deborahsept08Singer Deborah Cox is a mom of two and a third due in February 2009. Deborah just released her first album in six years titled The Promise. While on a six-year-hiatus from the music industry,Deborah took time to have her ‘babies”:son Isaiah,5, and daughter Sumayah,2. The Canadian-Borne singer says that motherhood comes naturally to her and the “If my kids are around,I’m always mommy. If they are not around,I’m Deborah Cox.”

Deborah admits that motherhood is a “selfless role”: “It’s a very interesting role because it is a very selfless role. I wouldn’t recommend being a mother to anybody that doesn’t like to share [laughs]… to share their self, share their time, share everything because it really is what you have to do when you become a mother. You become selfless. You really have to be available to your children and their needs. I’m still learning how to balance this whole thing. It’s a complete balancing act because I love being a mother. I love children and I’ve always loved children. I’ve always wanted a big family but it is a lot of work and if you want to do both, which is have a career and have a family, it takes a lot out of you. So being the kind of people that we are, my husband and I, we pride ourselves on being able to do it thus far without a nanny. We’ve got an amazing support system with our family; my mother in law comes and spends time. We wouldn’t be able to do that and give these kids some sort of stability if we were not selfless. Sometimes things have to take a back seat while we take care of the kids, putting their needs first.”

Deborah also admits that her kids have inspired her to soon release a children’s album:”They’ve inspired a whole new album that will come out soon. I have this knack for coming up with these really fun melodies like the ‘brush your teeth song’, the ‘getting ready to go to bed song,’ all these songs that I kind of come up with to get them to do something because you have to make it fun for kids. I think my experience – just in understanding that I am now responsible for these two, making sure that their lives are full and everything, I think that part of it has been put into the music.”

Deborah is married to music producer Lascelles Stephens.
Interview excerpts courtesy of Singers Room, and Sister2Sister magazine(December 2008)


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