First Lady-Mom elect,Michelle Obama,took the time to talk to online magazine Momlogic about her daughters Malia,10, and Sasha,7,among several other topics:
On the family’s favorite movie:

When it comes to family TV and movie time, what the girls say goes. We love to watch The Incredibles, Shrek, Harry Potter and Hannah Montana together. But the girls will tell you, they only get an hour of television time each day — after their homework is finished. Thankfully, they’re great little readers. Barack and the girls have read every single Harry Potter book out loud together.

On how she keeps her girls grounded:

Well, we’re lucky that they’re at an age where they really don’t care about what’s going on with the campaign back and forth. Of course they ask questions, but when they walk through the door at night, they don’t want to know how my day was. They’d much rather talk about school, soccer, or the latest birthday party invitation. Those two do a great job keeping us grounded.

On her favorite dish to cook:

Unfortunately cooking has never been one of my strong suits — but when we’re all together at home, Barack, the girls and I like to spend time together making chili and homemade pizza.

On her most embarrassing mom moment:

Well, I can’t really think of any right now, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty once the girls get to that age where everything their parents do embarrasses them!

On the one thing about parenthood that surprised her the most:

I think the most surprising thing about having two little girls is how perceptive they are. They really pick up on things that I’d never imagine they’d notice, or even care about.

On the best present she has ever gotten from her daughters:

I think that most parents will agree — just seeing their child’s smiling and shining faces everyday brings the most joy.

On whether her children were aware of the racial tension during the election:

My oldest, Malia is definitely aware of the significance of her father’s candidacy, but mostly in the historical sense. She’s aware that there was a time when both African Americans and women did not fully participate in society, and understands how special it is that both her father and Senator Clinton were competing for the nomination. More than anything, I’m so happy that my girls will grow up where the prospect of a woman or African American president is normal. And that’s one of the major reasons why our family has invested so much into this campaign – I want them to grow up in a world where they don’t have to limit themselves, where they can dream and achieve without ever hitting a glass ceiling

Click here(source) to find answers to several other questions you may have for the First Lady Elect.


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 7, 2008.


  1. Michelle is a very positive woman who I believe will be a wonderful First Lady. She’s a fabolous woman and mother. I love this family.

  2. I was taught as a child not to be proud, but instead to remain humble. But, I can’t help but to be both proud and humbled by this family. They are the personification of greatness, in every sense of the word.

  3. I’m happy that the Obama family will be in the White House. They represent a family unit that so many question whether or not African Americans really have.

  4. The Obama children are really fortunate to have such respectable parents. I hope their experience will be one that they will want to share with us some day.

  5. This family leaves me speechless. Their appointment to the White House, in my opinion, was divine order. I love her premise of less TV, more reading. I wish more parents followed that suit. I’m proud of my First Family.

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  7. Michelle Obama could easily be a President herself one day because she is one smart cookie.

  8. I wish the inauguration was today. I cannot wait to see this family in the White House.

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