Actress Jasmine Guy and her daughter Imani,9, were photographed by Atlanta Photographer Freddy O at the Opening Night for the production of Swimming Upstream. The play features actresses Jasmine Guy, Shirley Knight, Phylicia Rashad, Kerry Washington and the women of New Orleans.

According to TrueColorstheatrecompany,the play Swimming Upstream is about Hurricane Katrina victims:Experience New Orleans before, during and after the nation’s worst natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina, through the stories of women who lived to tell about it. An affirmation of their own strength through raw, lyrical, soulful stories of how they lived through the flood with grace, rage and great resiliency punctuated by a flair for story telling, humor and music that comes from being New Orleanian.

Swimming Upstream runs from November 5 – 16, 2008.


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 10, 2008.


  1. oh my… not the best pic of “whitley gilbert”… her little one is a cutie pie!

  2. aww she’s cute

  3. Her daughter looks JUST like the ex-husband.

  4. I didn’t know she had a child. She’s a cute little girl.

  5. She looks nothing like her! Genes are funny!

  6. She looks like her husband

  7. imani is a cutie sher looks nothing like jasmine

  8. Cute young lady

  9. ? She does look like her mother also. She has her nose and her cheeck bones.

  10. Her daughter is beautiful…Jas looks a lil scary.

  11. Man, Did Jasmine adopt?

  12. Cute mommy and daughter! Bless them!

  13. Imani definitely looks like Terrence but I see a little of Jasmine in her. And to be honest, I see a little of Jasmine’s dad, William, in her. Imani is a pretty little girl. And Jasmine has just gotten older, you guys…….can’t stay 2o-sumthin’ 4-evah!! 😉

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