Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon was spotted with her one-year-old son Jaid Thomas on Sunday at the Los Angeles Farmers Market. Jaid’s twin brother Jax was not in attendance. In addition to Jax and Jaid, Garcelle has a son named Oliver,17 from a previous marriage.

Apparently,twin Jaid is not as easy going as twin Jax,according to their mom:

Jax is our flirt, our dancer, Mr. Personality. And Jaid has a great personality, too, but he’s not as easy as Jax. He makes you work for the smile. He’s much more observant, while Jax jumps right in.

Celebrity Baby Style:

Jaid is wearing a $21.95 navy Traffic Moccasin by Nowa Li.Buy Now!


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 6, 2008.


  1. *CORRECTION* Looks like twin Jax is laid out sleep in the stroller in the background

  2. What an adorable little fellow, the blonde must be a mama’s baby because she’s always featured with him in tow!!! Her family is lovely…

  3. ^^^^^ BARLOW Im sure she does not have a favorite if you look closely at the picture you will see the other twin is asleep in the stroller.Secondly you are not with this family 24/7 you dont know how much she holds the other twin Im sure she loves them both the same.

    you guys are always trying to make a big issue out of nothing

  4. oops sorry BARLOW I read the comment wrong Sorry

  5. I agree Barlow, Jaid seems to be a momma’s boy and Jax seems to be the badass and a daddy’s boy.

    Jaid is definitely getting blonder and his eyes are so big and brown. They are a cute fam but I wish we could see more of Daddy Nilon.

  6. And Jax is definitely in the stroller behind Garcelle and Jaid.

  7. ALL I know is that her husband is NOT HOT AT ALL…(smh) must be love because it sure aint the looks, but the kids are cute!

  8. He is cute…his hair is getting soooo blonde.

    The twins features are like polor opposites of each other. One has darker features (dark eyes, dark hair, darker complexion)…and the other one has lighter features (light hair, light eyes [though they don’t look it in this pic], lighter complexion). One has straight hair, one has curls, etc.

  9. I agree sha. one takes after mommy and one after daddy.

  10. Awww cute mum and cute kid. It may be that fact that getting colder or something I know a lot people whose skin colour changes with the weather. During the summer get darker during winter they get paler.

    If it were a non celebrity woman garcelle’s colour holding a boy who looked like Jaid …insert nanny joke here

  11. sorry *that it is getting colder*

  12. lmao, Jax IS in attendance behind his mother, sleeping

  13. sum cute lil boys…. i been in love wit they mama since jamie foxx’s show

  14. He looks just like his dad.

  15. why is nobody questions that PURE white baby but when michael jackson’s kids come up you people won’t even consider that his kids are his

  16. Despite his fair skin, this little boy has AA features and curly hair. He also looks like his beautiful mom and handsome dad. MJ’s kids doesn’t look a darn thing like any of the Jacksons.

  17. nobody has seen michaels kids except from behind masks. those are his kids im sick of hearing people say otherwise. whats the site to go see his kids without their masks? besides some kids take after other family members whether its the white side or the black side so that still isnt saying much

  18. @ Kelly

    Jaid is not a pure white baby. His mother is three quaters black and his dad is white. Jaid is only 1, by the time he is 5 his skin and hair will get darker. His eyes have already changed. They used to be blue/grey but now they are hazel.

    The situation with Michael’s children is strange because they are 9 and 11 but have straight hair and very light skin. But i stil don’t question that those are his kids.

    Genetics are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

  19. Maria there are MANY photos of Jackson’s children without there masks…. just do a google search. If you forget the skin and the hair and look at their facial features, they are nothing like his use to be. On top of that, their birth mother has admitted that he is not their biological father.

    “Genetics are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”
    Even though I do not believe that Jackson’s kids are his, I must say that I do agree with that.

  20. Beautiful kids…and those cute babies are not pure White.

  21. I agree with blue. I know that genes are funny but none of micheal kids look like him. His brother titos kids take a lot after their black hispanic mother but none of michaels look like him. Garcelle son might be blonde but atleast he looks like his mother both of the in someway. Now maybe micheals wife had the more dominant genes. jessica micheal is around three quarters black himself but his other brthers and sister kids look like their parents.

