[Lisa and her oldest son Jordan]

Lisa Wu-Hartwell, the ex-wife of singer Keith Sweat and the current wife of NFL player Ed Hartwell, stars in the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on BravoTV. Lately, there has been a lot of news regarding the show’s upcoming reunion special. The reunion show( set to air on November 25) is said to be “explosive” as Lisa herself confirmed in an interview that fans will be shocked at her outburst at Kim Zolciak,another “Housewife: “Let’s just say, Kim [Zolciak] pushed the wrong and the last button, which takes me there. Normally, I conduct myself professionally and I prefer to turn the other cheek, but you can’t allow people to continue to play with you because they’ll think they can do that all day, every day. So I’d say that people will be surprised because I was surprised and somewhat embarrassed myself, but I’m human and you have to let people know that they can’t just say whatever they want to you. I’ve been extremely diplomatic and there are horrible things I could have said but I have chosen not to and still do. When you come after my integrity or my family, then you’re going to see a different person.”(Source)

Today, a BCK insider wrote that the reason for Lisa’s outburst was because Kim allegedly accused Lisa of losing custody over her kids to Keith Sweat because of an alleged drug abuse problem:

Kim Zolciak, single mother of 2,  from Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo Channel), is the target of Lisa Wu Hartwell’s verbal rampage (another Housewife).  Lisa recently verbally exploded in an on camera taping of the reunion against Kim on Monday in Atlanta. (much speculation that Lisa struck Kim on and off camera)  Lisa, ex wife of Keith Sweat, is upset with Kim over the news that the story Lisa does not have custody of her children because she previously had a drug addiction problem amongst other allegations has leaked because of Kim.  Producers may require Lisa to undergo anger management classes.  Lisa’s children and ex husband are not featured in the show as their father, Keith Sweat, did not sign the release form to allow them to be filmed with Lisa.There is trouble in paradise as, Lisa, has threatened Kim at local media tapings with comments, text messages and phone call messages.  Sources say that Kim currently is in serious consideration to take legal action against Lisa, as there is significant documentation of the intimidation and harrassement to warrant a restraining order.

Meanwhile, Lisa has denied having any drug abuse problem and can’t believe she lost custody of her boys:“Until this day, I still can’t believe I lost custody because they were convinced that because I was an aspiring actress and Keith was more stable and settled in his career than I was. So because I’m a working mother, that means I’m a bad parent? I still don’t get it.

“It was an unfortunate ruling that was handed to me. It was devastating, and if it can happen to me, it can happen to Mary Poppins, because there was no [behavioral] misconduct on my part. I’ve never done drugs, I don’t party and I helped raise his kids. How do you take my kids when I’m raising yours?”.(Source)

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  1. Kim must have said some really bad because throughout the show, Lisa has been the level/cold headed wife. As a mother nothing gets under your skin quicker than an insult re: your children.

  2. it seems that kim is such a two faced friend to all of them. she doesn’t seem to know which she wants to be friends with next. kim is rather middle schoolish when she interacts with the other women. good for lisa if she told kim off if she was in her business. i still like nene the best though.

  3. I bet Lisa is sorry that she told Sheree what NeNe was singing about since she is the one who ended up beefing with Kim for real.Kim is misstress White Trash I hope she saves some of poppas money because she is replacible. Good luck Lisa we aint mad at cha.

  4. Now don’t Kim, Miss Always Playin’ With Her Nose, Ha? got alot of gotdayumed nerve?
    I’m sad to hear Lisa had to get outta pocket with this biatch like this.
    But…OH WELL!!! She brought it on herseeellllllffffff. [/Martin]

  5. Can’t wait!!

  6. Watch Party at my house!! lol

  7. They always say you will find out in the end. Keep your friends close and your enmies closer.

  8. I will be watching.

  9. I love this show. Nene is the reason I watch. And as for Kim… she is not a good friend. I’m starting to think she isn;t a good person.

  10. Yah I’m sure Lisa is feeling it now, being that she was one going back telling what happened that night in the car when NeNe was singing about the Trailer Trash. All I can say I will defend myself and my children, but Lisa Karma is a Mother 4 u. Maybe now you all can see NeNe is down right hood with class and cash. LOL

  11. […] Kim Zolciak, single mother of 2,  from Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo Channel), is the target of Lisa Wu Hartwell’s verbal rampage (another Housewife).  Lisa recently verbally exploded in an on camera taping of the reunion against Kim on Monday in Atlanta. (much speculation that Lisa struck Kim on and off camera)  Lisa, ex wife of Keith Sweat, is upset with Kim over the news that the story Lisa does not have custody of her children because she previously had a drug addiction problem amongst other allegations has leaked because of Kim.  Producers may require Lisa to undergo anger management classes.  Lisa’s children and ex husband are not featured in the show as their father, Keith Sweat, did not sign the release form to allow them to be filmed with Lisa.There is trouble in paradise as, Lisa, has threatened Kim at local media tapings with comments, text messages and phone call messages.  Sources say that Kim currently is in serious consideration to take legal action against Lisa, as there is significant documentation of the intimidation and harassment to warrant a restraining order. (Source) […]

  12. I kinda want to say Lisa got what she deserved because she ran back and told about the night in the limo,but any real woman knows ahen it comes down to the kids it’s a no no.I know it’s not ok that Kim said what she said but on the show that came on Tuesday 11/11/08,NeNe made a statemnet while they were at the table Lisa and DeShawn should of paid attention.I love NeNe she is the realest of them all,what ever comes up comes out she’s so real.As for Kim and Sheree they deserve each other they both look like men dressed like women,Lisa stay strong and God will bless you.



