Rumors on the web suggest that Sasha a.k.a “Rosebud” and Malia a.k.a “Radiance” are to star on television series Hannah Montana. According to several news sources,Billy Ray Cyrus, the father of ‘Hannah Montana’ star Miley Cyrus, said the show had invited Malia, 10, and Sasha Obama, 7, to appear in an episode possibly around April next year.

“They probably will. The invitation is there. You know the ‘Hannah Montana’ film comes out in April. Maybe something might happen around then,” Billy told Access Hollywood in an interview.He also refused to give details saying: “I can’t, I can’t. I have got to keep a secret.”

According to President-elect Barack Obama’s camp, they know of no such invitation: “Folks within Obama-land know of no such request.”

In other Obama family news, the Secret Service has decided to give out code names to the First Family Elect:”Renegade”(Barack), “Renaissance” (Michelle), “Radiance” (Malia) and “Rosebud” (Sasha).


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 12, 2008.


  1. I don’t think they will make any guest appearances on the show maybe they will go to the set and watch from behind the scenes and hang around the set. It’s up to their parents but I just don’t see it happening.

  2. Um I thought code names were suppose to be secret? What’s the point of code names when everyone knows them??? Ok about the actual story, I don’t see that happening, and I hope that it doesn’t.

  3. I was so disguested when I saw that “Extra” had revealed the code names of the new First family. I don’t know how they got them but the weak link needs to be fired for the Obama’s protection.

    I don’t believe that they will be on HM either. Barack has made it clear that he would like to sheild his children from the media as much as possible. There’s no way that he would let them be on HM.

  4. Just saw the last part of the article. I don’t believe that those names are real if the SS really revealed them. They could have made them up to fool the media or possible attackers.

  5. Blue= As for their secret names I think they are real.

    Also I’m sure if they are to go on the show, their parents will make sure the episode is appropriate.

  6. i cant wait to see them on hannah montana sasha and malia look like little princess you can tell that sasha a daddys girl hes always pickin her up

  7. It’s really amazing that people think that the entire family code names would be leaked. The codenames ARE NOT FOR SECURITY! They always release the codenames. JFK’s was Lancer, Jackie’s was Lace, Caroline’s was Lyric, and John-John was Lark. They ultimately serve very little purpose. Please don’t freak out people, releasing the codenames will not harm the family at all!

  8. I read on another blog site that Barack kindly said, “No thank you.” Good parenting!

  9. hell naw….this iz how wen dey grw up they will find out how stupid ”Hannah Montana” iz!

  10. im 12 and hm is stupid idont want to see malia end up a slut like miley specially because i have a crush on malia =]

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