Mel B with her daughters 18 month-old Angel Iris Brown(dad is actor Eddie Murphy) and nine-year-old Phoenix Chi(dad is dancer Jimmy Gulzar) are pictured at Heathrow airport in London. Singer Melanie Brown recently renewed her vows to husband Stephen Belafonte.The Spice-girl says that one of the reasons why she and Stephen wanted to renew their vows was because of their kids: “We decided to do it for the kids and we only want it to be a real intimate affair with the 10 closest people in our lives.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on November 17, 2008.


  1. tht oldest one is so cute… the other one cute too

  2. Phoenix chi is turn into a little beauty. And angel is still cute.

  3. They both look just like their fathers.

  4. they both very cute but they don’t look much like her do they..

  5. It’s about time that she combed that older girl’s hair! Now we just need for her to tackle Angel’s head!

  6. aww angels’ too cute with her pasey. she’s chillin lol pretty.

  7. Angel and Phoenix are too cute!

  8. They are cute just comb their hair!

  9. They are just too cute!And I love when Phoenix has her afro.

  10. She CAN comb her hair. it just looks unkept. not a good look.
    Both are beautiful girls though.

  11. Maybe melanie could’ve put something to make angel’s hair look more shiny. But its not like its all over the place.

  12. she needs to comb the baby’s hair but shes cute though

  13. I am sorry but neither one is cute to me. Sweet lookin though.

  14. oh my… They are cute kids but they don’t look anything like their mom. And what a shame too cuz mel is beautiful!

  15. Hey Ebony, instead of worrying anout everyone’s hair you could concenstate on learning how to form a correct sentence.Also who calls kid’s ugly ?

  16. Forget the hair! Mamma got on boots, big sister with a mock turtle neck…..where are the baby’s shoes? All out there in the funky airport with her bare feet!!

  17. justsayin if you notice thats like the new trend with the celebrity have there babies/kids walk out the house with out shoes on.

  18. Cute kids… =D

  19. shes neds to put some shoes on little angel and maybe comb her hair

  20. Oh my days, who cares about her hair, is it killing you…sheesh. Each to their own

    Wow Phoenix has grown and Angel is adorable… look at those ears.

  21. I am feeling you Jessica! I so agree!!

  22. I totally agree also, Jessica! There’s nothing wrong with these girls or their hair for that matter. Some people have such small minds-babies’ hair doesn’t have to be fried ,dyed ,laid to the side… I think they’re both cute.

  23. Thank You Jess for speaking up…So what every hair is not in place…they are children, you want Mel to strip some of their childhood away make sure they are prim at every instance? DAG!!! Yall are shallow

  24. @Jessica

    I agree, black women are so DAMN hair CRAZY!! Worry about educating these damn kids instead of bitching about their natural hair.

  25. Also, black women take a key from Michelle Obama. DOn’t put chemicals in your childrens hair and they will have thick beautiful hair like Malia and Sasha Obama. I hope blk women follow her lead, because Michelle is inlove with being natural.


  27. omg they children, she probably just woke up about a hour ago. she has to kids to get ready, and make look half decent for the media and reasons like this. do you alls damn kids always look perfect? they are gorgeous little girls, leave the girl alone damn.

  28. dido to amy

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