  14. Kim has problems- she can’t talk about anyone else because basically she is a “kept” woman (all she seems to be teaching her daughters is to use her body to get money from a man-correct me if I’m wrong, but has she ever been seen in public, not just on the show, with this big poppa dude?) and I keep wondering how she got on the show in the first place when Atlanta has other “real” housewives that qualify…

  15. @ Tony do you really believe what you read on Wikipedia. Thats not a good source at all.

  16. Everyone here is coming down hard on Kim, but honestly if you watch the show you will see that Lisa is quite happy to lap up whatever Sheree has to give out, while portraying herselff to be the ‘above it all’ person. But honestly, she doesn’t even MENTION she has other kids besides her baby. I understand (and agree) Keith refused to have them participate, but there is something about Lisa that just seems Fake, like she’s putting on a show to cover all the warts.
    Everyone has warts, the only difference we see everyone else’s on the show, except Lisa’s. BTW-SHeree & Kim were being straight up RUDE to Deshawn, and yet Lisa keeps defending them, so I guess she realizes now.


  18. I think everyone is getting a little worked up over a reality show. If you dont know them personally, you only know what the cameras have decided to portray on TV. They are women who are rich because of the men in the lives, not because they were able to make the money on their own, except for Lisa who runs various businesses. This show is just for our entertainment, its not for us to get all in their business and upset.

  19. Melle if you read the interview on with Lisa she explains that because Keith didn’t sign the waiver her other two sons couldn’t appear on the show. The kids even asked Keith if they could be on it and he still said no. She did mention her older sons countless times on the show, but producers edited it out because of the waiver that Keith had signed.

  20. I was initially impressed with Lisa but I am not so sure now–she seemed like an opportunist to me but I do admire the “hustle” in her. NeNe is the “realest” one on the show. I would love to hang out with her and she really can “sing”. Yes she had to much to drink but Lisa should have kept her mouth shut. Afterall, DeShawn was in the car as well and she heard the same song but she didn’t run back and tell Kim about the song. To tell you the truth, Kim can’t sing and she is very shallow. And exactly what has Sheree done lately other than live off her Ex-husband’s money. Rarely did she ever speak about her children-hell I didn’t even know she had children until I caught “glimpses’ of them when they were going to visit there father. With the way these women throw money aroun in these Economic Times is shameful.

    I see Lisa had a baby “right away”–the oldest game in the world. I have a bi-racial child too–she is pretty but let me tell you this–she knows looks are a dime a dozen and you better come with something to the table otherwise you will be at someone’s beck and call. I don’t play up her looks and told her to get an education and stand on her own two feet.

    I really like NeNe she is so real. Yes she is loud, Yes she likes to be the Center of Attention. But who doesn’t have a friend like NeNe that keeps it real?

  21. Crazyness

  22. I really like Lisa, I think their are reasons on why her other kids are not mentioned as much . I think Lisa is at least going out and flipping the money she does has and actually has a career , I didn’t hear about any other housewives with independent jobs so kudos to you Lisa! This show is very addictive and I absolutely love it! I have the Housewives get together every Tues. I also can’t wait for the real Housewives of Orange County, they are also my favorites because I live in Orange County and see them everywhere!

  23. First and foremost Kim is a two-faced B*#@h!!! (wasn’t sure if I could put it in print) The one thing I learned real quick about Kim is that she is a follower & not a leader. Shree has got full control of the strings attached to Kim. She will be burned by her so called new BF and lets face it everyone knows (producers too!) that Kim CAN”T carry a tune in a bucket and I think she is tone deaf. As for NeNe, well she’s a bit ghetto. Honestly she reminds me of Molly Brown from the Titanic, someone who just fell into money but really they are not so polished. She may never get there but I give her props on keeping it real. As for DeShawn I think she is desperately trying to fit in to her new environment. She really doesn’t have a friend in anyone including Lisa and I’m not so sure she realizes this. Now on to Lisa, I like her and I can’t say to much about the way she conducts herself other then she always comes across polite, kind and loyal to her family. I don’t know what the deal is with why she doesn’t have her kids nor do I care. I only hope that if the alligations are tru for why that she has got her act together and stepped up to the plate as a mother. That’s all we can do is pray for those in a less fortunate situation. My prayers are with her and any other mother out there without their children, I couldn’t imagine being seperated from my two girls! But I will say this. Good for Lisa for standing up for herself and her family. Her dirty laundry doesn’t need to be exposed re: her other children, and I am sure that Kim’s BIG papa is staying annonymous for much greater reasons other than not wanting to be apart of the show. What does she think she is teaching her girls to grow up and become? And really, Kim 29? Pleeease! That girl knows she’s that she is more like 37, and the drinking and cancer sticks are not helping her looks which are already tarnished. And the comment she made about eating chicken at the backyard BBQ at DeShawns… Tasteless, tacky, demeaning, trashy and need I say more? We will end there because I don’t want to stoop to her level.

