In 2006, singer Beyonce told AccessHollywood that she would want to marry,have kids,and win an Oscar all before the age of 30.”Now 27 and married to rapper mogul Jay Z, Beyonce admits in another interview to AcessHollywood(premiering November 16th) that she will still love to win an Oscar but as far as kids are concerned,she is not too sure:“You know, I still would love to win an Oscar,” she said. “The kids, I don’t know… In three years, maybe.”

Beyonce says that she has been “Keeping [her] nephew” and that he is making it really hard for her to want to have kids: “He’s the smartest little boy,” she said. “But… it’s a lot of work… and he is making it hard.”

As far as her marriage is concerned,Beyonce says that she and husband Jay-Z respect their privacy so kept their nuptials a secret:“It’s a choice, you know, we made a long time ago and it’s worked and I wouldn’t change it now because it’s worked so far,” she said. “I know just from experience, when you let so many people in, it just complicates things so much.”

Beyonce has new album on the way, “I Am… Sasha Fierce,” due Nov. 18.



~ by blackcelebritykids on November 6, 2008.


  1. Why do the press and fans keep trying pressure beyonce into have children.She will have them when she is good and damn ready leave her alone.Im 26 and people ask me when I am going to have kids all the time and it pisses me off.having kids is a big step to take and I refuse to have any until im ready and im sure beyonce feels the same

  2. ^^ I have to agree with you! I just got engaged and his mother as well as mine are naming our kids! We want to enjoy marital bliss first! But back to Beyonce, I mean financially she is ready but like she stated her nephew is a hand-full so she wants to wait until she is emotionally ready!

  3. I know what Beyonce means saying her nephew is making it hard for her to want kids. I have four nephews and sometimes I keep all four at once. I just know I don’t want kids when I keep them. They are so smart and I love them to death, but I really think twice about having kids of my own.

  4. It’s so different when you have your own tho, this little girl was on the bus today and she just kept humming and humming I said to myself I’m so sure her parents (Both mom & dad were there) aren’t trying to be rude in not correcting her, they’ve simply have the ability to tune that out LOL as I did when my daughter was that age.

    Also you’re the disciplinarian of your own children althought auntie has some rights dependant on the parents, a child will test you on the mere fact that you’re not their mom or dad.

    Now what can happen as you get older is your energy level and tolerance change. I’m 35 and as much as I want to have another child I have to be sure I can handle it because I don’t have the same patience as I did when I had my daughter at 22.

  5. db, I cosign 100%. I’m 27 and childless, and I get the urge from time to time to start a family with my husband. But, everytime I get my neice and nephew over, I find great solace in the fact that I don’t have any (especially once they’re gone). I wonder whether I’ll have the necessary patience and attentiveness because I run thin everytime I’m around my sister’s little ones. I’m crossing my fingers that things will be different when and if I’m one day blessed with them (and deep down inside I know it will).

    As for Beyonce, she’s married, financially stable and of child bearing age. So with that comes the pressures of having children. It comes with the territory. But, I’m confident she won’t be so silly as to succomb to those pressures until she is truely ready for all the joy, pain, and work that comes with motherhood.

  6. Solange Son is growing he is so cute. Leave Beyonce alone let her Bee lol she’ll have kids within time.

  7. All I can say it don’t rush it, because once they are here that’s it,and it’s hard these days taking care of kids,I’m not tryin to have any no time soon, maybe when i’m 30 !


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