[Lisa is pictured with her three boys Jordan,13,Justin,11,Ej,1, and her dad]

Lisa Wu-Hartwell and her Publicist, April Love, have issued an official statement to regarding the rumors of Lisa attacking castmate Kim Zolciak. Lisa addresses several rumors that have been rampant on the web and the reason why she and Kim had a verbal disagreement on the upcoming reunion show of the Real Housewives of Atlanta:

First, let me say thank you for providing a platform for me to address these allegations. And, bring an end to the perpetuation of the rumors floating around the blogosphere. Secondly, allow me to address the past weekend’s course of events. Let’s just say, Kim [Zolciak] pushed the wrong and the last button, which takes me there, my children. She was on the set of a movie being shot in Atlanta and began to say heinous things about me and our fellow castmates. Friends called me from the set and said she made a derogatory remark about me concerning my children. I was completely devastated; it is unacceptable for anyone to attack my family. And, she did this unwarranted. As you can see on the show; I try hard to live drama free. I have never said anything negatively or done anything to this woman. I simply couldn’t understand her actions. I operate with diplomacy so, I called her in an effort to get to the bottom of it. When I finally spoke to her; she assured me that it was a complete misunderstanding and I just made it clear how I stood about the subject of my family. I must admit I left a strongly worded voice message because I was extremely upset. HOWEVER, I NEVER THREATENED HER LIFE..NEVER. We filmed our reunion show Monday and I am limited by what I can say about that taping. But, I assure you there was only verbal exchange. I am not and have never been a violent person.I have businesses and a beautiful family. I would never risk that to defend myself against someone who is so thirsty for attention that she chooses to senselessly attack me and my children.And, Lord knows I have an arsenal to attack back with but, I will be the bigger person.
And, let God handle the rest!

Well, thank you BCK for allowing me to clarify this matter and tell the truth!

Picture Source, Thanks Sweet, and Publicist April Love


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 18, 2008.


  1. She looks like her dad!

  2. ^^^^LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. NeNe tried to warn her. But Lisa was all “be nice, be nice”.

  4. Dee, you know you ain’t right. lol.

  5. April Love(publicist) is my girl lol, but Lisa is a really nice lady.

  6. This need to televise one’s life is strange. Keith Sweat is right.

  7. Lisa is my favorite on the show along with NeNe. I cant stand Kim or Sharae. I’m look forward to the show tonight.

  8. I hope the lesson Lisa learned from all this is YOU CANT TELL SHEREE BROKE AZZ ANYTHING!!!!

  9. i love lisa she did right

  10. I love Lisa she’s my fav

  11. I thought Kim was always trifling anyway, and was shocked that Lisa told Kim and Sheree how NeNe sang that song about Kim that night in the limo. So after Lisa stirred up that pot and tried to confide in Kim, look at how she was repaid. Kim turned around and talked about her family. Honestly Kim doesn’t seem to have respect for herself or anyone. I could never be that girls friend!

  12. I feel like lisa is getting back what she dished out and that is she went back and told kim & sheree about what NENE had sung about kim in fun. That was peace breaking info and should have been left alone but she felt she owed kim to tell her and look how Lisa got repaid by Kim.

  13. Hey folks! Let’s remember that Kim is still young and clearly immature. I will be 29 next saturday, and see immature tendencies in her. I’m somewhat of an old soul, so I see where she has tendency to give lip service. But, sorry. This is not about Kim. It’s about Lisa. YOU GO GIRL! AND ED TOO!!! I mean, just count your blessings every day. We all get upset sometimes so no one is holding that against you. You take care, and I’m gonna come find your office so I can shake your hand. You bless me. Thanks for taking care of her Ed. You do it big!

  14. This girl is just trying to get her 15 mins.Im so sick and tired of people being famous for nothing.What has she done besides have babies with wealthy men

  15. look Aimee, she has her own real estate business, at least she has a job to fall on. It doesn’t matter if she had babies for wealthy men, at least she was married to them. I can’t understand why people hate on what others have. I bet if you were in her position, you wouldn’t have much to say.

  16. I think it’s one thing to talk about your castmates but the kids? Leave the kids out of it. If Kim did say something out of pocket about Lisa and her kids she was just seeking attention. I would’ve called her to check her and left it at that. I would put my energy into my family and the leave the trash in the alley where it belongs!

  17. Nichole we have the same exact b-day Girl..I will be 29 on the 22nd as well

  18. Candance…thank you for that!!

    Amiee…get a LIFE and let go of the jealousy!! There are enough black people hating on black in this world to popluate a country. Lisa may have married wealthy, but she is still doing the damn thing on her own so should Mr. Hartwell decide to leave her trust she would be just fine (3 Business’s remember).

    As for KIM she is just trying to find a way to make some money since BIG POPPA dropped her BOTOX getting butt so why not sue a wealthy football players wife. HMMM!!! Lets think on that.

  19. People’s Children and Families should always remain off limits. No matter what went down with Lisa and her ex that isn’t Kim’s business to put out there. At least Lisa is doing for herself and isn’t just a “kept” woman. Kim needs to get a life and a job. Isn’t big poppa married? Seriously what example is she setting for her two girls? I agree that Lisa should’ve kept her mouth shut about NeNe making fun of Kim but seriously she was just saying what everybody was thinking.

  20. Lisa and Nene are everyone’s favorite! They are definitely mine! I think as stated above there is a bit of immaturity in Kim, and Sheree, well we can all see…no need to gossip if its visible. if oranges hang from a tree, it’s an orange tree…if apples hang from a tree, it’s an apple tree. I just call it like I see it!

  21. I was wondering what caused her to lose it. Glad she cleared the rumors up.

  22. Joy – fyi
    Kim said somthing about why Lisa dont have her children with her (by Keith Sweat) and it was not nice. Kim is not a friend that I would wont to have around my family, for one if you openly date married men nothing is OFF limits to you, including your friends husbends.

  23. Lisa
    god Bless you, Ed, your children and your entire family. Give a big hug to Nene and Deswhan from me. Much success to all of you.
    Thank you

  24. Lisa, handle your business! It is obviously how much you love your children.

  25. Kim has no right to judge ANYBODY regarding character and family, look at the negative examples she is displaying !!!!

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