Singer Cheryl “Coko” Clemons(of defunct singing group SWV) has a new Christmas album in stores,just in time for the Christmas holidays. The album titled “A Coko Christmas” even features her five-year-old son Jalen who happens to love singing. Coko’s Christmas tradition is to gather her family in Virginia Beach,VA:”I just make sure everybody is here and we just have family time;my kids,my mom,and sometimes my cousins come over,and we just sit around and enjoy each other.”

Coko doesn’t believe in spoiling her children for Christmas. She believes in the reward system of do what you’re told and you will be rewarded: “Everybody has to do what they’re supposed,and then you know you’ll get (what you want).” One Christmas, Coko had to discipline her son Jazz,13, because he didn’t do what he was told: “I just got him clothes for Christmas. He wanted a video game system and all these games,and i didn’t get him any of that. He was really shocked. “It hurt me,though,because i really want to go all out and get him everything.But i had to teach him.”

When not having to be a tough mom, Coko just enjoys being a mother: “Honestly, I’m enjoying myself as a mom. I’m so proud of my kids and I look forward to their futures. They get tired of me kissing on them though (laughs). As far as allowing them to listen to R&B, I listen to some of it, but I don’t listen to rap at all; it’s just not for me. I don’t like my Jazz to listen to it, but the reality is you can’t always shield these kids because they pick it up at school or outside because you aren’t with them 24/7. Jazz likes Soulja Boy and I have to let them know that most of these rappers are fronting and not living the lives they claim to be and that most of what they hear and see is not real. And he listens to me and my husband, who also used to rap, because he knows that we were in the business for a long time and can speak from experience.”

Coko and her husband Mike Clemons,a drummer, met in 1995. The couple dated six months and then eloped…to a church. ” I suggested Vegas, but my husband wanted to be in a church, so we found one. Eloping is something I’ve always wanted to do and I had to convince my husband to do it, and that was six years ago and our anniversary [was]Oct. 19.”

Coko is working on a new gospel album due out in 2009.

Interview Excerpts courtesy of Essence,and Sister 2 Sister magazine(December 2008)


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 12, 2008.


  1. im still mad swv aint together ne more

  2. Wow her oldest son looks exactly like his dad, her youngest looks like her twin.

  3. And that’s a good idea concerning Christmas, I told my daughter last year I wasn’t getting anything for Christmas, I’m buying for bday and Christmas we’ll buy for other people as Christians I don’t want her to grow up with this jacked idea of Christmas where we’re celebrating the birth of Christ (While not his bday at that LOL) and it’s all about feeding our own greet.

    She’s not too happy about that but then wouldn’t be a lesson on giving if she were:) But did forget to prepare well enough for bday so will get something but not like previous years.

  4. her oldest son, Jazz is by the lead rapper from the now defunct hip-hop group, Digable Planets. Her husband is the father of her youngest son.

  5. She has some handsome sons.

  6. That would be Butterfly from Digable Planets….loved that group.

  7. Cute kids..They will get ladies, specially the older one. =D



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