  24. I am glad she slapped the b___! Kim deserved this after all she said and did.! Way to go Lisa……………….!

  25. As far as Sheree! Her mom is an alcoholic and they haven’t spoken in over a year. She is very arrogant in person. Believe me I have met her and been around her. Not a nice person. She sleeps with drug dealers and atheletes. She slept with a well known drug dealer I know who is in jail now. She is a sad sad lady. The house she lives in isn’t hers and I was told the gas was off in the house because she had not paid the bill. Oh and that zit on her face the other night UUHHHH! Also the 23 year old daughter why isn’t she on the show. She is older than she says she is unless she had this child when she was 15 which is what I heard!

  26. Everyone keeps saying Ne Ne is real. Just because your REALLY talk a lot of trash doesn’t mean that you’re a real person. How can you say that Ne Ne’s real when she did all that singing in the car. If she was a real woman, a real friend, she would have told Kim that she should consider getting lessons or not singing at all, even if it would have hurt. A real person would have said it to her face, not gotten drunk and sloppy and sang a song (off key btw) about a woman she calls her friend.

  27. My 2 cents is Kim cant sing worth a lick and she is so fake, I can’t stand her! And like someone mentioned before she is a kept woman and not teaching her kids any morals. I like NeNe and Lisa out of them all but to be honest you really cant trust any of these biddies!!!

  28. I wonder if Lisa is under the same bus she kept trying to throw Keith under.

    I’m so glad he had the good sense as a parent to keep his boys as far away from this mess as possible.

  29. someone said something about how can these women spend so much money in these hard times?! These shows are taped mons or yr in advance. The beef between Lisa and Kim went down at the “reunion” show. So that tells you the show wrapped up a long time ago.

  30. Lisa is fake….not to mention, she looks high in this picture and the other the one they showed on here a few weeks ago…anyone got a cupcake?? LOL I’ll bet she regrets being a ish starter and running back telling Kim about Ne-Ne song which was true by the way! As for Kim, someone already said it, Sheree is going to turn on her in a minute and her dumb a#% don’t even see it but I guess that ‘s cause she’s tone deaf anyway…country singer my butt!

  31. @ peace it would not be getting all up in there business if it is on national tv and i dont think everyone is getting worked up but they are expressing how they feel about how the women are conducting themselves.if they dont act like trash or like they aint got no sence then how do u think we will potray.they all have choices of how they acton the show because its not like “pun’d” where its a “suprise” that people are going to see how you act in real life and real situations.everyone has there own opinion about how each woman acts iguess and i agree with most comments

  32. Lisa is a pretty good actress 🙂 Hood Rat fell out of character!!!!!

  33. wow…….do any of you realize THIS IS TELEVISION?

  34. shesh1nes, I agree with you. NeNe and Kim are both cut from the same cloth. I hope Lisa cut this ho a new one!

  35. Although this is only a television show as Malanee politely reminded us, it has some validity in the actors actions. It’s a reality show, and they are generally very truthful to a large extent. Lisa, I knew that she was interesting, to say the least. Once Keith Sweat came out a few weeks ago about not allowing the children to participate on the show, I knew that she had a very dark secret that she would want kept as such. Kim, a never-gonna-be-country-talk-singer (hehehehe), could not wait to get her 1 minute of fame to discredit her (Lisa’s) good girl imagine. Honestly, Lisa disappointed me when she spoke ill to
    Shereee about what NeNe had said in the limo. Nene was having fun! She was drunk and was keeping the party going. Hell, she was telling the truth and it was funny. Kim, drunk heavy smoking ass is the token white girl on the show. Kim should be embarrassed to be on the show, really. She doesn’t have a job. She is representing INFIDELITY as it is a beautiful thing. does Kim not understand that she’s allegedly screwing another woman’s husband? How long can you go? Her daughter has no respect for her, because she is screwing around with a marry man. Was it funny when the party planner did not kiss her ass? I read into that scenario. I believe that the party planner knew that Kim did not have the money as she purported,and that she was not going to put her reputation out there to be embarrassed by this white chick. Kim had to wait on Big Poppa to deliver the credit card, or to add the cash to the credit card before she could pay for everything (party). Deshawn needs to spread out her wings. Get with some white wealthy girls, or some other NBA wives. That group of women is not for level. She is truly a class act. I could tell that she was dealing with the wrong crowd when no one other that NENE supported her fundraiser for charity. No one proffered any suggestions to her on how to run the event. I thought to myself, girl, get with a better group of women. A group of professional women, teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc would have hooked her up. She would’ve earned the one million dollars. Where were the white folks? charity is their thing. Anywho, I cannot wait to see the airing of the reunion show. I am sad to see it end. The show had begun to being a part of my Tuesdays ritual.

