The King of Pop took his three kids, Michael Joseph, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael Jackson II, to a costume party in Hollywood last night.Paris,9, dressed as a butterfly; Michael I,11,as V is for Vendetta;Prince Michael II,5, as the Grim Reaper.
CLICK HERE(source) to see more pictures of Michael and his Kids.


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 30, 2008.


  1. I love Mike.

  2. Seriously. How do we know they are really going to a costume party ? I mean, MJ has disguised himself and his children for years. I’m just sayin’ … 😐

  3. Mimosa- lol

    but idk i guess since its not the regular sheet over the head

  4. I don’t believe these are Micheals real biological children. Micheal is a dark skin brother and that black gene is nowhere on this children. There is nothing about them that tells me they are half black.

  5. yall know damn well those are not michael’s kids, its a shame how white that dude wants to be, god made you black michael, and you will never escape that gene, neither will your kids, if you had any,

  6. I’ve seen photos of these children without the masks…*Maury Voice* Michael is NOT the father.

  7. If you notice mike hasnt mask on his children in a long time.So I believe that they are going to a costume party Secondly Who cares if he is not the biological father.They are still his children ever heard of adoption.Sometimes the people on this site post some ignorant comments

    anyway im glad that michael is trying to give his children a normal life

  8. He’s the Father whether he’s the biological Father or not he’s the Father. He’s these 2 children Parent. I’m sure they call him Dad.

    Get over it people.

  9. Cute kids! They look just like Mike! lol

  10. Paris needs her hair bruised…

  11. My bad…lol I meant BRUSHED*

  12. Amen@Aimee & Carlita.
    If he feeds them, puts a roof over their heads, and piut clothes on them plus signed that birth certificate than in the eyes of the law he is their FATHER. The oldest look like Debbie and well the youngest one cld possible be his child. Anyway they are cute children and from what I hear are very well behaved. To bad you can’t say that about some other celebrity’s kids.. Keep up the good work MJ.


  14. they are michaels kids, look at the other jackson kids they are light skinned and are for black people! Look at Tito’s sons, they look mixed raced and their mother was black and puerto rican. Tiger Woods child looks near enough white, so does Quincy Jones’ kids!!!!!!! They are HIS kids man!

  15. those are not his kids

  16. i mean thankyou

  17. Those are not his kids. He needs to stop lying to himself ‘cuz nobody else is falling for this charade. One word come to mind when I look at him…SICK!!

  18. Look at Mariah Carey, you would not even think she was black until they said something.

  19. Notbuyingyou-Of course these are his kids. What is wrong with you?

    Did he steal these kids from someone? What are we missing here?

    So what if these kids are’nt his biological kids. They’re still his children. These are his kids.

    That’s like telling every adoptive Parent out there that their kids do not belong to them because they were not conceived through them.

    I mean this is a very ignorant statement you are making notbuyingyou with all do respect to you.

  20. tieratiera- I totally agree with your point.I personally know people that are bi-racial and they take more from one parent than they do the other.

    I mean look at Stacey Dash little girl her picture is on this same site right now (Black Celebrity Kids). This child looks totally white and her Mother is black.

    Halle Berry is bi-racial but she could easily past for just a lighter skin black person. I mean I am the exact color as Halle Berry and both my parents are black. This cuts both ways.

  21. U guys are right. If he takes care of them then he is the father. However, it is disturbing that he feels the need to lie about being the father. If it is such a positive thing, why does it have to be a secret?

    I’m just worried about what kind of world he has these children living in. How are children who were literally born into Never Neverland ever going to grow up? It isn’t healthy the way he has those children so closed off from the real world. Especially considering his history. Who will the children be able to talk to if something DOES happen…Sorry I know I went off on a tangent, but call me Katt Williams cause I have a problem with Michael Jackson.

  22. Are those actully his real blood kids? I mean ik his skin is white now but it used to be black and if he got a white lady pregnant then ok it would at least look mixed but if it was a black lady then, Hello? Or did he adopt?

  23. I don’t think anyone was denying the fact that he is their father in the since that he takes care of them, provides for them, etc.

    We just don’t believe that they are his biological children (not there there is anything wrong with that) but as Shes said, why lie?

  24. OMG y r his kids not BLACK? Becuz he sure is!

  25. Everyday is Halloween for the jacko kids in masks. I bet it takes all the fun out wearing masks on Halloween.

  26. Does the plastic surgery have effect on how your children come out ?

    Anyway , why the heck are all his kids named Michael ?

  27. omg here we go again i get so tired of black and white ppl trying to tell us what our kids should look like i say this why my kids are very fair skin and i am brown yes my husband is white but it mostly has alot to do with my side my youngest has red hair like my mom and i even get stupid comments like did u dye his hair that color or is that his real hair color.. you dont know what mike has in his family therefore you cant say what his kids color should look like my great great grandfather was irish on my mom side and it has come out through my kids and others in my family..plus on my dad’s side theres mexican ..lol my point is who cares these are his kids they have the funny shape head and ears just like mike when he was a kid and im talking toddler mike not jackson five mike

  28. I don’t think these are his biological children. But he’s raising them so that makes them his kids. I do know one thing most of the singers/dancers out today wouldnot have a career if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson. Artist like usher, justin timberlake, ne-yo and chris brown all take from Michael Jackson.

  29. I really don’t understand why people get so offended when race is brought up. as long as you don’t mean it in an offensive way. because i get asked all the time what i am because i’m so mixed (black, native american, puerto rican, white) but it never offends me because people are just curious. my generation is the most mixed generation so this whole thing is new to some people.

  30. those are michael’s kids. i am dark-skinned and my son is mistaken for white quite often.he is his fathers complexion with pin straight light brown hair. people do not look to see his features they just see his complexion and assume hes white. . it is possible. i think black people should know that we come in ALL colors . we get mad when white people cant accept this fact so why the HELL cant we?????

  31. how hiz kids come out white if he aint white.? he may look white but he az black az janet nd da rest of his fam. i have no problem wit dis juss askin.

  32. Ohhh I believe they are his kids b/c the media would have brought that to the forfront as much as they were digging around lets not forget Gloria Allred being involved.Plus thier mother changed her mind about thier arrangment and if they weren’t his kids that would have gottin out by now.Plus my niece is half white half black, with blonde hair and green eyes.lol But looks just like my brother, So yeah it does happend.Either way i think since that poor choice on the belcony it seems that his doing right by those kids.

  33. Ps, Let me say i’m glad to see pic of celeb’s kids but there should be a law that says the paps should have to stay 10/15 feet,
    from any child under the age of 16.If a were a star and my kids and strangers were getting that close to my babies well we would certainly have a problem,
    Because these paps have no sence of respecting personal space it seems. These are not child stars, Only children of stars.

  34. Theis are so not his kids! They don’t even remotly look like him or the mom! If you think that theis are his kids you must be a real dumb-ass. I’m half white half Mexican but I came out with white skin and look like my Mexican father and white mother, but theis kids look like their WHITE father and some what their white mother, pure white! *CAULGHS* NOT HIS KIDS!

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