Singer Brandy Norwood, 29, is “just so glad” that she has six-year-old Sy’rai. Brandy says that her daughter Sy’rai is like her best friend: “I like her as a person. She makes me laugh. So much insight comes from her. She’s 6 going on 18. We sing together. We crack jokes. We’re like best friends.”

As for Sy’rai’s father ,Robert Smith, he says that he and Brandy are friends: “It’s really nothing to it,” says Smith. “We had a child. The relationship didn’t work out. The bottom line is the friendship. The common denominator is our daughter…. You can’t be so mad at somebody who gave you that kind of a gift,” he says with a chuckle. 

“So all the hoopla, the quote-unquote ‘marriage,’ whatever you want to call it…at the end of the day, we have a beautiful child, and I’m the happiest man on Earth. That’s really the logistics of it. No drama.” Robert Smith is now married with three other daughters. 

Brandy,on the other hand, is a single lady who admits that she rarely goes on dates:“I’m not dating. I have moments when I’m like, What’s going on? Oh my God, am I old?” she says with a laugh. “I think that’s why I’m so close to my daughter—because I don’t have a relationship to balance it out. I’m so clingy with her, she’s like, Mom, let me breathe.”


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 18, 2008.


  1. Good to see you again.

    Brandi, for safety sake a six year-old should not be in the front seat of a car (airbag).

  2. syrai is pretty shes loks like a star

  3. They are both adorable!

  4. Brandi kids 12 and under belong in the back seat. Airbags were designed with adult passengers in mind.

  5. Good lookin’ out about the airbags, but many vehicles have an automatic turn off based on the weight of the passenger in that seat. If they were in my state, she’d still have to be in a booster! Now…the belt wrapped behind her, whole different safety issue. Brandy’s trying to be a “Brittany”!

  6. oh please stop the madness. that girl is plenty big enough to be in that front seat. and how do you know she didn’t wrap the seat belt in back of her just to take the picture?

    justsayin shame on you for equating brandy with what britney did. that’s really dramatic, judgemental and silly.

    I am not the hugest brandy fan but as a mother I relate to her. I’m glad she and her daughter are so close and have such a loving relationship.

  7. newer cars have an off/on button WITH THAT SAIS YOU CAN TURN AIRBAGS OFF.

    Beautiful daughter and beautiful mother.

  8. hdot: Isn’t it nice to be able to express your OPINION?

  9. Thats a gud thing.

  10. how do you even know she’s in the front seat? GIVE ME A BREAK with your “OPINIONS”!

  11. That child should be in the back seat point black. Period! Yes, she’s adorable and it’s a beautiful thing that they have such a loving relationship. AND she belongs in the back seat for her own safety.

  12. Do you all know if they were just sitting in the car talking?, posing, playing music on the radio? Anything could be going on. To me you can’t really tell where they are in the car if it is the front or the back. So unless you can ask for certain and find out what was really going on in the pic, you are getting bent out of shape because of what you think is true instead of knowing for certain. It ain’t worth it.

  13. Great pic

  14. Well I don’t really care either way, not don’t care about the child’s safetly but the argument. But she has a seatbelt on, you don’t typically strap your child in just to listen to music in a sitting car. Also you can see a back seat and three different window panes. So unless it’s a really long car:) Even if it’s a van it’s a good chance they’re in the front although I understand the point being made.

  15. Great story! Brandy’s a good mom, Sy’rai is full of personality. She and Brandy remind me of my six year-old daughter and I. 🙂

  16. Great story! Brandy’s a good mom, Syrai’s full of personality. They remind me of my six year-old daughter and I. 🙂

  17. Maryamb is right…they could have just been chillin at the time. Don’t look like Brandy is drivin to me…One time I was at the drive-thru for KFC and I don’t know what was taking them so daggone long, but anyway, my six-year old daughter asked me if she could jam to the music we were listening to in the front seat while we wait and i let her….That’s not a crime…when I pulled off she was in her booster seat in the back.

  18. jeeez Americans dese dayz…lol so dramatic!!

  19. dang i didn’t know he had four daughters i thought he just had two(sy’rai and rain)

  20. @ justanote n katrina sy’rai is NOT in the front seat,JEEZ.

  21. give it a break she probably just put the belt like that for the sake of the pic they were obviously stationery when the pic was taken

  22. How can you tell where they are seated in the suv?

  23. Yes!!!! I love Brandy and her daughter! LOL@ somebody telling brandy how to parent!

  24. Well, by the way that Brandy drives (the accident that killed the woman who had children) we hope that her daughter doesn’t ride in the front seat with an airbag or no airbag. And no I’m not insinuating that she meant to kill or hurt anybody. But more than likely she’s just taking a innocent pic with her daughter.


  26. Brandy, I do belive that you are a good mother, although its not easy. May GOD bless you, and stay strong. Oh yeah, and about the photo shot of her daughter, she could have been aloud to sit in ther front for a photo shoot. Who knows…..

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