  36. I like Lisa on the show and her and Ed are just a perfect match. I think that Keith, just want some child support money from Lisa via Ed. He lost a beautiful woman, He thoght he still had a # 1 hit on his hand . Keith said who can love you like me “Nobody” Lisa said Ed. And he got current chip$ & Dic. I meant dip! LOL… Laugh like it did at Sheree` at that retarted clothing line she know dame well that the clothes the lady made was to the T. She did not get her divorce check yet from Bob. And she tried to be cheap. I like the name of your clothing line though (She)very nice name but girlfriend you better understand one thing women hate bitchy,fake back-bitting coochie-clampers. What is a coochie-clamper, It’s when women by any means, will sleep with someome for money in most cases a rich man. And have a baby to secure her future some men have done this also, Kevin Federline. Umm Hmm… He got Britney’s ass twice. Anyway back to lisa Don’t worry find out in your state if they have right to choose this is where your child if they are 12 yrs+ they can choose the parent they want to live with. The judge will talk with them seperately so there is no pressure from either parent and ask the question “like who takes you to the docter when your sick” or “who cheer you on at the game”. The child might say well my dad is to busy or my mom always have somthing else to do. Girl it ain’t over until the fat lady sing. Obama won anything can happen when God has his hands on it! Now for Lil` Kim she seems like she is on something 4-real why did she waste Dallas time she was high ass hell you know yo ass can’t sing! And if you can’t sing country music girl sit down and call Big Daddy and let him by you something to make up for what your mising on the inside. It is very clear to me that your sleeping with somebody’s husband and he can’t show his face gurrrl you on Tv. What in the hell are you thinkin you better start saving your extra $$ It’s to many women that he can spoil out here an you getting a little old and expensive. Men get tired real quick and your on a show and he might get exposed think girl THINK!! Okay my girl NeNe yes you are a bit much sometimes in the wrong place but your real. Even a drug dealer know when his ass get’s pulled over his ass might be a thug, and dropped out of school. His ass know I mean he learn in a matter of seconds, “Manners” Yes sir, What did I do sir. A nice low tone in his voice. I’m just saying it’s you, but somtimes like I said a bit much. O`by the way love the gay guy on the show honey give him his own show what do he do for a living. What if Big Daddy takes care of him too. Oooh… I aint no producer but it sound like a new show in the work. I got the name it just hit me! “Jack be nimble Jack be quick”.Everybody know it wasn’t the candle stick jack was jumping over. But any who anywho Mz. NoItAll honey I knows it all pieces, baby Momma got to give the babies pieces or ya might choke honey. NeNe it’s all love and your husband is great for you. Nice kids too. Shawnie is really nice I like her and Eric he is so laid back and cool. He respect you and your relationship. It’s cute how he calls you boss lady. And just for all the people who enjoy this site. Please if you don’t want to go to a party that someone invite you to, Don’t be like Kim & Sheree` be a woman and say no thank you, so that they don’t have to fix extra chicken for you. You hear that Kim! We need a new season keep the money rolling in we don’t care about the OC. Keep it in Atlanta but how about adding T.I and Tiny.

  37. […] Lisa Wu-hartwell Reunion Show Fight(with Kim Zolciak) is over Her Kids? [Lisa and her oldest son Jordan] Lisa Wu-Hartwell, the ex-wife of singer Keith Sweat and the current wife of NFL […] […]

  38. Lisa ALWAYS mentions her other kids. Now Sheree; that’s another story. She has a 23 year old daughter that she gave birth to at the age of 15. She never mentions her. If they are approached in public, she introduces her daughter as her “friend” because she says that she has an imagine to uphold. WHAT A BITCH!

  39. @ Tonia and Leyla2fine…I co-sign on you all’s comments. Also, my 2 cents….I like DeShawn, you can tell she has a good spirit. NeNe has a good spirit as well. As one commenter mentioned, she’s just a little over the top. Plus I like the fact that both DeShawn and NeNe have foundations to help others in and surrounding their communities.

  40. I really like Lisa and Deshawn the best. To me they seem to be the more humble ones of the group. Now Kim and Sheree need each other because they’re both living off someone else money. I haven’t seem Kim do anything yet except for talk about this big poppa dude get a job why don’t you.

  41. Chris – You brought up some interesting things about Sheree. She is my least favorite from the show. I see through her “classy and high class” front she puts on. She hasn’t mentioned nothing about a grown child but I can believe it.

  42. leyla2fine – I completely agree. Check out the other blog about Lisa Wu on this site. The comments aren’t just about her. They talk sbout all of the people on the show.

  43. ms noitall – your clueless!!!

  44. Jo – I would like to know the show you have been watching because Lisa has only mentioned EJ.

  45. Kim needs to take that shaggy hairy cat off her head. She’s always playing in her hair like it hers but if she keeps playing in it, it may fall off. Maybe it was on sale 70% off at Walmart. Lisa trys to play peacemaker but she was the one started the whole drama. I love my girl NeNe. Deshawn is alright. Sheree has a horse nose.

  46. lol@ Mama sita.

  47. I think DeShawn seems nice. I think she is a little clueless and obviously didn’t come from money but still nice. Sheree…come on…”ax” people a question and can I have cheese “wit” that. Stop trying to pretend you are anything other than a ho who got lucky enough to get knocked up by a rich guy. Learn to speak properly if you are going to try and pull off the classy act. NeNe is loud but funny. I don’t think she needs to waste any more time hating Sheree though. Lisa is the only one that works so I respect her more than the other girls. Kim is straight up a bad example for her daughters. Why doesn’t their dad have custody of them? She wants to be their pal not their mom. Plus she is hoing around with a married man. Kim cannot sing. I don’t know why she thinks she can or how Sheree could tell her she had a beautiful voice with a straight face.

