you.Your fan base is still here. There will never be another Lauren Hill. But gotcha is your not dead, you are still living and breathing and in the words of your Boo, still writing. Lauren, There are special unique women in our culture that will go down in history, like Oprah, Mya Angelou, Alicia Keys, and you just to name a few. “Yes” Lauren Hill. You put your mark on the world now color it in! I know you have hits on your hand when you go through things in life… You have a profound way to look at things and it will come out in your music. Nothing but luv for you girlfriend. And to the reader’s Please … Don’t add no bull / negative shit, this is real what this lady world has become. Thank you!

  54. You guys, I’m sure we’re just seeing Lauryn here without make-up on, which we’re not used to. She’s still beautiful (though she does look a little rough and tired here- but with 5 kids, I don’t find it surprising, lol), and her kids are beautiful as well.

  55. Sorry but is Lauryn on crack?…

  56. dang lauryn looking hit……… I hope shes okay and them lips lord have mercy on her !!!

  57. Lauryn is Beautiful and I’m sure she is living her life like it is golden in-spite of all of the rude comments concerning her beautiful natural appearance! You go Lauryn, some of our people are just not ready, if half of them took off those weaves and stop being so fake they would wish they could look half as good as you natural. Much respect to you and your beautiful family! Peace.


  59. Taren you can say what you want to say…Lauryn does not look happy or healthy. We all love her here and want better for her, but truth is the light.

  60. yo it’s been along time lauryn
    she still look great even with out all the make-up,and come on people she always had dark lips…
    I hope she comes back!!!

  61. Thanks for the pic BCK! I’ve always been a big fan of Lauryn’s, may God bless her and her kids.

  62. FINALLY a photo of these dern kids! Her kids are cute! Even though her lips are a mess, Lauryn Hill doesn’t look bad for her age.

  63. bay bay clique…lol……i bet they bad

  64. Lauryn Hill is a beautiful person . People should worry more about what’s going on in their own lives and stop assumming what’s going on in someone else’s. If she is making mistakes in life , so what , who doesn’t . She is young and strong . And just like the rest of us should do , we learn from them.

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  67. Wow, i can’t believe that she is Lauryn Hill, one of the most beautiful black woman i ever seen before. it,s a shame that we don,t have her talent an amazing voice anymore. I really hope everything in her life is good, she love her kids and thats why she quit to all the success and everything that brings. God Bless you and your beautiful kids

  68. no body better then mhe im the biggest of beyonce

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