Actor Chris Rock, who is pictured with his wife Malaak Compton and their daughters Lola (L),6, and Zahra,4, on October 26, recently sat down with to talk about his latest animation film and his two daughters:
On what makes his kids laugh: 

Me. [Laughs] My kids, they watch that Hannah Montana. That Hannah Montana’s big. Corey in the House is big.

On whether his kids loved the First Madagascar:

Oh, they loved the first movie. Kids love that movie.

Did they have any special requests for this movie?

No, no. They’re happy. It’s weird. When I was in Bee Movie, my daughter Zaro was upset that I wasn’t a bee. “How come you were a mosquito? How come you weren’t a bee? It’s the Bee Movie.” Sorry, kid.

On his proudest “daddy” moment:

Every day I’m proud to be a dad. Every morning. [My daughter is] off from camp this week. And when I get back, we’re gonna go to the car wash. And, you know, whatever. That’s the thing when you have kids. There’s no such thing as quality time when you’re a parent. “We’re gonna spend quality time.” Those are bad parents. It’s just time. It’s all good. There’s no, “Ooh, his graduation’s better than going to the mall.” It’s all kind of equal. Changing a diaper and walking and her winning a contest or whatever — it’s all good. There’s no bad parts about it.

On whether his comedy has changed since having kids:

A little bit. A little bit. Not, like mellowed out or anything. Just — I’m just older and I just have a little bit more to talk about.

On whether his kids would like to do acting:

I don’t think so. I mean, they’re intrigued by my voice in a movie. Sometimes I take them on tour with me and let them see me walk onstage. They can’t really see the act. They see me go out. Wow. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. Look at all those people. You know, they do sound check and whatnot. But there’ll be no show business with my family.

On how he balances work and family:

I guess my wife handles more of the balance. I gotta work. And you’re not just working to take care of them. You’re working to take care of them in the event something happens to you. As a dad, not only are you responsible for your wife and kids, if you die and they have to move four years later, you’re a bad father. You’re really responsible for these people. So, yeah, there’s no balance for me. I work, work, work. When I’m off work, I spend time with my family.



~ by blackcelebritykids on November 3, 2008.


  1. Beautiful family!

  2. i love his thoughts about quality time. it’s true

  3. Cuties..Zahra got the same smile as dad.

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