British musicians Harvey and Javine Hylton are pictured with their 8-month-old daughter at a holiday beach  resort in Marbella, Spain.According to the DailyMail:

The couple have had a turbulent year which saw their infamous union – the couple met while Harvey was still married to wife Alesha Dixon – almost ended after Harvey was cautioned for threatening Javine with a knife.But now the couple look very much in love as they took their 8-month-old baby daughter Angel on a sunshine break to the millionaires playground of Puerto Banus in Marbella.




~ by blackcelebritykids on November 11, 2008.


  1. I don’t know who these people are, but they seem to be a mess.

  2. I like the baby’s hat. It reminds me of… a month or two ago. Some of the ladies on CCB. Were getting on Halle for not putting a hat on Nahla. When the Berry-Aubry family were in NYC.

  3. Is baby sun protection just a “white” thing. Or should we also be worried about baby sunblock and hats while we are outside with our kids?

  4. Cute family. I think harvey’s grandfather is from sierria leone

  5. I still csnt get over the fact that he cheated on his wife Alesha Dixon with her


  7. exactly monique..
    alesha is soo so much beta den that he’s got as him baby moma..ughhhh nastyness

  8. Who is Alesha Dixon?

  9. Katrina I was thinking the samething. I may have to google her.

  10. She is a singer and was apart of british r&b group misteeq i believe. Harvey is also a singer. He was also voted the best looking black man in britain or something similar.

  11. Alesha Dixon I mean. Javine is a solo artist.

  12. Alesha is an amazing singer who is a million times better off without him

    and why the hell is she still with him when he pulled a knife on her

  13. Cute and happy baby. Immature and triflin’ couple.

  14. That is the best looking black man in Britain?

  15. For the sake of this beautiful child, I will hold my tounge when it comes to her confused parents…SMH.

  16. Are they the Bobby and Whitney of Britain?

  17. Dee= To answer your question, yes. Everyone should put sun screen on. Everyone no matter what shade can get sun burns/skin cancer. It’s just more likely with paler people.

    Cute baby and fam…

  18. LOL @ Reese! I know right.

  19. LeeLee this is what Harvey had to say. From The People.co.uk

    ‘Harvey said it did not help that people looked on him and Alesha as if they were Britain’s answer to Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett – one of Hollywood’s most loved-up and happy couples.”

  20. and i thought she would have left him after the last incident……

  21. He should have stuck with Alesha- Javine will be going nowhere, fast lol

  22. he pulled a knife on her and she didn’t leave him? Crazy people.

  23. They are both has-beens. He was in a garage group called ‘So Solid Crew’ which were huge at the turn of of the millenioum and she was the loser who ddnt get into Girls Aloud who are most successful group in Britain this decade. not to mention he cheated on his wife the woman pregnant. Then has the nerve to say that Ashley Cole( british footballer married to a pop star) shouldnt be all at fault because he also cheated on his wife. Shamless. i dont like talking bad about ppl but eurgh. ALESHA u can do so much better. I’m getting her album

    Sorry. rant over

    on the plus side, the child is cute and u must always wear sun screen. Black ppl or aisian ppl are not immune, OK. unless u wanna fry.

  24. It is refreshing to see an attractive, fit pair; like Robyn Thicke and Paula Patton. Usually couples are odd, especially celebrity couples, for the man usually makes up in finances what he lacks in physical appearance or vice versa – creating ugly offspring. The entire family matches. Cute baby girl! Wish those two Mixed nuts the best 🙂

  25. Their from the UK – I was getting ready to say, I have no idea who these people are


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