Dearest BCK readers,

just wanted to share with you a problem that has confronted BCK. Photographer Freddy O sent a huge e-mail blast to several bloggers putting yours truly on blast! Freddy O claimed that BCK had stolen a picture of baby Major and hadn’t sourced him as the photographer. For one, BCK did not get the picture above from FREDDY O. Although we have just learned Freddy O was the photographer,the picture was sourced from another credible person(who wants to remain nameless). BCK and Freddy O have since resolved this issue, amicably mind you. Freddy O is a nice person and has since apologized for acting in an unprofessional manner.In addition, since learning about the picture,BCK made sure to souce him as the the photographer because let’s face it,the photographers work very hard and deserve credit.

However,certain sites/bloggers refuse to stick their noses in their own affairs and have made it their issue to make postings about this problem between BCK and Freddy O. BCK  refuses to indulge in such negative banter with certain bloggers/sites that have made it their job to spread rumors about others  and to speak so negatively about others like themselves. Here at BCK, we make it our priority to always stay positive. In entertaining,we hope to educate and teach others about things bigger than themselves. Let us continue to spread positivity throughout the world. It is negativity that continues to bring humanity down. We must strive to do better and to teach our children to do better in the world. Continue to be positive. Where would Presidential candidate Barack Obama be today if he had focused on the negativity?Please,don’t forget to Vote!


Shout-out to all the postitive sites out there:Concreteloop, TheYBF, Urbanhoopla, MrsGrapevine, TalkingwithTami, Mediaoutrage,Bossip, Crunktastical.net, RealGossip 101,Wordizz, Freddy O,Necole B and so many others on our blogroll.Although some of these sites may gossip,they do strive to shed light on issues concerning the African-American diaspora.

Finally,thanks to all the BCK readers for your continued support. A BCK reader once told me, “No matter what you do you can never please everybody”(You know who you are and you are so right!) You can never please everybody so you must learn how to first please yourself. Thanks to all for reading this rather long post.

~ by blackcelebritykids on October 31, 2008.


  1. I read that on another site. The site where I read it crossed out the BCK symbol. I knew he as talking about you. Then I wondered if you heard about it. He was saying how pissed off he was that other bloggers where stealing his pictures and not giving him credit.

  2. I’m glad its resolved

  3. BCK, keep up the good work. Great blog. I’m also glad it was resolved.

  4. You Go BCK. You are doing you and keeping it classy not trashy. You get your hits the right way and ain’t no shame in that. What I like most about this site is that you show an interest in what you readers think are important. That is why we love BCK. Because in doing that you show your love for us. I have much love and respect for that. BCK rocks!!!

  5. I love the site. Glad to see u havent let a little drama shut u down.

  6. Shout outs to BCK for refusing to compromise your integrity!

  7. I applaud you for handling the situation in a positive way. It shows exactly who you are and what you represent. I will always be behind you 100%. BCK will always be #1.

  8. I’m sorry guys but I was trying to stay positive but this one blogger who I think probably started this confusion is on my mind and BCK I hope its not who I think it is. This blogger is in ATL and always hating on other bloggers and people. If it is her you should give yourself a pat on the back BCK, because apparently she’s intimidated by you.

  9. I saw that on another site & figured there had to be a reasonable answer. Glad you were able to straighten it out with Freddy O. He seems like a nice person- not to mention very smart and talented.
    BCK keep doing you = respectable blog. I have no lady-like words for the meddling negative blogg sites, so I’ll let it pass. You know you must be doing something right when other (socially challenged) blogs talk about you.

  10. Love the site keep it up BCK!!!!

  11. WAY TO GO BCK.

  12. I second Maryamb’s comments. BCK keep up the great work!

  13. Thanks so much for the shout out, “Happy Halloween”!

  14. Tell em BCK. Sandrarose always starting some shit with her lying ass blog. BCK is the only blog where I see credits when they post from other sites. Sandra mad that BCK is on the come up. Keep doing your job. You bring something new to the urban blog industry.

  15. Good job BCK!

  16. I can’t understand why some people act like a child about things. I saw that Sandra Rose talking trash. I can’t stand that lady. Grow up people.

  17. Glad it is resolved. I love BCK! It was ere that I saw the 1stpic of Garcelle Beauvais’ older son.

  18. damm sandra has a lot of nerve when freddy O takes the pictures and she puts her logos on it. Tiny baby shower pix for instance. she was not invited but he was there and took every picture even of the food. but her big sandra rose logo is on every picture that he took but now that he branched off on his own and doing his own thing what is one to do? start some drama.

  19. I’m pretty sure you completely understand why Freddy O. originally felt the way he did. Both you and I, as well as many other black bloggers have all experienced the taking of our photos (whether they were scanned or personally snapped) from other folks who make it their business to tamper with our photos.

    AND I don’t doubt for one second that you willingly placed your watermark on that photo because you have never had a problem sourcing your images. I don’t have to tell you to keep your head up because you are indeed showing and proving just how mild-mannered and professional you can be. I also don’t have to tell you how much I adore you (no homo!) and your site because you know this as well. Your site is one of the few reasons why I created my new one (even though I’ve been slacking!! but I’mma get it together though!)! BCK has a niche unparalleled to any other blog and that’s what makes it so special.

    So many kudos to you for the way you handled this situation. That’s a good look, gurl!!


  20. I have recently heard of your site and I must say I luv it!! whoever comes to the site can tell your very tasteful and reputable. Me and my friends visit at least once a day or even more word srpeads fast when a new picture is updated. So yes… yes there will be haters and people that want to throw dirt or hope one falls in quick sand but NOPE we can’t fall for that crazyness. Enjoy the site if you want to start a nasty blog I know Fox News would luv to here form you sucker’s.Changing lanes for a sec, Don’t Didddy three lil’ girls like like tripletts. Damn Diddy… But they are all so os cut chance hair is going to be the shit!! that girl hair is long and beautiful at 2. BCK keep up the good work.

  21. Excellent way to address and resolve the issue –

    …and oftentimes things intended to cause you harm end up being a blessing…. like more people now being aware of your site. It is just wonderful, expect more visits.

  22. Major is cute with his lil Jordan socks on.

  23. Sandrarose always starting something!

  24. Sandrarose is so immature and childish she is always trying to start some drama.She needs to grow up

  25. Sandrarose is so immature and childish she is always trying to start some drama.She needs to grow up

    Aimee said this on November 3, 2008 at 3:26 p11

    thats what she is known for.

  26. I know thats what she is known for but there comes a point in time when you have to grow up.She is too da** old for that crap.She is like 50 years old.I bet if she gets punched in the mouth one day she will stop

  27. Sandrarose is not an American citizen she is actually British. Can someone not look into her immigrtion status and maybe we can get rid of her for ever?……………..

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