US President Elect Barack Obama dropped off his daughters Sasha,7, and Malia,10, at the University of Chicago Lab School on November 10, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois before heading out to the White house with his wife Michelle Obama.  While in Washington, D.C, The First Lady elect took time to scout a few private schools for her two daughters.Reporters and camera crews claim that Michelle visited two Washington private schools: Sidwell Friends School and the Maret School

Getty Images/Ap Photos


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 11, 2008.


  1. That’s sweet he’s doing the everyday daddy things. I love Barack and his family.

  2. I love this picture. I hope he’ll inspire more dads to get more involved. In the day to day upbringing of their children.


  4. You can tell who the star is. That Sasha is something else. She’s a natural in front of the camera. I wish the media would focus more on families like the Obamas. They are a class act.

  5. That look on the Secret Service guys face, his eyes are smiling at what he sees…classic.

  6. a family unit as it should. Great. now when they’re teens…lol…but still i have a feeling they’ll be just as humbled as their parents.

  7. she’s ten and this reminds reminds me wen i held my dad’s hand as show of security, friendship,respect and compassion when we’d get out the car to go into the store. that was from age 8 to close to age 12. then puberty hit and i felt it was no longer acceptable tho im sure my dad wouldn’t have minded at that age. brings back memories. i felt bad later for stopin but i realize it was age and it was what it was.

  8. n they are too precious as a family win or no win. i’m only 22 n i’m aw of them every time. god bless

  9. They are such a beautiful family. I can’t wait to see them in the White House.

  10. You can tell he adores his girls (Michelle included)! The First Daughters are going to have it all. They are so down to earth, smart, pretty, polite, etc. Barack and Michelle must be doing something right!:)

  11. Awww so family oriented.Great thing!

  12. @ Jackie don’t you wish more little black girls can experience that love and security from a Father. i remember those day with my Dad. Today I will only accept nothing but the best from Men, And I hope actually know Barack will have two self secure girls because of his actions and Fatherly love. Thsi is how you do it Men. Show your daughters she is a queen in your eyes and she will believe it and accept nothing but the best from Men.

  13. i love this family, God bless you Obama

  14. me and my dad the same way

  15. AWWW

  16. I love this beautiful family. Malia and Sasha have great parents.

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