VIA HUFFINGTONPOST:Sherri related to Sarah Palin and had been openly undecided. But with Obama’s victory, she broke down over the historic win of an African American. Speaking of the Civil Rights Movement and the limitations she was told she had had growing up, Sherri said in part, “To look at my baby and go, you don’t have to have limitations…” and she broke down in tears.
Sherri has a 3 year-old son named Jeffrey by her ex-husband Jeff Tarpley. Although Jeffrey Jr was born prematurely and is a little slow in learning,Sherri has admitted that her son is her “little miracle.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on November 5, 2008.


  1. That kid looks absolutely ridiculous with that hairstyle. I definitely blame Sherri.

  2. She should have sobbed when she had all of those abortions and killed all those innocent babies!

  3. awwwwwww… but her daughter is cute, though… hairdo, not so much!

  4. @TheStyleChild

    That’s her son Jeffrey

  5. Sherri has been around those blondes on the view too long!

  6. I can’t get with this woman. She makes us look silly and confused.

  7. I agree with her. It’s a great thing to be able to look at our children and tell them that they have no limitations.

  8. I think it’s silly to say we now have no limitations. If there were still limitations, Barack Obama wouldn’t have had the chance to be nominated, to run, and to WIN!!! You can be whatever you want to be…don’t let ANYBODY say you are limited!!! Look at our president-elect and tell me he’s let anyone limit him!

  9. You say it’s silly, I say it was the truth. Think of the time when Sherri was growing up. Do you REALLY think that a black man could have been president?

  10. Sherri is a woman trying to keep her job on the view she knows good and darn well she was for Barack from the beginning, she was just afraid of what elizabeth would think and say about her. Be your self sherri god damn

  11. Dido, Mlka!!!!!!

  12. That child’s hair is a shame! He will be teased if she doesn’t do something about those ridiculous shirley temple curls. In response to a response above, who cares how many abortions that grown woman had! That’s between her and God.

  13. Exactly right.. between her and God!!
    How many of you putting Sherri down have had to say your true feelings in front of 3-4 million viewers??
    Funny thing.. I didn’t notice Jeffrey’s hair as much as I saw the JOY of the two faces. A Loving Mother enjoying her young son!!
    She has been through a LOT since he was born a preemie.. so I think some of you could learn a little female “support” for a fellow ( single) Mother .
    Go Sherri.. you’ve come a long way!!

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