“It’s very hard and I used to feel bad because my relationship with my kids used to be telephonically. I realized that if you need to do that telephonically and the little times that you do have you need to spend that with your children. That’s all I had to give because I was giving to them in another area. Sometimes you have to sacrifice. Hopefully, with me being a businessman I’ll be able to sit back and take a break with just the kids and watch them sprout up and blossom.” ~Singer Chico Debarge on balancing music with his six kids ages 20, 14, 13, 11, 10 and 3.

CLICK HERE to see a family album of Mama Debarge(Chico’s mom). See pictures of her kids and grandchildren,too.





~ by blackcelebritykids on November 17, 2008.


  1. OOO wee! He is STILl Fyne. Hope he is nothing like his big Brother Chico though. What watse of good talent ;-(

  2. What are you talking about, Jus_Me? This IS Chico!

  3. My Bad,duh I meant to say like his brother El. They have a beautiful family.

  4. You guys are to funny. Yeah I saw that El keeps going to jail. That is sad.

  5. He does look damn good for 42( One of the many reasons I love being black). To bad he doesn’t have his act together. He and El both recently went to jail. Him for drugs and El for spousal abuse. I guess they have to keep their names in the public eye some way.

  6. Those DeBarge’s believe in making babies, huh?

  7. What a nice photo album. Stunning family

  8. I agree Dee they are beautiful. I am still tripping on how many grand kids she says she has. 50. That is a lot. They did not hold back on the be fruitful and multiply at all. LOL

  9. 50 is not a lot of grandkids when you have 10 children .
    mama debarge has 10 children

  10. 50 is a lot of grand kids. Not just because she has 10 kids herself. My mom has 11 and my mother-in-love has 9. With the oldest for my mom being 17 and the youngest being almost 3 when they all get together you it’s almost most like a circus. So I can only imagine what it is like when you get 50 kids of various ages together at one to. I say more power to her.

  11. Thats lot of kids.

  12. …i’m sorry but…”telephonically”????

    But anyhoo they are a beautiful family. And yes that is A LOT of children and grandchildren, but as long as everyone is taken care I think its a beautiful thing.

    How is old is Chico? I wasn’t expecting him to have a two year old son.

  13. i mean twenty year old son…lol

  14. Well here’s another surprise…his son is actually 24. He has a Myspace page. Someone on another blog said this “20” was a typo

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