Hint: This celebrity’s kid is his rock.Guess that celebrity kid!

If you said musician Kid Rock’s son Bobby Jr,then you are right.Kid Rock is pictured with his then 14 year-old son(now 15)Robert James Ritchie Jr., whose mother is Kelly South Russell, a Detroit auto worker(Source)


Picture Sources:AbacaPress, Thanks Yannibubbs


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 7, 2008.


  1. That’s kid Rock’s son!!!! He looks just like his father.

  2. I knew this one, he does look like him.

  3. yeah, he mom is black, right?

  4. I meant: yeah, HIS mom is black, right?

  5. yeah thats what i heard…that’s kid rock’s son!

  6. yes his mom is black

    He looks like a Tan version of his dad he is cute

  7. That’s a cute kid but I never would have guess that was kid rock kid.

  8. something about him reminds me of celine dion. don’t ask why. he’s cute and his mother is black. kid rock made a song about her and their relationship a while ago.

  9. i actually thought it was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s kid with those eyebrows. take another look at the picture and tell me i am wrong

  10. Great post

  11. the name of the song is “black chick, white guy” the lyrics are pretty interesting

  12. The cute thing about Kid Rock and his son is they always dress alike. They were those Detroit pimp styles. When they attended the Kentucky durby they had on the exact same outfit. The only difference is his son had on a black fadora hat and kid rock had on a white fadora hat with black rim around it. His son looks just like him, he his mini me with a tan.

  13. i just read his lyrics for black chick/white guy and i felt like i was reading his bio. damn!

  14. Cute kid! Love the dad – son thing!

  15. Bobby, I am CRAZY over YOU!!!!!!!!!!!Have been a couple Decades,will Never change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Junior is handsome,like YOU!!!!!!!!!!Myself cant have childrn!!!!!!Have known 3 Decades!!!!Have GREAT night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Debbie Gore

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