  48. OH PLEASE, GIVE ME A BREAK!!! One minute Lisa is leaving threatening messages on someone’s voice mail … threatening to come to their house, and apparently, threatening to kill Kim, and then the next minute she’s comparing herself to Mary Poppins (when discussing the custody battle over her sons.) This woman IS crazy! She was my favorite housewife of Atlanta until she began threatening Kim (and Kim was one of my least favorites.) But now Lisa shows herself to be just another piece of junk.

    Why do African American women think that the way to handle conflict is to threaten with violence? Why do other African Americans applaud this (mis)-behavior (see blog above titled: “Lisa Wu Don’t Play! ” As if that’s a good thing — that she “don’t” play! What if everyone went around smacking people and threatening people whenever they were offended? Children who haven’t yet developed cognitive and reasoning skills lash out when they are hurt or offended. Adults are expected to be guided by intelligence, rather than raw emotion, when they are in that type of situation. But it seems that African American women, as a general rule, either didn’t get the memo, or think they are exempt from using mature behavior.

  49. I agree It is just words and real women would not be threatened unless that it is true

  50. msknowitall u crack me up!!!!! Let’s watch the reunion together 😉 I don’t know why people r sayin AA women are being depicted as ghetto on this show kim is the only one who is ” ghetto” I really thought lisa was the classiest; I’ll know fo sho she is when I see her punch that nasty ho on the reunion show.

  51. Ok, Pollyanna, I mean Ameberleigh, I bet you believe there were weapons of mass destruction too? Dont believe everything you read. Just because they put it in print doesn’t make it so…Unless you see an actual police report…Even then it can be a case of your word against mine. Even witnesses can be biased. Innocent until proven guilty???

    Why are you stereotyping African American woman? You are turning this into a racial and personal thing. Was it ok for Kim to say, “if NeNe says one word to me at the dinner, I’m going to kick kick her a**?” I have watched every episode and Kim was the first one to threaten violence. Who are you trying to kid? That’s American culture. Shoot first ask question later. Please…

    I am not a Lisa fan, I think she started/fueled the feud. Kim needs some morals and to find a job. Sheree needs some serious prayer (that’s all I WILL say about her). NeNe is loud and over the top, but she is constant. She doesnt waiver from who she is and you have to respect that. DeShawn is humble and out of her element with all of these women. She and her husband dont belong on this show.

  52. LMAO @ the delusional poster above who said everyone but Kim is “klassy.” These bitchez wouldn’t know class if it knocked them upside their empty heads. They are ALL ghetto trailer trashin’ horz. But great entertainment.

  53. Amberleigh, I must admit, you made valid points about how adults should conduct themselves, but to attribute outbursts only to African American woman is totally unfair. Blacks are sensitive, point blank and when people are sensitive they react to stimuli immediately. We take on the defensive suit of armor because there is always someone challenging us and so I guess it’s a defense mechanism to protray strength thru violence. I am not condoning it nor excusing it but stating my opinion. Anger and provocation is innate. The bible says, “Be wrathful, and yet do not sin; let the sun not set with you in a provoked state,” (Ephesians 4:26). Anger is an emotion, but it is controlling that emotion that is the problem, not the anger itself. Even GOD acknowledges that anger is what we will possess but it is an issue that we ALL need to identify and correct.

  54. Kim: Trashy Drama Queen (although I do admire her for not going off on Nene after all the snide comments Nene has made, then denied she said anything)
    Nene: T-R-O-U-B-L-E M-A-K-E-R!!! (Maybe she does “keep it real” but she has no class. She gossips way too much)
    Sheree: Stuck Up! (And that’s her right. Atleaset she tries to stay out of all the drama…she is the one I would want to be friends with)
    DeShawn: Goody Two Shoes (she should leave Sheree, Kim and Nene alone. Some people just can’t get along and pushing them together just doesn’t work, it only seems to make things worse)
    Lisa: ?????? Until reading this article I thought she was the coolest, most down to earth housewife. I hope all this stuff isn’t true…..

  55. The show is very entertaining however there are couple of observations I’ve notice that kinda piss me off. Deshawn is often treated like shit! How come they can make it to Lisa stuff but never hers? Deshawn seems nice and she’s really trying. Sidebar: how is she new money if her husband been playing for 13 years? Anyway, They act like she even isn’t there and she seems like she really like them. Sheree: I believe she changed her name when she got money. LOL. IDK. she seems like that type. She tricked Kim the little sideline hoe… 7 months thats it… lol. Kim: I can’t say nothing that’s already been said. Old. Hoe. Wig. yaddy yaddy ya… Nene: kept it real. We need people like that in the world. She is a bit too much @ times but she is herself. A Very humble woman in my eyes. She was willing to work her friendship out Kim. Lisa: IDK. She has moments when I like her and when I think she’s rattling the fence. But i hope the drug thing isn’t true cuz she seems to be on her shit i n life. Regardless of her husband money. But I love the show I hope it works out for all of them.