  22. Here we go again…blond…white…light eyes…speculations on what percentage African Garcelle really is. Do we question how many parts Irish Brad Pitt is? Nope… Ya’ll should know by now from experience with your own family and or friends how we folks of color can come out sometimes. (Although I still question whether Michael’s kids are really his just based upon the mother’s assertions.) This is probably the reason Halle Berry is moving to Canada to raise Nahla. It is not so much of an issue and curriosity there….a much healthier environment for bringing up a multi-racial child.

  23. Lavajia you comment is ignorant. Who she loves and marries should not be based on color. And the love that she has for her children is not based on race. We’ve come so far, especially now with our new president elect Obama, to have people like you still harboring uneducated and ignorant remarks. “ACT WHITE” define that? Maybe you confuse that with “ACTING AS AN EDUCATED PERSON AND CARRYING HERSELF AS A WOMAN WITH GRACE”. Please go read a book on black history and then on genetics. Oh and have a wonderful weekend!

  24. I agree with you happyone.

  25. happyone, its ur opinion, not the truth or gospel so speak for yourself

  26. Jaid will get darker and he actually has features like his mother so he will grow up to be a handsome fellow. Jax is all Garcelle.

  27. they are still cute

  28. if you go to TMZ to the photos section and click the one that says jacko buys comic you can see clear pictures of michael jacksons kids and see the they do look mixed and his two boys look just like him when he was little only lighter

  29. kelly I just saw the pics on tmz. The boys do favor him even though he acts wierd.They do look mixed. But his daughter looks more like Debbie Rowe.

  30. those are michaels kids they look like him and debbie. they dont have straight hair its loose waves . even so people can have straight hair and be of mixed race. the boys look like michael at a younger age just lighter look at their face shapes .

  31. also people please stop with the “he will get darker ” mess. its so annoying . people told me the about my son saying he would get darker he is still as white as he can be. they also said his hair would get curly . newsflash his hair is straighter than most japanese people i know. stop caring about what peoples kids look like you are not fortune tellers,. i can bet that jaid will be that same color when he is older.

  32. thank you for having an open mind

  33. I knew when I saw the color of her kids. That this would be a crazy thread. I wish Gabby and her kids all the luck in the world.

    BTW: I don’t think Halle is moving to Canada. I think the Canadian House will be another one of her homes. (2LA 1NYC 1CN)

  34. Yup, That’s the other lil` one (Jax)in the stroller. I do feel that she holds him more than the other browner baby. I feel that she do love them the same as their mom how can she not. How do we know if Jax don’t like to be held some babies act funny style just like adults.The dad and Garcelle always talk about how fun and the ladies man Jaid is they do take more photos and hype him up more.Most parents do have a favorite, you love them as your child thats without saying but… Sometimes you have a better relationship with one.It could be one make you laugh or one likes reading like you do. They could look just like their dad and you might love it or you might hate it! Parents don’t want to say but everybody who has a sibling feel it and parents hear it everyday you treat my bother better or she always get what she wants she’s your favorite. We know that for fact like our first BLACK PRESIDENT!!Had to get it in somewhere!

  35. Got to agree with rikki when i saw that lil baby with blonde as blonde hair i knew some people would drag up the same mess as always, so damn predictable. what black person is ‘pure’ black? My daddy was born in the carribean, but his great great grandparents were white. My families a messed up variety of skin colours and hair types, and yes mixed race kids can have straight as straight hair. My lil cousin has dark skin and hair so straight and black she could pass for mexican.
    And I do think MJs kids look like him, so even if they were’nt conceived the natural way, i reckon they have some of his genes in there.

  36. @ Maria you don’t know that Jaid won’t get darker. Most babies do get darker whether there Asian or Caucasian it’s very natural. When you go out in the sun more (like boys do) they will get darker. But it seems like your boy is a speical case and that happens too.

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