Jada Pinkett-Smith talks about her family and new film Madagascar 2.
VIA Celebrity Cafe: Life at the Smiths’ is a zoo. Literally. “We’ve got two dogs, three cats and a snake. Willow has a boa constrictor. She loves snakes,” Jada Pinkett Smith said of her animal house, which she shares with actor husband Will, and kids Jaden, 10, and Willow, 8.

The 37-year-old actress gets to indulge in her inner creature when her new film, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, comes to theaters this Friday. She plays Gloria, a hippo, while Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, and David Schwimmer play other zoo animals.

“I’ve always wanted more body, so it was really fantastic that I got the opportunity to play such a gloriously hefty lady,” Pinkett Smith told USA Today.

Not only was she excited to play a curvy girl; she was also thrilled to have her daughter appear in the film as well. Willow plays a younger version of the Gloria character in the movie.

As for what Willow thought of voicing a character, her mom said, “It took her a minute to get used to the microphone and the fact that there wouldn’t be any other actors.” But, Pinkett Smith added, “She’d be so interested in the process, and it was great that she could learn the process by participating.”

Both mother and daughter play hippos, but is that what Pinkett Smith really wants to be?

“I’d probably be a black panther, because they’re very mysterious and absolutely the most breathtaking animals I’ve ever seen,” she said.
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~ by blackcelebritykids on November 7, 2008.


  1. I am sorry but their kids just act too grown for my taste. I saw their son on Oprah the other day and he is so damn manish. I support independence but their attitudes are a a bit too advanced.

  2. I saw that episode of Oprah yesterday too KiKi and I love Will & Jada alot but I do understand your point. I can’t describe it but it was in the way Jaden behaved in that small piece of footage they showed of him in the audience. He was’nt rude by no means but like you said they act to grown up and sometimes that’s a turn off.

  3. jada is hella-fied fabness in this pic!!!

  4. I looove this movie cant wait to see the sequel lol! Have a great weekend everyone!

  5. Stop hatin’! They are well mannered kids and Will and Jada don’t play.


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