Oscar,the son of actor Hugh Jackman, had loads of fun on Halloween day with his dad.After Halloween day, Hugh Jackman took his kids out and about in Sydney, Australia. Oscar, 8, enjoyed skating through the Botanic garden with his dad and sister Ava, 3.

CLICK HERE(source)to see more pictures of Hugh Jackman and his family.


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 3, 2008.


  1. Oscar’s a very cute boy, big pretty eyes.

  2. Hugh Jackman seems very attentive toward his children, and I enjoy seeming the images that capture the love between Jackman and Oscar.

  3. he is a cute little boy… but he has that i get into everything look… lol… a mischievous look

  4. That boy is too cute for me.

  5. I read somewhere that Hugh Jackman and wife adopted Oscar( and his sister Ava); ….is there any truth to that, does someone know ??

  6. cute

  7. hugh jackman’s kids are adopted because his wife had a miscarriage before. since they’re in australia, oscar might be of polynesian or aboriginal descent from the looks of it. i honestly have no clue

  8. Yay! Great to see he’s the new cute kid of the moment!

  9. Oscar is so cute and he actually looks like Hugh even though he’s adopted. Hugh has said that that Oscar is Hawaiian, African-American and Caucasian.

  10. He is cute.

  11. Jackson ain’t black. I thought this site was for children of black celebrities.

  12. @Rita

    Another ignorant blk woman. What makes him non-black? THank GOd Barack and MIchelle are NOT ignorant and shallow like many of AA.

  13. while Ritas comment could be construed as being ignorant I think all shes trying to say is Hugh jackman himself is not black and the site implies that the children will be the offspring of black celebrities.

    However if she looked around she’d notice many non-black parents with adopted children of black heritage feature on the site, such as tom cruises son, mary louise parkers daughter and Zahara Jolie Pitt. Obviously she didnt bother to get that far or use her brain to think maybe the childs ethnicity itself was being considered.

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