In this POST, singer Deborah Cox revealed her seven-month pregnant belly in new video “Beautiful U R”. BCK readers reacted in the following ways:

The essence of a woman can truly be seen when she is expecting. **So Beautiful**
~Naija Gal

Why do celebrities feel compelled to show us their pregnant semi-naked/naked selves? A pregnant woman’s body is beautiful, but shouldn’t that be shared and kept private between you and your husband/mate and not shown to the whole world? What is the need for us to see her like this, seriously?~BLssd

Looks nice, but she didn’t have to put all her business in the street~leo

Many celebrities like Deborah Cox have bared their bellies for the public:Demi Moore,Christina Aguilera etc.SEE PICTURES

BCK Says: Do you feel that pregnant women go too far in baring their bellies in public or do you feel that pregnancy is a beautiful stage and a pregnant woman can bare her belly if she so chooses?


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 16, 2008.


  1. I think the images are simply BEAUTIFUL!!! & why not share them with whoever you choose to share them with! That’s a personal choice so why knock someone for making that decision.

  2. Why do people only complain when it’s pregnant bellies ?
    What about the scantily clad “video vixens” in all the other videos ? Nobody finds it indecent to see Usher in a towel, or the guy singers without shirts on, but a pregnant stomach is putting all business out there. There’s far worse things going on in music videos than a happily married woman showing off her tummy.

  3. Oh, trust me, MIMOSA, I’m not happy with the half-nakedness going on so openly and freely ANYWHERE – men, women, girls, pregnant ladies, etc. But right now, we’re discussing Deborah Cox’s pics, thus my comment regarding it.

  4. Keep it to yourself (and your man).

  5. i think it is fun for them and that they just want to show to everyone dat dey r having a baby and dat dey are excited about it …yall need 2 stp hatin!

  6. I think showing a pregnant belly is a beautiful thing…

    Why do we worry so much about human nature??? America can be so backwards sometimes. Janet Jacksona and Justin Timberlake reveal a nipple for a less than a half a second at the Superbowl halftime show and we get into a big uproar. But gratuitous violence in every aspect of media (including children’s cartoons) is not a problem.

    We fear our own biology. We believe that our bodies and whatever perfection or imperfection they have should be hidden. But then we can’t understand why promiscuity, teen pregnancy, and stds rates are the way they are. If we stop hiding these things and demonize them we’re going to be less likely to raise a culture of children who are so sheltered that they run to uncover exactly what it is that we want to keep from them.

    That doesn’t mean we have to glorify the subversive and distasteful. But I do think we need start addressing the human body and human sexuality in way that is comfortable and educational for our youth.

  7. @sheshines: Its also human nature to have sex but that doesnt mean in public. Something are ment for personal viewing only, this is one of those moments

  8. I think people are being too judgemental of Deborah. She was not naked. Infact she had a white cotton shirt on the showed her belly.

  9. Pregnant belly is beautiful thing and they should show it if they want too.

  10. I say keep that to yourself. I’m a mom too and I did not feel the need to expose my naked pregnant belly in pictures. Not necessary at all. The focus was entirely on my son after his birth and not the process before it! If you just got to go there, share that with your spouse and close family members. The public does not need to be included in that. I don’t want to see no breastfeeding pictures either!! Demi you just don’t know what you started with that Vanity Fair spread!

  11. oh please shut up people,yu people act like she showed her vagina or something. get over what’s done is done. I took those kind of pics and people thought they were beautiful. I just think some of you people are insecure get over it

  12. I’m going to show mine off but tastfully of course. I think it can be a beautiful thing if you show it off sparinly.

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