  56. Hi! Nice post!

  57. =)

  58. AJ – I agree with everything you said. I don’t see how anyone cannot see through Sheree’s fakeness or conniving ways. — Lisa supposedly likes to keep the peace and get everyone together, but she sparked up some mess. — I think NeNe is fun but she can tone it down some. She says what is on her mind and I like that about her. — Kim is a big joke. She turned on NeNe first but people get mad about the song in the limo. — I think DeShawn and Eric don’t belong on the show too. I like them alot. They keep to themselves and don’t get caught up in all of the drama. Also, they seem humble and have class.

  59. lisa always showed her slef to be the classy one no drama and i watched every show.when you talk about people kids it always has a bad out come espically for a black and plus she was already pissed her ex-keith wouldn’t let the kids apper on the show.she should get that beat-dow she deserve’s but as i said lisa classy.

  60. man they just trying to get some ratings up for next season

  61. Kim what happened to BiG POPPA. Why are you returning your Chanel, and other designer goods that BOG POPPA bought ya. Didn’t you known that this would never last. 1st rule always suggest cash then you can keep half to fall back on. DAH. 2nd see if Sheree whill help you out with some new designer gowns. 3rd. Get a job. 4th you are appearing on a show with 4 sisters. All of whom have a steady income of finance. What do you have. Stop tryna be a sister. 5th by no means ever, ever, ever, talk about the babies, you just won’t win. Also, you lucky Keith Sweat didn’t get. He’s probably the one who dropped the dime on you for putting his business out there. You are the outsider. Peace.

  62. I like Lisa more now that I found out about her kids. Men can pull some slimy stuff especially when you are the one who gets sick and tired. Kim is a prejudice nut and her and her girl Sheree are just bitter. It is funny how everything Sheree does is about getting back at her ex if she would have put that energy into the follow up on her clothing line preview maybe she would have “finally done something” as Bob Whitfield laughed while she preened for pictures with him at her party. Also, what is her deal with NeNe she knows if she was slighted like that at a party it would have went down. Sheree reminds me of someone who needs to get in touch with who they are. I mean seriously telling Kim she was beautiful and had a great voice? Then she slighted my girl DeShawn. That was done in pure hater fahion….she knew her line was tore up anyway…why even skip it, it wasn’t like she had anything else to do.LOL! NeNe is cool but she can tone it down a little with all the blinking and eye stretching, we love you girl because we can relate….don’t go extra and watch out because your costars will lace your wine with haterade. Be true to you because your fans think you are real. Don’t worry about Sheree she is a victim of Karma and look at Kim what else needs to happen to her…she can’e even represent her man ….the infamous Big Poppa….he was probably ashamed of that bad weave and her Solid Gold madamesque looks. LOL!

  63. I love Lisa. And anyone who has watched the show for 10 minutes can tell you that Lisa is the one with morals and Kim is a looser with no morals!

  64. Sorry, but there is no way that if Lisa lost her kids because Keith was more stable and had money, that now that Lisa has some money due to her current husband, that she doesn’t go back to court to get custody. I don’t believe it. No mother in her right mind would not go back and fight for her kids, if you had the means and resources to provide and pay for attorney’s etc. I’m sorry, they’d have to give physical custody of my kids. And as many gold-digging women out there having babies by celebrities, most judges just stick it to the father in child support. So to me something isn’t right. I don’t like Kim, but I believe there is something to the story.

  65. Kim’s an easy target because she’s the only white woman on the show and she’s a mess. Everyone is siding with NeNe, yet it was NeNe’s two-faced behavior that started the problem between them. And wasn’t Lisa acting two-faced when she repeated what happened in the car, knowing it would get back to Kim? Just because NeNe says whatever comes to mind doesn’t mean she’s real. It just means she’s negative and doesn’t use her brain before she speaks. She lacks class and she’s disloyal. If she had been a real friend to Kim, then she would have talked to her about her lack of singing ability to her face. I also don’t believe Lisa’s story about losing custody of her kids. Something happened to make the judge award custody to the father. I think ALL the women are fake. I think Kim should leave the show and what we’ll see is that the other women will go at each other once Kim’s out of the way. Common enemies bring people together. If Kim leaves the show, I believe the ratings will drop as well.

  66. They r all fakeys. Period.

  67. I have found this show to be a hot mess; however, you want to watch it when you need comic relief as an alternative to CNN and the economy. At such a historical time as to have the first African-American president, these women have embarassed not only African Americans, but also women in general.
    I don’t LIKE any of the women as they are portrayed, but Lisa is the most tolerable because she appears to love her husband and believes in working, cooking and caring for her man.
    NeNe appears to have a hard life and it shows in her loud speech, but, she found a man with character and is trying to do something constructive.
    DeShawn seems the nicest, but clueless and lazy. If your husband makes bank and the children are in school, you don’t need a nanny, governess and a chef. Learn how to cook.
    Sheree’ is just plain old Sherry to me. You don’t need a 7-figure settlement; get child support for the kids you don’t pay attention to and get a real job. Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya; she is self-centered and an instigator of mess. That brings us to Kim.
    Kim sang so badly that I first thought she was playing with us. That was until I saw Dallas Austin trying to keep from laughing. She obviously didn’t read the “Ho” handbook on how to keep your dealings on the down-low. And to think she has 2 girls that are watching her live off someone else’s man. So sad.
    Again, a hot mess, but keep it coming; the economy isn’t going to improve anytime soon!

