Zahara,3, and dad Brad Pitt went Trick or Treating on Friday. Can you guess what Zahara’s costume was?

If you guessed,”Jolly Green Giant”,then you are right!



~ by blackcelebritykids on November 3, 2008.



  2. I wasn’t thinking that. She’s a cute girl.

  3. She is cute. Oh and they can’t put her down because of the paps. They scare her.

  4. Is the Joy Green Giant, and Jack & The Bean Stalk the same thing?

    I’m pretty sure Zahara is suppose to be JACK, and Brad is suppose to be the BEAN STALK she is “climbing” thats why he has on those green shoes and those leaves around his leg.

  5. Sherae- lol i agree wit u

    i have not a clue what she pose to be ima say dinosaur

  6. Brad must be the jolly green giant. That would make Z. “little sprout”.

  7. nice pic, but i heard the other kids went trick-or-treating. I wonder where they are.

    I have no clue what she is but I’ll say leprechaun.

  8. In an interview Angelina said she was the jolly green giant.

  9. Please comb this little girl’s hair. Black hair care — there are needs like braids, ponytails a bow or something. She always has this same unkept look. Have someone teach styling to the family!

  10. c get a life! there are more important things in life to worry about than someone’s hair

  11. They could have had a much better costume….lame! (but Z is still a fierce daddy’s little girl)

  12. I agree with ‘zahara’s beautiful hair’ I have yet to understand why people get all concerned with a BABY’S hair. I never heard anything more superficial. And what’s more crazy, is people complaining about the natural state of her hair.

  13. Oh God I knew someone had to bring up Hair-gate. Looks like the African Hair Police is in full force. I just want to point out that when Shiloh was in New Orleans w/ her fam, her hair also looked “unkept” but of course I didn’t hear anything about it.

  14. Z is one beautiful little girl!!!! Angie and Brad are blessed to have her in their lives.

  15. Oh. I was going for an artichoke.
    **awkward silence**

  16. lol i don’t know how i knew that

  17. Zahara is Bra’d favorite child. You can just tell his adores her. However I though she was a dinosaur???

  18. Wasn’t Bazy Z supposed to afflisted with some kind of hip dyplasia? Maybe that’s why they carry her around. I guess Brad was the Giant and Z was Sprout, that’s too cute!

  19. Sherae- lol they do carry her lot and she appears to be very tall. I don’t know unless there are some medical problems going on with her that we are unaware of.

    And what is she suppose to be because I dont have a clue either.

    She’s a cute kid though.

  20. I would not have guess that. She is a cute little girl and I have seen more pics of her and her dad Brad than the other kiddos. She MUST be daddy’s little girl!

  21. SHE’S TINKER BELL!!! =)

  22. She had rickets which caused her legs to become bowlegged. She doesn’t have a hip problem. They carry her all the time to get away from the paps faster and they want to spoil her to the max!

  23. Awww cute and it seems Zahara is his fav.

  24. Black women hat themselves. THere is nothing wrong with her hair. Damn have we learned anything from the New First Lady Michelle and Barack?

  25. well, i think the outfit is cute. lil’ sprout was always cute to me when i was little.

  26. now some of you all are just jealous. if brad pitt were mz daddy, i’d let him carry me everywhere, too!


  27. Interesting. Z is Daddy’s favorite.

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