Hint:Why even bother with a hint.Guess those Celebrity Kids!

If you guessed “the King Of pop”,Michael Jackson’s kids Paris,9,Michael I,11,Prince Michael II,5, a.k.a “Blanket”, then you are right! BCK reader Kelly wants all of you to know that you should consider the possibility that these are MJ’s biological kids. Kelly says, “Michael’s kids do look like him especially blanket.” Kelly would especially like you to take a look at the “morphis” picture which compares Blanket to a young MJ.


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 12, 2008.


  1. Oh wow…I had no idea. They’re nice looking kids. I hope they turn out normal. That’s not a joke, I really do.

  2. They’re really cute especially Prince Michael I.

  3. michael jacksons WHITE kids lol WTF

  4. mj

  5. Those are Michael Jackson’s kids.

  6. If you look closely at the children, it becomes obvious that there is a slight strain other running through their veins. I don’t know whehter it’s African Ancestry or not, but sometimes at different angles, I swear the older two look very similar to Michael. If they aren’t his biological children, they are probably somehow genetic relation through relative, and Yes, it is obvious that Blanet is of mixed heritage as well.

  7. Blanket has a different surrogate mother…

  8. I have an open mind and believe the kids might be his. The things I question before and still do to some extent -considering how MJ acts- is the fact that all 3 of the kids look ‘white’. Including blanket. A few years a go I saw a book call white slave the mulattoes where dark complexed black women had 2-3 white looking kids with the master. But how can you explain ‘blanket’ if his mother and father are black?

  9. I knew it!

  10. Yes they do look like michael especially by the eyes I can’t see him claiming another mans sperm he might not have had sex but they are his LOL

  11. Michael Jackson kids Paris and Blanket

  12. yay i was rite lol…… n either way it go they his. he got the rite to be called father he does everything for them. and just because they look more white dont mean shidt. my friend is mixed n he looks like every other black person. his little sister looks like a wannabe olsen

  13. paris looks like her mom n prince looks like his dad. 2 easy lol. but they’re pre teens so mj watch out. seriously though i think they’ll be fine

  14. and blanket looks like jermaine’s son, Jermajesty

  15. Michael Jackson’s kids.. Paris & Michael

  16. Micheal jackson kids

  17. When Prince Michael was younger i believe michael dyed his hair. Blanket is suppose to have 2 black parents. What are the genetic odds of all 3 looking mostly caucasian. two from debbie rowe which i can kind of understand and the other from a black mother. Thats my only point.

  18. The girl looks like her mom, Debbie Rowe, whom Michael was married to once.

  19. paris very much resembles her mom, debbie rowe.

  20. They kind of look like him, don’t they? 😦

  21. Blanket looks just like Mike!

  22. they both look like daddy. the whole face shape and the eyes they look just like michael when he was little

  23. As a mother of bi-racial children, i know that genectics can play serious tricks on you .im black and hub is white. my son was born with very pale skin and super straight hair and my daughter light but with red undertones with long wavy hair.My step – son (hubby son by another black female) has fair skin curly fro and blue eyes.. so we really can’t say that isnt MJ’S children. Blanket’s mother could very well be a light skinned black woman.we do come in various shades .ANYway MJ’s their father by blood, adopton, or otherwise..i belive they’ll be just fine…otherwise DCHS would ‘ve taken them by now….just mysay 🙂

  24. I can’t wait until the children are old enough to write a tell all book…., that ought to be interesting,

  25. I think Blanket is a good looking kid. Paris too but she should smile, then probably look better :p

  26. i knew it! thank God he’s finally allowing them to go in public without their masks.


  28. Michael Jackson as a kid? That’s creepy. I was so sure the hooded one was Emma Watson.

  29. The kids are cute though. Especially the prince I &II

  30. mj and yeah they look like him all three and the littlest one dang he looks just like him with a smaller nose of course but i can tell they are his… the girl looks like him and debbie

  31. Do you know how may white mj look alike there are, sorry he is a black man and all or most of his children should come out with darker skin then that and their hair sould not be that straight. And if one of the kids have a black mom then that kid should be black!!!!! MJ is not mix race or light skin he was a black man and his kids are not, sorry but he hate his skin color and he doesnt want to be black

  32. And his new stuff sucks

  33. Not really coreyboi, genetics is really about a mix of genes and it is possible for two black parents to have a white looking child and for two white parents to have a black looking child. Do some research on genetics “throwbacks” or read the book “When She Was White”…

  34. The two very light complexioned look nothing like Michael. We can speculate about ‘strains’ and ‘the eyes’ all we want, but let’s be real and call a spade a spade…..those 2 are likely not his bio children.
    Even though Michael is White now, his genes aren’t, he wasn’t biracial or ultra light skinned…Mike is a wide nosed brown skinned man

  35. if brown skinned Garcelle can have a white looking child then so could Michael look up the pictures on here of garcelles baby. he is just as light ( actually lighter) than these kids. And noone said the girl looked like michael she looks just like her mother. but prince michael does look like michael look at the third picture where he’s looking straight ahead. his facial features don’t even look white to me

  36. i would have never guessed

  37. Are you people blind?!?!? Those kids do NOT look like Michael! I am not going to argue the race issue because it is possible for the kids to be light…But the odds that ALL 3 children are white is outrageous! Somewhere in La-La Land, there is a man who signed away all rights, along with a confidentiality agreement to never tell that he is the father of the kids born to Debbie Rowe and that other lady. It’s so obvious!

  38. if you don’t think michael’s daughter looks like him That’s fine because she DOESN”T but the two boys do . We’re not blind you are, You don’t WANT to believe he could have children thats what it is.

  39. Sorry but has any one jennifer beals. She’s half black but you can never tell cos she could pass for white and did until she was outed. So they could be his. Only thing i dont get is how all his other sibblings children look mixed when they are and his just looks odd. Also blanketts mum might be a light skinned sister. Oh who knows we’ll find out when the kids are older.


  41. coreyboi and raven how can you say this when on the same site you have Garcelle with her children. I don’t think they look like her at all but they are her children and they are lighter and have less african features as well. And Garcelle is darker than MJ. Many biracial children take on the strongest genes of a parent and there are bi racial children who can take on more lighter skin of the white parent. As children grow up you can see them take on more pigment int heir skin. But this doesn’t happen to every child. Genetics is not predictable. I’ve heard of black parents having “white” children so you can’t say this is impossible.

  42. “Garcelle is darker than MJ” yeah, darker than he is NOW… remember he used to be darker. he may have bleached his skin, or fallen victim to some rare skin disease that turns you completely white, but his DNA wouldn’t have changed. Those kids don’t look anything like him… and even if they were just “light skinned” what about the hair? nose? mouth? you mean to tell me ALL of those features would just not show up in a half black child? maybe if even one of them had any resemblance i’d buy it, but none of them even look mixed.

  43. kids are cute, paris looks like she’ll grow up 2 b a pretti gurl, but where tha black at??? i mean techancially, shouldnt tha kids look mixed, cuz michael’s genetics are black, n their mum is white, so shouldnt they ave a hint of black atleast???lol

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