  68. This is a I agree with McLynn ” a hot mess”,. I am in utter amazement over the foolishness and the childish bulls*4** that is going on on this show. Lisa does seem to be the one who is all around grounded but in all honesty she falls under the same category as all of these messy ass women. This is good for TV but terrible for black women that have children that are looking up to them and will have this to answer for, for the rest of their livees. Kim has looked like a damn fool this entire show!!! She says shes a “black woman trapped in a white girls body”….why? Why want to be something you clearly are not why not just be satisfied with being a White Woman who happens to love the African American culture and people…that was a dumb statement!!!! Then the truth of the matter is it is obvious none of the women were or are true friends with any loyalty to each other at all, so what the hell is everybody all upset for? NeNe seems to be a woman who has had a rough past but is clearly trying to make her life better and clearly she has chosen a great husband in Greg who by the way seems to be one of the only sane people on the show. She is loud but she is honest and seems to be fun loving and genuinely a good person….You go Girl….As for Sheree’ I believe she is misunderstood but if any of the rumors regarding her eldest daughter are true then “shame on her”. Deshawn seems relatively nice but lets be honest she is not very bright and she displayed that with a catastrophe of a fundreaiser, and with the fact that she has been doing all this hiring and somehow has forgotten to hire a personal trainer. Her husband seems very mild mannered however and if he is at all like the show portrays him she struck Gold…he is poised, strong, silent and confident. Lisa seems to be grounded as I mentioned before but c’mon people lets be real…during a real estate showing why never mention any qualities about the home ither than a “two headed shower which men seem to like” ….how about the 6″ plank wood floors, or the lime stone fire place, or the mouldings…hello? It is clear that she uses her beauty to get what she wants but hell if you got it flaunt it…I just hope that Eds money doesn’t run out before one of these “juat started businesses” of hers gets off the ground because it’ll be adios to ED and on to the next millionaire. Ladies please….if they give you women another season please get some people around you that will tell you right from wrong because clearly you guys are too self absorbed to see the light of day.

  69. I totally agree with “Vee” post about NeNe I said that in another forum that she was a shit-starter, she got a smart-ass mouth. But the NeNe fan club was in full effect over there. I thought it was FOUL to call Sheree a $2 bitch and to clown Kim in the car behind her back. She be talkin mad shit in front of that camera, but I haven’t seen her “be real” and say that mess “face to face” to any of the women on the show she’s running into the ground. NeNe is so obviously trying to evaluate her status on the show and keep the camera panned in her direction, only way to do that is to keep the drama flowing! This mess is just so “Reality TV”. Kinda sick of this just-add-water formula (cause drama, become a pseudo celebrity). I want the dead of reality TV – its just played out! Bring back the good old fashion TV shows like “Dallas”.

  70. Listen up guys,

    Lisa clearly is a smart, caring, beautiful women. Don’t believe for a second how Keith Sweat or anyone connected with him portrays her. She is one of the many unfortunate women who has been put through the slander machine of a rich man’s legal team during a divorce proceeding. That’s how mean-spirited rich men often play the divorce/custody game. If you ask me – she’s all class.

  71. Well Stacie, you just sunk to the same level as Amberleigh. How big of you to write something about “crackers” and rednecks. Amberleigh may have been totally off base with her comments, but at least she kept her language PC and clean, unlike you. You are as much of a racist as you seem to think Amberleigh is. It seems to be a race issue with you as well. I find it absolutely ironic that you have the nerve to slam Amberleigh, when you turned around and did the same thing (actually worse IMO because you were derogatory)! It proves that you are ignorant and a hypocrite on top of that. Many people in the above comments spoke out about Amberleigh’s post and I totally agree with them. You, on the other hand, were rude and offensive.

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  73. Why is everyone so anti-Kim. Yes, she should be more circumspect in her selection of friends and words. Essentially, all of them had major esteem issues. If Kim had been the only black among whites, many of you would have cried racism at the way she wasd treated.
    Lisa was very neurotic on the reunion show, nay. I say bi-polar. Kim should have stood up for herself. Lisa, karma is a b****. If you run up again, you might get done up!
    Deshawn, you are not a Vanderbilt. Invest your money elsewhere other than in an overrated staff.(Really, you don’t live in Buckingham Palace). Sheree is the real ho. 7 figures, forget it! She was the Iago of the group, always instigating with her Howdy Doody looking a**!
    NeNe, you are the bomb!(Nuff said)
    Lastly, please review your grammar before submitting comments. Many of you sound like the trailer trash you accuse Kim of being.

  74. I think Lisa is not telling everyone the whole truth. Is very hard for a mother to lose custody of her kids, unless you are like Britney Spears. But if she was such a “good mom” then why didnt she appeal, or try to regain custody of her children? I think what happen was the she met her meat head football player husband and he didnt want the extra “baggage” and she decided to willingly give custody to Keith Sweat. Lisa portrays to be one a goody goody and a “peace maker” when it actually she is fake and a bad mother. You would have to kill me before you take my children away from me, no man will come before them ever!

