Willow Smith was photographed in NYC yesterday. Mom Jada Pinkett-Smith wasn’t too far behind the seven-year-old actress. Willow turns eight tomorrow.
CLICK HERE to see a picture of mom Jada and a head shot of Willow.

Picture Source:Bauergriffinonline


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 30, 2008.

30 Responses to “WILLOW SMITH IN NYC”

  1. aww 2 cute!! proper wrapped up for the winter~

  2. She is too cute, with so much personality. But now what I want know is what do she have in the big purse LOL I know she keeps her parents in stitches, she too grown 🙂

  3. She is so cute, but she did get her father’s ears.

  4. Beautiful…..She looks just like her daddy…..

  5. Delete the comment if you want, but you know its the truth.

  6. She is so cute. She reminds me of my little cousin at that age. Their family is always dressed nice. 🙂

  7. BTW: Willow is such a little lady. I see she loves to carry a purse. I guess there’s no tomboy stage in store for her. lol. 😀

  8. Mimosa- lol tht purse.. i saw tht, its as big as her lol

    she is a lil cutie and being daddy’s only girl… i bet she has him wrapped around tht finger

  9. Lilttle Willow is a beauty, I remember the Holloween year she was born, I though wow! Now I have a son and he was born on her birthday. She is still to grown for me, but a beautiful little girl. I don’t care to much for the braids on her.

  10. Cute but a diva in the making.

  11. Realtime,

    What comment did you submit, that was deleted?

  12. Realtime


  13. Awww she’s so cute. Looking like a lil Will & Jada…

  14. Willow looks like such a proper little lady! Her personality comes across as very sweet in her pics.

  15. I’m not being mean but she is not pretty or cute, I really dont know what everyone is seeing. It kinda seems like people are “color struct”

  16. so cute

  17. She is gorgeous! Looks like he daddy! 🙂

  18. Yall delete to many comments. if it does not have profanity, Why hate.

  19. very pretty. stop hatin people.

  20. Cute, cute, cute…but it’s not that cold here in New York…

  21. Soul Pretty I guess she just couldn’t wait to sport her fly winter gear. I like those little boots her whole little outfit is cute. Y’all know how it is. You get a outfit that you think you look cute in. It’s very tempting and exciting to want to wear.

  22. Actually it is that cold in New York, it was about mid-to-late 40’s. Willow has probably been itching to wear those boots and coat or she might be cold. Some people handle the weather differently.

  23. whatiwannasay,

    You need to be careful with your comments, especially with children. Last week an interview was posted with Jada and she specifically stated, that she had to constantly confirm to her daughter that she was beautiful. I can only guess why? I’m sure comments are made about her ears or maybe her big lips. Which are traits that many african american individuals have and a lot of people want to characterize them as defects and they are not. She is beautiful and packaged just right ~ next time, just do not say anything. Bck ~ protect our beautiful black children, hit the delete button.


  24. She is beautiful and a Diva in the making!

  25. @mrsGrapevine: Willow’s braids r covering her ears so what r u talking about?
    @whatIwannaSay: what do u mean ‘color struck’? She has brown skin. She is clearly AfrAm. She aint light like Lisa Boney or her daughter Zoe or Alicia Keys.
    @soulPretty: r u in NY? It def was cold there this week there & on the whole east coast.
    @Jess: exactly! It was cold this week!

  26. Willow is cute with her mouth closed! This is the first pic where she doesn’t remind me of E.T.

  27. I absolutely love the way people are so quick to judge; what does your child look like!?!?!? Willow is the epitome of a child 7 thru puberty–there are a lot of transformations (think back to some of your school photos). She is quite adorable and a little lady (I too LOVE the purses)!! Considering who her mother is, she will be a diva, but never out of control!

  28. I think she’s absoutely beautiful, her ears are fine and her lips are fine.

  29. I do not see a camparison to ET at all from this child, ET is a fugly alien, that was just mean, and as far as being colorstruck, She is a pretty brown baby girl, whose mom makes her dress for her age, I think she is trendy and stylish, Can some of you insecure people please flash pics of your beautiful children..Please , so we can critique them. MEAN AZZ people!!!


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