  75. What is “fabilus?” Sheree comment. I admire DeShawn for furthering her education; all of these women need something to fall back on, rather than “against” their husband’s awaiting “manhood.” These women give “women’s lib” a bad name. I am ashamed of each of them and their shady goals, except DeShawn. Although, she could stand to bypass the house staff, and use the energy climbing stairs to build up cardio. Come on ladies…

  76. kim is the best bytch…she doesnt lie about who she really is…lisa is directing her anger at the wrong person for her mistake at losing her kids over her drug problems…she needs to get a life or seek a psychologist cuz obviously she not ova the break up with kieth…she still loves him and she thank she tough shyt cuz she wit her new hubby…well ding dang ya’ll

  77. I cannot believe these women are supposed to be “classy” – Deshawn seems to have the most class, but the others have such trash mouths and actions. They give money and class a bad name. I love watching the show, but am truly disappointed with these women’s actions. Lisa was my favorite until she told Kim off on the reunion. That made her look as trashy as Shere, NeNe & Kim. Deshawn is not trashy, but I am not sure what makes her tick.
    I wish people would realize that the “f” word doesn’t have to be used constantly to make your point. The way they gossip is so low class. Ture friends do not talk that way. And NeNe is the worst at running hwer mouth about People, stating she has a “Right” to her opinion. No one has the right to cut others down.

  78. Thank You Natasha for your comments I appreciate you giving me that special Attention Like that pointing all those things out, But as I stated previously that comment was for Amber aka Pollyanna. My redneck comment struck a nerve with you huh? I wonder why Bytch?? We both know the answer to that and just for the record I could careless what you think of me, Wrong Female *BEEP* Try again< LOL Im gonna bend over now You go ahead and kiss it …… *Wink*

  79. First off throughout the show Lisa was my favorite housewife,but i have to say i was shocked at how she attacked and threaten Kim on the reunion show. As far as what they were discussing at the time it was really unnecessary ,because there were only two people that could have spread the rumor about what NeNe said in the limo and Lisa admitted that she was the one who told Sheree who then in turned told Kim. That’s gossiping and why would she tell Sheree the one person she knew Nene didnt get along with. It was more then obvious Lisa was lying.
    The whole show was messy and childish…

  80. Does anyone know if they’ll be a season 2? I sure hope so.

  81. Tee,

    Actually, if you pay closer attention, Kim first off was trying to put Lisa on blast about being the one to mention the song in the first place. Two, Kim tried to make it seem as Lisa told her directly. The reason Lisa would say something to Sheree in the first place, which I don’t think it was to be messy, was the simple fact that at the time Lisa wasn’t that close to NeNe as she was to Sheree. I just think it they all had a problem with one another, they should have gone to the horse’s mouth especially if you are going to talk trash on tv.

    I just wished Dallas Austin would of stopped having dollar signs in his eyes and told Kim the truth that she sounded a hott mess and I doubt her voice is any better especially since she is still a smoker.

    DeShawn was sweet, but did she really need to have a staff wait on her? It’s nice to have enough money where you can just go out and buy whatever you want, but when and where did she every speak and seen her investing their money? Her husband looks like he is very near retirement, the money flow eventaully stops.

    Sheree, lord help her. I want 7 figures so that I can continue the lifestyle I have become accustomed to. Um…get off your high horse and get a job. Why does she think she is sooo beautiful that she must look down her pointy nose at other people?

    NeNe…off the chain. Enough said! But she was a favorite person of mine because she told to your face how she felt.

  82. Very classy reply Stacie. LOL. Definitely proved the point I was trying to make in my above post. Just to clarify, I am an African American woman and you are free to make any assumptions that you wish. I just find it ridiculous that you would bitch and complain about racist comments and then do the same thing. And obviously you could care less about what I think of you! Oh, and I hope you didn’t hurt your back when you bent over… *WINK*

  83. I loved that show. I think Ne Ne was realest. People can say she ghetto and all out doors but she was herself and with a sh*# load of money. The money did not change her. Kim is just a big phoney, cause she sat up there plenty of times laughing with Ne Ne about Sheree. She big time fake and Ne Ne know it. Lisa was so just all over the place, but doing her thing. You know I was wondering why Kim called her a crack whore, I guess we know why she didn’t have full custody of her kids…hmmm. But also you know I was in agreement with Ne Ne when she said the statement Kim said about not wanting to come to the barbecue and eat chicken and then she snickered. I was saying to myself, what the hell was that..a side joke. That show was definitely one to talk about the next day at work.

  84. Wow. good blog..

  85. they are all gold digging whores, but it makes for some funny television

  86. One of the things people don’t realize is that Lisa told Sheree before Kim and Sheree were friends. Sheree was Lisa’s close friend at the time. The show was edited to make it appear that it happened the next day. The events did not happen back to back

  87. i think people are quick to judge…why take keith side and really have no idea what is going on…i am a working(military) mom and i had to go overseas and the field so it was nearly impossible for him to be with me full time…so whatever people think of lisa…i like her and she still commmunicate, talk, and love her kids so who are people to judge….go lisa!!!!

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